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  1. They need to stop perma hasten and permadom as the first step. those powers were never designed to act that way and break the game. they enable people to do content they shouldnt be able to solo. level shift is working as designed. You have the ability to set up what ever difficulty you want FOR YOUR SELF. you have no need to change how others play other than a need to be a wanna be dev.
  2. satisfy most players that want to control other players experience. You have a simple way to do this for yourself. slot a tier 2 alpha and that pesky level shift goes away. You have no need to control any one else.
  3. I would love recipe storage in base. the base library.
  4. but do we need to discuss balance of at vs at or players vs the world? because they need to get ats in basic parity before you can start on the second. if you increase difficulty(which we havent agreed needs to be done) across the board, some ats and some sets will become pretty much worthless. they could start with eliminating permadom and perma hasten. that should be most likely easy. But you stand to lose a lot of your users if you across the board nerf endgame. It isnt like they cant go somewhere else. I am willing to bet the devs will be at least talking to people before they go to those steps.
  5. You arent even discussing end game balance, you are discussing game balance. You have evidently decided that the only input considered should be build meta theory crafters. People like you dont want to raise their own difficulty, they want to control EVERYONE ELSES. One of the biggest reasons people wanted to see this game come back was that it was so easy to set up the experience you wanted to play. Then the other shoe drops...People have this itch to control other peoples rewards. "they shouldnt get rewards cause they arent playing how I want them to play" we arent competing, other peoples rewards have absolutely nothing to do with you. really, they dont. leave the game balanced at lvl 50 with so's. do a little balancing between sets, buff up the under performing, trim down any extreme outliers. You will never really get true balance between ATs without either homogeonizing them or completely re writing the game. If you want the game harder, take control of your own experience and make that harder. You do you. The devs have very limited resources and they will be unable to rewrite endgame to suit you. When approaching things like TW, try to balance trimming damage with a little improvement of mechanics if possible, some good with the bad. Just as a point of reference, WOW just implemented a new leveling set up, with leveling a new toon to cap in 7 to 20 hours. thats playing dungeons and missions BTW.
  6. Repeat offenders did amazing things on live and the devs were fine with it, because they were an edge case. No need to screw over everyone else to deal with a non existant problem
  7. So you arent interested in modifying your own difficulty, you want to run other peoples gaming experiences...
  8. make a toggle to turn it off if thats what you want? That way you arent kneecapping other players?
  9. They can leave the current game as is and add a difficulty setting and have you adjust your play to meet your challenge needs. Or they can change the whole game to suit you and make others try to mitigate the changes.....which is the best use of limited resources?
  10. Currently in big teams there is no need for a tank. Just brings doms or trollers and you are fine. Make some mobs immune to holds and agro on anyone that tries to hold them, like was done to healers in Katie Hannon. That way you need tanks or brutes. Or if you want to play the holy trinity, you could always go play a game that already forces that.
  11. People dont sit out MSRs because of incarnates. There are any number of sets that are suboptimal for that content, yet they are present in almost every raid.
  12. I would become upset if they nerfed incarnates to be itrial only. If you want to define challenge this way, challenge yourself. Let others set their own difficulty rating. That was always one of the huge strengths of this game.
  13. trick or treat?? that is a few random mobs, nothing tougher than a boss. It has to scale from level 1 to level 50. They cant buff them to satisfy you without completely breaking the tot experience for level 10s. bad choice of a measuring stick. make a new difficulty level, ultra badass or something. +6 mobs
  14. My level 23 blaster in striga is not running at elevated difficulty solo. But the additional damage taken would definitely kill her faster.
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