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  1. Yeah, this. We don't need Pocket D entrances in consecutive lowbie zones. I like to use FF as a 'hub' zone for my blueside characters because it has a university and RWZ entrance. Losing the ability to pop into Pocket D from there would be a bummer.
  2. I have a 'designated' spot I log out in most locations. If I log out at a train station, it's always on the 'porch', on the opposite end from where people arriving come out. In RWZ, it's a certain location in the Vanguard base (not far from the base portal, right next to an unimportant NPC named Private Hennessy). And so on.
  3. Have you given Claws a try? Focus is great for stopping runners in their tracks, and Spin is a nice AoE available early. Shockwave with KB->KD is also great soft control. I run Claws on a tanker, and with Laser Beam Eyes and IOs, I can fight at range if I want to. Since it sounds like you just want to scrapperlock, Claws/WP Scrapper would be your easy mode combo, but Claws can pair well with anything.
  4. And even with all the hiccups we had at the start, we loved it! For those of you who weren't here at the time, here's the Homecoming: Week One Experience™:
  5. Oh hey, was that the guy on Everlasting who asked for a good Destiny for a Kheldian? And then called one of the people trying to get more information out of him a jackass? And then complained about how toxic the community is and how nobody helps anybody in Help channel? I hope it was the same guy, and that there's not more than one disgrace like that out there.
  6. Many years ago, I jotted down my own ideas for City of Heroes 2, which would have featured mix-and-match ATs. Those old notes are very incomplete, but here's the names I came up with for some of your combos: For those curious how my idea for CoH2 would have worked:
  7. The 801 missions have an enemy group that's designed to be challenging for incarnates. Not really a story to go with them though, they're just tuned for difficulty.
  8. I run TFs a lot on Everlasting, most of the time leading them myself. Leaving a TF for a stupid reason is a sure way to get blacklisted via /ignore. Some highlights: Second mission of an ITF, this lvl 50 Scrapper keeps running ahead of the team to fight crystals, dying half the time. Team lead asks him what he's doing, and he says he's speedrunning. When it's pointed out that the TF was never advertised as a speed run, he complains that he has to go to work in 4 hours and doesn't have time for the TF, so he quits. This guy only wants to run +4 ITF. If it turns out the team's n
  9. Controller: You can't, really. Control powers are trash in CO. They don't last very long and there is a stacking resist mechanic that provides immunity from a control power after 3 applications. The best 'controller' builds there are DPS hybrids that kill their targets before resistance stacks too high. Mastermind: This is doable, but you only have rudimentary control of your pets, attack or passive mode like most other MMOs do it. CoH's Masterminds are something special, and you'll never replicate them elsewhere. Skipping energy builder: It's a required part of making your char
  10. Do you suffer from chronic altitis? Do you have so many characters you can't keep them straight any more? You need help, my friend - help tracking all those characters! The Character Tracker is a Windows program I put together as my diaspora of characters spread across different games. It's handy for keeping track of builds or associated web pages (like a Virtueverse page, or perhaps a Field Trainer link when it's done), taking down notes, or writing character bios while outside the game. Track all of your characters, with a biography preview window, a field for notes, and
  11. My experience was the opposite, that the healing powers are pretty bad. A 2.5k heal after a ~2 second charge up isn't much help to your 15k HP tank if they get into trouble. On the other hand, bubble powers are godly because there's no cooldown and they work like absorb in CoH. A support character can carry a bad team by spamming bubbles on whoever is taking aggro (which can also be themself for easier content like Alerts).
  12. Sounds like you haven't played in a long time. They've added some more max level stuff to do - a small Qliphoth (i.e. hell dimension) zone and a pretty tough dungeon, Teleios Ascended. Possibly more since I stopped playing. It's not enough to really call an endgame, but much like in CoH, the real endgame is making more alts. 😁 Oh yeah, people have freaky long legs in CoH. If you ever pick the Average body slider preset, it puts them at nearly the minimum length. As for CO, I don't get the guy who said the proportions are more realistic there. I was never able to make
  13. Last I heard, CO's paid staff was like 2 people. If it wasn't for Star Trek Online, the game would have been shut down long ago. Maria Rousseau (aka Zeronius Rex) at Cryptic once remarked that since CO and STO run on the same server cluster, it cost the company basically nothing to keep CO running. This was before Kaiserin came on board, and the game was in maintenance mode at the time AFAIK. There's a rumor out there, and I don't know how true it is, that what we got as Champions Online was originally supposed to be a Marvel MMO, but Marvel pulled out and Cryptic had to pick up the
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