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  1. That's all I know right now. And they said five minutes.....
  2. Take that Jack Emmert! You know nothing, you don't know fun, and CoX did cel shading better than your crappy Champions Online!
  3. Awesome. Glad I helped make it a good experience like so many did for me when I first showed up. Bill was awesome! Hey bill, it's been years, Acrogirl says hi!
  4. Manufacturer: nvidia Model: Geforce RTX 2070 Operating System and version: Windows 10 x64 Does the game load (and error you get if not): Game loads fine, no errors Optional info you like: Driver Version: Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080 (native) Multi-monitor?:Yes, (3) Graphics Preset Used: Everything Maxed, no vysnch Overall experience (any stuttering, glitching, etc or smooth sailing): Everything works great, no hitches or stutters, no glitches, smooth sailing. Any steps taken to resolve issues you encountered (both those that worked and those that didn't):
  5. Found a guide http://guidescroll.com/2011/07/city-of-heroes-mastermind-numeric-keypad-pet-controls/
  6. *raises hand* @GhostLotus/@Xiabee/@Radia_Skull reporting in!
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