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  1. thats crazy talk. I play my tanks because I want to play my tanks, others play their brutes because thats what they find fun. I would like a tank buff so they can contribute almost as much as a brute. That simple. If they had equal damage and mitigation, neither would disappear because they each have their fans because of their different play style.
  2. underperforming sets just wont get invited. What you will find are teams of 8 kitted out brutes still running just as fast as they can, now for even higher rewards. they need to fix the broken sets before even thinking about this sort of thing. Look at energy melee for tanks/brutes. when was the last time you saw one played?
  3. To be fair, the 50+1 is because of the level shift that is part of the incarnate system.
  4. They need to fix the underperforming power sets first. Here you want to increase the challenge for the high performing, fully kitted out brutes but the solo defender with lower performing power sets that doesnt have a 500mill inf build will be out of luck. which is why difficulty is set do SO's. So many brutes/tanks not even taking taunt and letting the support toons take it on the chin. There already is challenge if you choose to look for it. This was never a hard core game, it doesnt need to be made into one.
  5. it isnt a demand. just stating that buffing class a, then tearing down those buffs while buffing the class that you were trying to bring class a in parity too does nothing for the base reason you started in the first place. at the end of the day, will it be worth taking tanks in a tf or are they still sub standard brutes? If you have to hold back the rest of the tank specs just to stop SS from being OP, maybe deal with SS and not leave the rest of tankers in the dustbin? I appreciate what they have been doing, they are left with years of devs balancing for pvp. It looks like they should make a moderate buff for most specs and make it not effect SS.
  6. then stop wasting time and go on to something that will actually be useful. 2 months and the tank buffs were better for brutes than they were for tanks. why bother?
  7. so will it still be a good increse for non SS tankers? it seems they are letting the outlier dictate changes to stop them from being overpowered. these changes dont seem to do any good for em for example.
  8. so how much of a nerf compared to what was on test? By the time they finish debuffung the buff, will they have actually accomplished anything or will it just be an exercise in futility?
  9. summer wanted the brutes to keep their dps role with higher dps than tanks, and wanted a clear delineation between the two. the best way is to make tanks better at tanking and brutes better at dps. This is the simplest way of accomplishing that.
  10. you are right, brutes should have a lower resist/defense cap. that would make an obvious difference between them.
  11. brutes have a lot bigger chance to live to move to other victims, a dead blaster does no damage.
  12. which blaster primary/secondary approaches the levels of protection that an SO'd out brute or tank has? Because we balance with so's. Blasters should have a lot higher damage than they do currently to make up for their lack of defense. Glass canon, remember that?
  13. level as a solo empath. that should do it for ya.
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