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  1. It also resets the colors to black and white.
  2. Couldn't you just type ;signs Hello? Then it wouldn't matter if the player knew a sign language, just whether the character did.
  3. They mean the titles you can pick at a trainer. The Awesome Fantastic Superguy, etc.
  4. A GM would have to approve all the titles, though. Or the devs would have to implement automatic checks on whether they're compliant with the CoC and the GMs would have to deal with ones that slip through. And then there'd have to be a way to lock usage to an SG(s) or list of people. Why not just have a costume that alts can wear?
  5. /macro RP roleplaying to turn it into a button. You can also just hit H and select from the dropdown.
  6. A bunch of times, I've wanted to make a character with a dark aura to match her powers. Picking a color from the left columns just makes the effect subtler. Would it be possible to add a dark version of each aura? Also, could we have the full RGB palette for aura and weapon colors? Or at least remove those checks from costume file imports?
  7. I just noticed this; the site seemed fine this morning. Is anyone else having this problem? --- It's displaying right now.
  8. I think you've put a lot of work into the RP scale. It seems to me that that would form a good upper limit for what people might use to describe their characters, but I'm not sure that amount of detail is necessary. Plus, I wouldn't say I prefer a specific tone; it depends on what fits the character concept. Even with the light/medium/heavy scale, it's a spectrum, people interpret it differently, and SGs might cater to a range of styles. I do think that choice of medium is a good thing to mention: in-game is more immersive, discord is more mobile-friendly, and the forums make it easier to look
  9. More full-body forcefield-type auras, like Victorian Decor.
  10. From the (Blueside?) Patrol mission infobox in Bloody Bay: Be warned! While fighting for the Shiva Strike, the Shivans, you'll find the other side may try to stop you -- heroes and villains can battle each other, in addition to the Shivans and other foes. Should you defeat a foe you or a teammate be take any ore or sample he's collected. If you defeat a foe, you or a teammate should be sure to be take any ore or sample they've collected.
  11. Starting Doc Buzzsaw's arc puts some yellow text in your chat window: This is a list of all the specific parts and where they are located.. There's an extra period at the end.
  12. Earrings could go in as a head detail, but they'd have to be comically large to be seen.
  13. Weekend afternoons EST might work best from what I've seen of Everlasting's usual timezone spread.
  14. If there were a way to make them inherit shininess from the chest piece...
  15. If I understand correctly, the way the costume pieces are set up, they all have a primary and secondary color. For the tops with skin ones, the secondary is the skin tone you've picked. There's no way to add a third color without baking in a specific one.
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