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  1. That'd be cool! How would it work for pre-existing toons, though?
  2. That's what I was afraid of, anything involving compression is beyond me, too.
  3. Last (Wo)man Standing - Be the only survivor of a team wipe on an 8-person team.
  4. 👋 What's currently the best way to extract a bin file for editing? PiggViewer gives me something sort of human-readable but with a lot of special characters sprinkled around.
  5. Also, a way to make custom characters transparent.
  6. 👋 Your Discord tag: zzxjoanw#7966 Applicable skills (see below): PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS. Some Javascript and React. Tech writing skills. Availability & time zone: EST, Evenings and Weekends Frameworks and/or web software you have experience with: React, Bootstrap, Codeigniter What you would be interested in working on: A few other people mentioned wanting to work on an API; I'd like to toss my hat in that ring too. Also, I'd ben interested in creating a system to allow the addition of more language options.
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