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  1. need to make an energy blaster called antisocial distancing
  2. no, actually. never played it. will it be an EM scale "nuke it till it glows and then nuke it a bit more" nerf or simply tuning a power down that is over performing?
  3. I dont think they are asking for the patch just information on the possible direction of the next patch. Are we getting sentient artichoke pets or not? Inquiring minds want to know.
  4. no, not heirlooms. actual 2x xp. There are some level ranges where leveling here becomes sorta annoying in this game, but not much. Not like wow.
  5. no xp and 2x inf was not an exploit. It was changed without notice. The exemplared patrol xp thing was an exploit. I never did that, but I did like double inf with xp turned off, so that makes me kinda sad. Oh well, I'm over it.
  6. Lets be fair a lot of time and money was spent making sure Y2K wasnt doom. A lot of bad things would have happened if a lot of people hadnt made a lot of effort. Sometimes doom predictors are right. Like your mom telling you not to wait till the last second to do that school project. She was right and you ended up getting no sleep. Some people predicted higher prices, some lower, they all have excuses as to why that hasnt happened. Some of those just might be the actual reasons. You get to guess who was actually right. I'll just keep playing.
  7. You can say that about everyone. inf in the bank isnt affecting the economy. It is static, no matter if you are a farmer, marketeer or roleplayer. Players with huge accounts that see that their bid for 6 mill for that LOTG isnt hitting, raise it to 7, then 8 and are fine with paying 2 mill more than the going rate are what drives up prices. The borked purchase history doesnt help one bit with this either. I dont see any exploits, but there sure could be some improvements in the AH. edit: and the oops I put one too many zeros in that bid..ouch I am pretty sure most of us have done this a time or 2.
  8. Actually, I am pretty sure the policy is to not discuss exploits that havent been fixed. That was on live and I think the current devs have kept that policy.
  9. The patch notes said the change was to fix income inequality, not inflation. which it didnt do.
  10. Thats why you form a channel so as to talk to other AE purists and tout your own works. Nothing is stopping you. Probably be a good way to discuss unusual twists and mechanics.
  11. That would be Jimmy that brought up income inequality. He(and the dev team) have decided its a problem, not the farmers. Is there a problem with the existence of the large amounts of inf or the distribution? evidently the gap between farmers and nonfarmers was a problem, but the gap between marketeers and non marketeers was not(a far larger gap). That is what is being questioned. Farming is the most efficient method of inf creation, marketeering is the most efficient method of influence gain.
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