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  1. Probably because it's already there... are you still running multiple instances???
  2. Go ahead and try again. There were duplicates in both directories, not sure how that happened. But should be fixed now. May happen with the other files.
  3. They're stuck. I just unstuck them. Do one at a time now. If they still stick, I got stuff to look at.
  4. Sorry to get your hopes up, but I just pushed the 32 files that were "stuck" in processing back to input. We can see if they'll process the second time. If not, I need to look at whatever errors are generated.
  5. 1.6 is now available for download with (sort of) "large file support". Also, if a file errors, it now automatically deletes the local WARC file, so that you don't have to.
  6. THIS one is actually kind of an interesting and cool error, well at least to me because I'm a dork. It's erroring out at this point in code, when I'm trying to instantiate the ProgressBar to show you the progress of the FTP download: Well, the "Maximum", "Minimum", and "Value" properties of a ProgressBar object are all int32s. int32s have a maximum allowable value of 2147483647 as per Microsoft. So that means a progress bar can't handle any numerical values higher than that. And when I'm making these bars, I'm setting the max value to the to
  7. Same concurrency issue, just happening at a different part of the process. You're just trying to do too much at once on the same PC dude! 😛
  8. Another concurrency issue, but probably a rare one. I'm not going to deal with this one... basically two of your clients on the same PC tried to process the same file at the same time. I expect every random file to only be attempted to be processed once by a single PC... your 50,000 processors running at once caused this 😛 . When we get near the end of it, when there's like a dozen files left, we'll most likely have to make sure each PC is only processing one file at a time.
  9. This error was caused by DIS FAWKING GUY: http_www5.snapfish.com_snapfish_viewsharedphoto_p15541346791138707_l6004733025_g4695186025_cobrandOid1000_campaignNameShareeNewReg_30FreePrints_2010Feb_otscSYE_otsiSPNRjsessionid7F5840A943EB6DAC642E8E3707FFDE14 Completely f***ing with my "SanitizeFileName" method, because of the .com followed by the super long freaking string afterwards. My method didn't know what to do with such a long "extension". So, I "hacked" the problem by truncating any extensions longer than 3 characters to just 3 characters long (but only when the filename with i
  10. I come back from the vacation weekend and.... HOLY CRAP PEOPLE, good job! Now I gotta up my game and get the other phases figured out... I'll look into errors mentioned above. Thanks @WanderingAries
  11. Just the different types of errors. Each error SHOULD have the filename listed, right? I can use that file as a sample to debug the issue. No need for duplicate files with the same problem. And as for what failed on my end? Thats what the stack trace is for. 😉
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