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  1. Hi all, Since the apocalypse, my play time in CoH specifically, and video games in general, has been minimal. So when I have logged on to CoH Homecoming, it has been mission and character focused, or focused on chatting with friends. While I was big into base constuction in 2019I have not paid significant attention to basebuilding since February/March 2020. Hence my question. What's new and noteworthy from the past year of updates? More items? More functionality? More NPCs? More tab organization? More customization? Do we still have an advocate in the developer/admin area? Hit m
  2. Is there a command to load all of powers with standard level 50 IOs? Not sure if I saw that here or on another server. Edit: Or maybe it loads them all with SOs?
  3. I would love to have this feature. I do understand that it probably would have a huge data storage impact,, as everyone would make tons of SGs and form coalitions just for the extra storage. But we make alts now and store stuff in the auction house, so maybe there would not be that much difference. I would be happy if we could get just one base with storage access by all characters on an account, regardless of SG affiliation. I have characters in multiple SGs with different friends. and it would be great if I could access my personal storage base with characters I have in other SGs
  4. Same for the Dr Aeon Atom statue. Not a big deal, really, and I would rather have them with this minor issue than not have them at all
  5. A couple of the base items seem to be having some issues with transparency. The windows in the Mansion Wall pieces show the grid below the floor when you look through them
  6. Anyone have screenshot samples of the costume patterns? What about the base items? I really should logon to Justin 🙂
  7. Hopefully a good (zen) place to ask. How do you typically farm for influence? Do you exemp down? To what level? Do you wait until you have finished incarnates?
  8. I loved this thread on Virtue. There is a similar thread in the Everlasting forum. In support of this concept, I will release one. Please only grab it if you are giving it a good home. Released: Watchguard
  9. You can make a demorecord of your base and save that file. That doesn't guarantee another server will allow you to give them a copy of the demorecord and import your base. And those demo records can be used to recreate your base in Paragon Chat. I have several old bases from the live game there, for when I'm feeling nostalgic. Does this work for anyone with Homecoming demorecords? My original "Live" demorecords work in Paragon Chat, but none of my i25 demos do.
  10. Or build a new Peacebringer to fly at level 1. :)
  11. I don't recall a duplicate function, but I thought there was a way to replicate the last selection, so you didn't have to continue clicking back to the bar. So kind of like you click and lock your item selection, then place as many of them as you want. Of course I have had dreams of being able to build bases again, so this could have been part of one of those realities. :)
  12. Mostly want it for coalitions, but thought I would add for both. I don't see anything in the permissions pop-up, but thought there might be a slash command.
  13. What is everyone using for floors on multistory builds? I have tried using floor plates, but they are of course invisible on the bottom, as are wood surfaces. I have also tried flipping additional plates over, which works but is very tedious and takes twice the number of base items. I seem to remember using desks or counters in days past, but I want to make sure I am not making it three times as hard for no reason. (Some suggestions from Discord were using dock platforms and metal dividers. This is what I am working with at the moment, but wanted to see what others have used).
  14. Most of the people I see that don't like the name release policy as is are still in favor of some kind of policy. My opinion is the 1-5 limit needs increased to 45 or 60 days, and the "forever" limit needs to be changed to level 40. I would love if they could also find a way to give one name lock token to each person, but i realize with the ease of making multiple accounts it could be a problem. Maybe one per IP?
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