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  1. There are dozens of us! Dozens! I know one very active VG, The Conclave.
  2. HAXXadecimal, Bot/Sonic MM villain, in her "raw", virus form.
  3. Antoine de Caunes?! Crap, I didn't recognize him in that pic, he looks so young there! Don't know about Eurotrash, when did it air. Likely before I was born. *wikipedia-fu* What. I could have stumbled on it had it aired here. Oh crap I'm old too.
  4. The real name of my villain Unperson is Manon Parson.
  5. We'll see each other at the next Altitis Anonymous meeting, then.
  6. I'm very flattered by the attention! I'm half on Reunion (French being my first language and still holding on to the hope I'll find more French speakers to play with), half on Everlasting. Global handle is the same as my first toon: Skathi the Huntress. I have dozens of alts, most of which I play regularly, and none of them have reached level 30 yet. So, yeah, we might have come across each other at some point, and I might very have done so with different characters. ... help me.
  7. ... I was about to type a small essay about how, with Praetoria, one of the main draws is the society that is sufficiently different from ours, and so you'd naturally be more drawn to play a character who's been significantly shaped by this world yadda yadda words. But you know what, you made a good point, and I've made the first Praetorian version of one of my characters. Primal Earth(-ish) version, Celaenian (see icon), is an eldritch thing from a parallel dimension that was recently summoned, outfitted with prosthetics for survival, and unleashed on the world to "show them all", only it/she doesn't know what it means and just wants to figure out the world as she wanders the Rogue Isles. So far, she's made very good progress in learning English, but has made some very interesting interpretations of what's going on. Praetorian version, name to be decided, is the same eldritch thing, but brought 15 years ago on Earth in an attempt to find an answer to Hamidon in a parallel dimension, raised by a mad scientist that at least had the good senses of teaching her human values and wholesome stuff. She physically adapted better to her new world too since she was brought in as a toddler abomination instead of as a fully developed adult. Now she's an eager Loyalist only passing for human because she stuffed her tentacled self in a ridiculous suit. If the two met... the latter would be very embarrassed and confused by the former. The former would be happy not to be alone anymore, and try and convince her, in broken English, to gather together more units of that ultimate power called "money". So thanks for the inspiration!
  8. An ohgoddamnit of Seers. I'll probably keep being the only one to use this, though...
  9. 1080 Steps, Magic Staff/WP Scrapper. A bronze statue of an obscure deity or figure that was animated by a reincarnating soul seeking ultimate enlightenment. Besides her default look and her bronze look, I'm probably going to make what amounts to palette swaps with the extra costumes, with other materials and minor variations.
  10. Made a blueside toon that's a huge powersuit, with a little grinning goblin piloting the whole thing, its head popping up the top. It's the Not-a-Goblin Gigabot.
  11. Science and Mutation in particular can be particularly fuzzy, I find. Sometimes, all powers don't fit neatly in a certain category, but it still can be hard even if you focus on the main set/theme. I try to think in terms of enhancements if I have any hesitation: would a character benefit more from selected exposure to Macguffinium, or additional Unobtainium plating? Enchanted relic, or genetic splicing with animal genes? Do genetics even make sense for this character? If they would take the relic, is it because of its inherent power, or because they understand how it works, or because they want to study it? The fuzziest character in that aspect that I think I have is the Voodoo Dollmaker. Voodoo doll part comes from her being a Spines/Regen Brute. At her base, her Origin is Mutation: her body is weird and resilient, and so, she can store inside herself metal spikes without an ill-effect to herself; because she could do it since she was a child, she was ostracised for it, which contributed to her misanthropic personality and current role as a Villain. That's the voodoo doll part, but then there's the dollmaker part. Well, she makes voodoo dolls, obviously. Except she wants them to be her servants. So she steals or makes dead bodies, and uses them in the process of making obedient, human-sized voodoo doll minions. She doesn't have any background or reason to be knowledgeable in technology, so she uses voodoo-esque magic to that end; makes more sense since her "day" job is that of a mystic/medium (not necessarily a very legitimate one, mind). The process likely involves the same metal spikes she uses to attack. All in all, she dabbles in magic, and might learn a few powers relying on it rather than her base mutation, but Magic is not her main source of power; it's more of an additional trick or background element. I could have made her a Magic Origin, but 1, I have way too many of them already, and 2, Mutation still makes sense, works better with the background of being rejected by society since childhood, and she would certainly benefit from genetic enhancement. It's like the Hulk being outfitted with a special-made armour to face specific threats or Doctor Doom learning and practicing magic on top of his technological prowess 'cause you can't tell him he's not good enough to master both (or you can, but he doesn't listen, and you'll die first for even thinking that).
  12. Dunno, it's a lot like convention season. Or maybe I'm biased because I tend to be one of the weird people during that time of the year.
  13. Probably the same guy who sold all those solar panels a decade ago here in goddamn Belgium.
  14. The French version of the Rogues gallery is going to be amazing and terrifying all at once.
  15. Was it, by chance, inspired by Dwarf Fortress? Because at some time in that game, carps were deadly freaks.
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