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  1. I am loving what i see so far, some good feedback and responsiveness to that feedback. Cant wait for this to go live.
  2. Does anyone know if the tray power from superjump or afterburner can be hotkeyed with a keybind?
  3. maybe limit the team you form to four yourself? 1,2,3,4? do not go on to 5? 6 is right out? problem solved. There is a team size solution for team size problems already in the game. also, if you dont invite anyone under 50 to the team, there wont be anyone under 50 on the team.
  4. dont overenhance your character and there are more challenges like that. solo pylons under a time limit on an empath defender, that sounds difficult. balance on COH will always be difficult because of base difficulty between at's. we see brutes and scrappers soloing things easily. we see that a lot more than defenders doing it. I am sure that someone can pull out an end case to prove otherwise, but should the game be balanced around end cases? the original devs didnt think so.
  5. should my reward be higher if I just dont enhance? my risk is higher. at what point does it become absurd? I have no idea but maybe someone has ideas
  6. taking responsibility for your own game experience isnt that big a deal. Is it too painful to change your own difficulty as it is? isnt setting your difficulty at -1 or +0 self gimping? should everyone be forced to +4/8 just to avoid anyone having to self gimp?
  7. you know you dont have to fight them. or is the point to change other peoples experiences instead of your own?
  8. so if I dont slot some of my powers the game should give me more xp? I have greater difficulty.
  9. advertise a tf where everyone unslots their incarnate powers it is easy to see if that is done. there should be no problem filling such a team. If there are not enough people to make a TF with those rules, then changes to the game forcing that on people probably shouldnt be made.
  10. So you are able to find challenges within the game. Good to know. You took responsibilty for your own game experience and it was successful. The "feature" you are requesting seems to already exist. The devs can spend their limited time on other features in the game.
  11. what will it do to the economy? they already killed the inf for no xp concept, why would jacking up the difficulty to get more xp be any different? its a serious question, because this does effect other aspects of the game.
  12. I agree. even if they added a power pool with some mez protection I would at least have an option.
  13. I like that. there are a bunch of sets that are plain garbage.
  14. Right now we have options. Schedule a tf at +4/8 with all incarnates unslotted. that should be plenty hard.
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