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  1. I have a fairly new (Level 11 ATM) Warshade who has the [Essence Transfer: Recharge/Global Heal Proc (Kheldian)] Kheldian ATO enhancement slotted in [Shadow Bolt]. It's been there for over a level now, and I have seen no procs. The description says it gives many of your damaging powers a chance to proc a small heal, I've checked my combat tab, and there are no heals there. I did see some floating green numbers when I had this same ATO enhancement on my PeaceBringer. Literally the same enhancement as I used an Unslotter to remove it from my PB and eventually put it on my WS. Character name is Twilight Starr on Excelsior server.
  2. "Don't believe everything you read on the internet" ---Abraham Lincoln
  3. That's what I thought, but I was having issues with this, and started writing down when I completed each chapter of WWD. I did Chapter 1 on 07/02/19 and completed and got the reward at 2:11pm (UTC-8) and got the 20 merit option. The next time I did Chapter 1 was on 07/19/19 completed at 1:09pm. I believe I should have gotten the 20 merit option since it was about an hour short of 17 days since I had done that chapter, but that option was red to me, and I could only take the 5 merit option. Any idea what gives here? Is there something I'm missing?
  4. I know the Signature Story Arcs (SSA) have a reward timer that limits how often you can get the same reward to once every seven days. (Actually, every 7 days minus 6 hours which works about to every 162 hours, but that is a trivial detail for my question. I also know that the first time you do a SSA with a character is a "freebie" where the 7 day timer doesn't activate. Here's my question though. Does each chapter in the SSA have it's own timer, or does one timer apply to all chapters in the arc? I mean, supposing I've used up my one "freebie", if I do Chapter 1 of Who May Die (WMD) on July 1, I know that I have to wait to July 8 to do Chapter 1 to get the full reward table, but do I have to wait till July 8 to get the full reward table for ANY chapter in WMD? Basically, I would like to do Chapter 1 of WMD on Sunday, Chapter 2 on Monday, Chapter 3 on Tuesday, etc., while getting the full reward table each time. Is it supposed to work this way, or am I limited to getting the full reward table once per 7 days for ANY chapter of WMD? Related question, is the reward table timer for WMD in any way connected to the reward table timer for the second signature arc, Pandora's Box? (PB) Thanks in advance.
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