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  1. You want character dolls, you go to Rei2Jewels! She's not been offering these for a long time but she is once again taking doll commissions... http://fav.me/ddkw010
  2. I'm still having no luck... Does it work with Catalina? I did allow my Mac to autoupdate before I ever tried getting this to work...
  3. I'm following all this but on step 4 I seem to run into a problem: kevins-Mac-mini:~ void$ winetricks dotnet472 warning: taskset/cpuset not available on your platform! ------------------------------------------------------ WINEPREFIX INFO: Drive C : . .. Program Files Program Files (x86) ProgramData users windows Registry info: /Users/void/.wine/system.reg:#arch=win64 /Users/void/.wine/user.reg:#arch=win64 /Users/void/.wine/userdef.reg:#arch=win64 ------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------ wine cmd.exe /c echo '%ProgramFiles%' returned empty string, error message "/usr/local/bin/winetricks: line 3117: /usr/local/bin/wine: Bad CPU type in executable" ------------------------------------------------------ kevins-Mac-mini:~ void$ And if I get that sorted out I'm also confused by the "Open terminal up at that location" in step 5... I'm not sure what you mean by at that location, doesn't terminal just kind of open? (Yeah, sorry, I've become more and more comp illiterate as times gone by...)
  4. all rare salvage is in the same pool... So whatever the cheapest is listed for, that is the cheapest anything can be bought for. Until the cheapest is sold and there's another cheapest... Right now rare salvage is at 1/2 mil each on AH. On Excelsior. *shrug* It'll depend on the time of day and such...
  5. Caemgen

    Ice Ice baby?

    Huge thanks, Hyper!! Not only a build, but one I know will be awesome! 😄
  6. Caemgen

    Ice Ice baby?

    Anyone got a good Ice / Ice scrapper build?
  7. Well you have the teleport points you can set... So really all you need to do if make something look like an elevator, set up the teleport point to the "second floor" and boom! Bob's your uncle!
  8. I'd love to see every power have a "No FX", a "Minimal FX" and of course normal FX option. Even if it was my side only and other people still saw the FX I would still much appreciate it. I spend a lot of time designing most of my characters and I wanna see them, demmit! 😄 But totally, if I could click "No FX" for my powers and I wouldn't see them... And then if others had an option of seeing FX or defaulting to the other players options, that would be cool... And if the No or Minimal was suppressed in PvP areas I'd still be good with it. *shrug*
  9. I'm on Mac and the Screenshot tool is easy to use but... Assuming you are on PC, different ways work for different set ups but one common work around I remember is having another window on top of CoH by just a bit, then use Print Screen... Then crop to taste. And one of my favorite costumes... It's actually just on a "holder" toon but I love this costume...
  10. It should be the folder, I am not sure what the CoH.app is... Seeing attached, you would click the CoH folder, the top left of the attached window should show Applications/CoH then you click the icon on the bottom right...
  11. Unfortunately I am not the tech savviest either and I wasn't taking notes on what I did or such... But... I started Island Rum and clicked the Tree Silhouette icon in top left corner. I chose Reset Path which is third option down. I used the arrows to navigate around to Applications then clicked the CoH folder in Application. With Island Rum now knowing where my CoH folder was I got a little option in the center of Island Rum that I at first mistook as just a background or such. It had two options, Install and Cancel as I recall. I was hesitant at first 'cause when I have in and chose Install it said it was installing Wine and I *thought* I had done that last update via the Terminal... But nothing else was working so I let it install... And it worked. Once it did it's little install I was back in game. 🙂
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