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  1. Flight protection is probably just immunity to the -fly debuff, but just so you are aware, you can't attack anything while you have afterburner on so it isn't worth taking just for the defense. I take it on fliers because it allows you to slot a LotG recharge, and because it makes flight a lot better.
  2. Here's the build I came up with for you. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1584;735;1470;HEX;| |78DA6594594F135114C7EFB4536A5B4A0B6DA12C85A1805D29547D718B8952500A8| |604E39B69463B4263D336D312E5D1C4F555A3447D313EE18B9FC0CFE1FA19647189| |1A97F1CC9CBF6D934E80DF99FFBDE7DEFF9C732FCB37E6BA5F2DDC3C25A4EE3365B| |55E2F5C502BD734DD795E6D6CE86A59D013CC574A6BEB0D25A7EB6AA5915616F4EA| |46CD4903119E5B98D3AE6A95BA96595D2F69E5E2FFD7304697B5B2A6654EEB55B55| |858BD5ED58BC2B352AD9633F36573552FC76658AAACF9ACB7254D2D6A7A7DBD5473| |5BEFAB354D2B0672B5D2954CAEA2E96B9B8565B5DED0F4CD309998A5DF392FFD914| |CAF865DFCB40B919545D757E6816FE00FE6C398C063C82265B3347F82D99F04E3CC| |708C99A3F5255EDF2185244BB3F5803EA6EC063DCC2E2FD34395B2F37EC23E212C6| |D81D673F07AC29162CD45F39CAC494EECD19367CF8FC8B30B9E5D8235B7C1DEDCBF| |99DD7FC0BFCC79DAC3C3EBC99E71CEF12BCCBE51708C191C619EA51CAFF5A186F08| |EB32FD12F840FFE7DF0758EE6F5A21EBDD0D2A8471A7548A32ED3A8C734EAB148B9| |01E406909B406E12B949E426913B835C1BD528042F21831E61276500AB0D1CE2AF0| |89B42441693380109743E8B9390FDCECC9393415475F024576DE804789439720C3C| |CE7C429D1846CE303A31FA8BC746D111051D50D0915EF21881C7C817E47C662A3BC| |CF15D700FDC67CA943B86933D16E42AC4FCA84A8099ED633E236F51F6E688DE972D| |6DE21E780BBCCD9CBC03DE653EA5DC29789CFAC87B1FFC00BE01DF3263EFC0F7CC2| |DCA8DA32BF197FCCD01F29DC2694EBD606D7A9B19A5B10CC632D6E9778919F0718C| |6FB4B9D66C1DB5979B37967ECCAE27E4E67D37921DA3B31D4AB64339DCA11CE9509| |63A941519DB9222598ACBDFBCDDC62777F3BF849070D3775B9A242D5210A3F37891| |FBB5D33E3FCEF3F75A9A4DDAE2EFEF79C00C2A3CC7DCD8180A528C12BC0EB4E24CA| |8153F377598DB8EB6F47CDBFC15B7698DE34B6DB1DA165F6E8BFF01261B055F| |-------------------------------------------------------------------| Has capped defenses, perma hasten, almost 90% S/L res. Drops Parry because Shield really doesn't need the melee def help. Dropped slash because you won't need it with that much recharge. Switched Combat Jumping for Hover, and took Afterburner because it really helps moving around. It also serves as a mule for LotG (which shield doesn't *need* per se, but if you take fly you WANT afterburner and it let us put other things in our actual defense skills). Edit: Also dropped Agility for Musculature. You don't need the extra defense on a tanker with a defense based Primary, and the recharge doesn't do much for you if you aren't full stacking it like your first build wasn't. Musculature gives more damage and you don't sacrifice other things for it. I didn't change any other incarnates but I recommend going Ageless instead of Barrier. If you find you aren't tanky enough without Barrier then you can take barrier but you shouldn't need it as a tank either. Most people take barrier to give them a constant 5% defense but you're already capped to all defense. In iTrials there is a new def cap of around 60% but you'll hit that with Phalanx Fighting. Also dropped One With The Shield because I feel like it's a crutch. It's only up 33% of the time, and that's unenhancable. When it's up it's strong but you shouldn't rely on it and don't need to rely on it as a tank. Took Taunt because why did you not already have this, and took build up because why did you not already have this. Edit 2: also dropped the energy mastery abilities because you don't need these either.
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