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  1. THIS IS JUSTICE!!! o ya i member u and Velara so many freeking itrail badge attempts for really hard way and avoids the green stuff Fire it up!!!
  2. Fire it up!!! lol whats the global hit me up on chaos lord, chaoslord, or lord chaos
  3. alot of justice peeps r on Excelsior hit me up in my global chat True Believers. its public so just join in anytime give a shout good to hear from ya FIRE IT UP!!! smokem if ya gotem
  4. the official justice server is Excelsior. True believers. /join Excelsior global chat hit us up anytime its always a party yo
  5. Lets us know who you are and who u were currently, we have a majority of Justice peoples on Excelsior. Join us ! FIRE IT UP!!!!
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