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  1. Not making an argument against you, but 500% of what? If you're effectively taking 0% damage when taking into account sustain from regen and a debuff now increases that into 3.4% damage for the duration of the debuff, wouldn't you need to take these factors into account when comparing it to something who starts off taking 4% damage and 6.2% damage with the debuff?
  2. Oh, well I haven't made a Sentinel. Not sure what their inherent is. Is it good (the inherent, that is)?
  3. I believe there is a few private servers of CoX out there. I think one of them put in the Guardian AT or whatever it is. For clarification, the changes that are outline on this board are completely isolated from those other private servers.
  4. Well, I understand how you feel, and I felt the same way but I found that...when considering aspects of changes and perceived unfair treatment, it's also important to gauge the damage done. A lot of times, when people get offended by something, they only care that they are offended but ignore aspects like intent, harm caused, number of people affected, etc. You say that your characters are impacted. How much are they impacted, though? Do you feel it is such a drastic change that your character cannot perform like it did before? That it plays completely differently? That your team role has changed?
  5. SS has perma Scrapper BU? Uhg, I really don't like that set.
  6. If Bruising is so valuable for AV fights, why not give it to the AT meant to be the better AV performer: Stalkers. Tangent - If the devs are still contemplating new ATs to add to the game, maybe they can roll a Bruising-esque inherent ability into it and make it actually good and integral to its playstyle.
  7. I'll just say, I don't think the purpose to improve Tanker is to make them more attractive to a team (Tankers are demonstrably an asset to a team if one chooses to utilize them...they certainly aren't a debuff to your team) but rather more attractive to the PLAYER to make. Why bother worrying about making Tanker meta in team builds when most teams just assemble whoever is willing to join?
  8. It's actually better because it stacks.
  9. Oh yeah, I remember that post now. Then I suppose the relative difference between double stacked Rage on Tanker/Brute vs the capable damage of the Scrapper version of the set is likely what is being considered here. But then I'd say what reason would SS on the other 2 need to do so much damage when you could actually play an AT meant to deal high damage using that set? Not saying it has to do little damage or far less damage, but considering the reason why jump through so many hoops to retain something that was suppose to be a neat quirk but is basically being unduly exploited. Great. Then the other points made were meaningless. I don't deal with people complaining about how other people might feel. It's a waste of my time. Well, it was an interaction initiated by a hypocritical statement by you (talking about insinuating insults while soundly insulting in a similar manner, the term "childish" being the catalyst). I merely rationalized the use. I still feel people are holding this double stacked Rage thing against the set and thus the powers can't just be made better...and all because people want to exploit recharge to it's maximum capacity. It shouldn't exist, IMO. Even perma is rather pushing it. The last part is merely my critique on the set's design, tho.
  10. If you took those metaphors as insults, then who do you honestly think is losing credibility here? And no, it's not a last resort, it's merely a talking point, one you've chosen to go on a tangent on rather than defend your position. SS Scrappers. I will remind you, the reason Rage is being looked at in the first place is so it can be proliferated. Not sure how much testing is going on in this thread, but the tangent seems to be focused on more changes than just the ones on test. As for changes to Scrapper SS and other sets going to Scrapper, it's usually in the form of more damage, not less and that's likely what would need to happen if you can still double stack Rage. I'm trying to think of a proliferated set that removes damage outside of Fire Melee's AoE or some sort of debuff like -res being decreased by mods...
  11. It's a debating tactic. You get distracted by the metaphor and thus forget to defend your position. You still didn't prove that you aren't holding the set hostage because you're focused on arguing how the phrase paints people as villains or how the individuals who prefer double-stacked Rage are being compared to addicts. No one actually thinks you're a villain or addict. We are adults, not idiots. Maybe you guys did, maybe you didn't (didn't read this whole thread), but why wouldn't you agree to compromise by removing the stacking nature of that buff and shore up some of the difference with changes to the rest of the powers? Any other talking point just makes you seem like a group who are intrinsically unreasonable thus shouldn't be considered seriously...which is the point of the tactic. Considering the set is being looked at for proliferation, I suppose we'll just have to keep debating on how viable the mechanic is for a double Rage Scrapper.
  12. So what you're saying is they would have gotten more mileage out of a bubbler than your healer?
  13. But every attack besides the ones that require momentum can get you momentum. You don't need Build Momentum to get momentum. If Build Momentum was a long duration "always have momentum" click that can be perma'ed, that analogy might work. But pets aren't a single power...they're like, 5 different powers. You're right. Lynchpin powers doesn't equal broken. But you're wrong here or why would this discussion exist? Or why isn't Scrapper kitted out with double Rage SS right now?
  14. Dominator, preferably one with a means of keeping foes from moving and some added debuffing. Earth is a good one for -def and lots of AoE control. Elec can cancel mobs with drains. Neo-Fire with the Knockback-to-KD proc is great for softening mobs up.
  15. I was actually going to say the same thing.
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