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  1. No worries, totally intended as a single entry. Certainly didn’t think we’d both get a spot in top 10 or whatever or both be put in a random draw or such... if it makes lt easier for you, I’ll make her enter solo from now on. (I’m personally not trying to win as I’ve already gotten more than my fair share of CRArts!)
  2. Don't have her costume but here's mine... ContestCostume1.costume
  3. Well she did even include your logo on the tank top she had made! 🙂
  4. She gave permission... It was made by @Joyitude She could *maybe* be convinced to try her hand at another but this one took a LONG time (thus why I just got xmas gift now) and likely wouldn't be worth it for her to make them cheaply. Though a Jaeger would be very cool too!!
  5. They don't normally work on items such as this, or CoH items at all. I don't want to out them if they don't want to be outed but this was a complete shock when it showed up today but is totally amazing!
  6. This just came today... About 5 inches tall.. . This was made by @Joyitude by hand over the course of... weeks? Months? She should have created a mold so as to easily make more!
  7. I've never been one to pay much attention to Hammy and that storyline. I know the basics of the Devouring Earth but *shrug* not my favorite storyline. Still, when "origin" doesn't necessarily suit your background / backstory you can always punt - The last thing I expected during my battle with the Devouring Earth was for War Witch to show up! What spells she thought she was slinging and for what purpose, I'll never know... What I do know is that her arcane magics somehow mixed with my psychic powers and the Devouring Earth and changed everything in a flash!
  8. Lusca, Lunastix and NOWAB were all supposed to be darker skinned than the arts came out. Mindy Mental is of Asian descent, Maelfearance Eqyptian. Zombette likely had various pieces of different ethnicities stitched into her patchwork body. In theory there are a dozen + different Hero Corpse bodies with various ethnicities depending on who volunteered for the experiments... Mummy Queen is also supposed to be Eqyptian, Ghost Gun is Black. Nodjeim, Techie and Adversary were never quite determined regarding "real life aliases". Zaranski came out color wise kind of Hispanic looking and I thought t
  9. I am sure I have no idea what y'all are talking about...
  10. That third pic is why I want to be a zombie! 😉
  11. BTW.... Awesome work, as always, Cash.
  12. Actually nope... Gorm, original, had a back story of having been accidentally summoned by Fenian. Basically Fenian was doing a complicated spell, got interrupted and cursed "Oh, Blue Devil!" and the weird conjunction of spell and curse summoned Gorm Diabhal. (Rough Irish to English translation...) So based on that back story, she's easily just one of a race of devils with blue hair?
  13. I’m pretty sure Cashoo is still female. As for you... well I’m not judging, it’s all good! ohhhhh.... Were you referencing the other part of my post?? Ooops! : D
  14. My words are always on Screen, CR... Just different screens 😄 DJ1 - Gorm Diabhal was female originally... But apparently they're a race and there's a male version? Or they are twins? Wonder Twin Powers Activate!!
  15. Welcome back, Cashoo! Hope life is treating you as good as 2020 can treat a person!
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