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  1. I call that a weakness. Every set should have its downfalls if they get their advantages. Even better if you can turn those disadvantages into strengths with proper planning... Maybe not in all circumstances but more often than not.
  2. I think the idea is overall easy to balance too since it's not direct survival mitigation but leans more on the side of being utility, the only think which Regen has being a self rez. Ultimately, it could make Regen the strongest when IOed out fully or even when not, benefit from team buffs more since each point of buff becomes more valuable when it can't be so easily removed.
  3. Just putting up my list of gimmies for this particular Blaster secondary since it was a late addition and likely pushed out without shoring up some issues. Some low hanging fruit Sting of the wasp and Golden Dragonfly - could stand to get the blasterdization treatment and be adjusted with longer rech/higher END cost for bigger damage. The Lotus Drop - either adjust its rech to match its damage or adjust its damage to match its rech. The main issue Shinobi is holding the set back a bit. This is supposed to be the replacement for Build Up but instead of a button that you press for 100% and damage and a moderate amount of ToHit for about 10sec, it's a 50% (it's actually less but can't recall exact amount) damage bonus to your first attack and then a small damage/ToHit bonus (almost 7% and 5% respectively). I actually enjoy this dynamic but you have to wait 30sec without attacking anything to get the bigger bonus which is ludicrous. It's like having to wait 15sec without attacking to be able to click Build up. Proposed change: Ninja Training gets a new mechanic called Initiative. Similar to stalker hide, initiative shows up in green text when you toggle on Shinobi and you get the damage buff available. It's not linked to the stealth portion of the power though (it never was, stealth takes 6-8 seconds to unsuppress). It lasts for only the next attack you execute. The new portion is that Shinobi gives all your attacks from your primary to have a small chance to gain initiative back if you defeat a foe with that attack. This should be easy for a blaster. I'd make the change smaller for AoE's and higher for ST (something in the realm of 5% to 10%). On top of that, using any Ninja Training power gives a bigger chance to gain initiative by being used at all. Some powers like blinding powder and smoke flash will always grant initiative while powers like GD or SotW are only high chance (75%). The rest of the defensive powers seem fine. It's just the offense that needs work. What do you guys think?
  4. I'm not a fan of only because Bio already does the "lots of absorb shield" game so having Regen focus on that isn't really unique like you say it is. Not saying it can't have +absorb (toss a max 25% self regenerating at 5%/3sec on Integration) but if I were suggesting unique angles for Regen, I'd make it the "debuff immune" set. Give its passive powers a small amount of res to standard debuffs (-movement, -rech, -Regen, -def and -tohit) and give their click powers a stronger stackable amount of the same debuff resistance so those IOs or team buffs stick harder. Concept wise, it's like building callouses to harm after recovering. Overall keeping the same power layout but adding the debuff resists layers on top.
  5. Hmm, didn't know about that. Just checking though, if you wanted to make more a pun about it (maybe having a stone shield or stone melee frosted with some ice or something), Canadian's Shield is available. Of you can mix the two names (Canadian Shield also going by the name Laurentian Plateau or Bouclier canadien) so Laurentian Shield or Canadian Plateau or something like that.
  6. You didn't answer the first part of the question though. Which explosions are you talking about? This seems like a semantics argument though. Not everything that is "explosive" = fire and even if that were the case, it's easy to just rename powers with terms like "eruption" or "blast". And I wasn't talking about consistence with sonic powers or water powers. Don't know what GMs have to do with anything And I guess you've been duped by the sarcasm woosh. I know the guy was being sarcastic which was why I subsequently replied to the rest of his post the way I did. That could also be why Tactical Arrow doesn't get Oilslick Arrow.
  7. Firstly, what "later explosives" are you talking about? What does "later" mean in that context? And you don't want consistency. If you wanted consistency, we would also need to implement nerfs to keep certain aspects consistent within the game's "logical power dynamics". You don't know what you asking for. And it is a free gimme. Not a god damned one of you asked to CHANGE explosive arrow into a fire/lethal explosion (which, in and of itself is a gimme since that is less resisted but the smashing portion of the power does only half of what the lethal portion does) but rather just to add more functionality on top of it. Or adjusting the damage down for the added functionality...just asked for more stuff on it. As for a remark being snide and snarky, it's because it's the only reaction necessary. You can ask for more and more stuff to your hearts content. So long as it's just extra unnecessary gimmies and acknowledged as such, who am I to tell you you can't suggest it? But I will say what it is. See? He get's it. My Ice/TA controller sees no issue using a pool power for extra damage to ignite his oil slicks. If it were a problem, he'd use an origin power instead. Sonic Resonance has 2 that requires a pet or teammate. Radiation Emission has a non-rez power that requires a dead ally to proc damage off of. But that goes without saying that Trick Arrow has a unique aspect in that it is the only set that has a power that has extra interactivity with other powers (namely fire and energy damage attacks). While I'm of the opinion that TA needs improvements (although this thread isn't about TA, it's about archery), I feel a more intriguing approach to helping the set isn't to just make its one interaction more universal but rather to give the set more and varied interaction with its other powers and for those additions to be "free" when calculating the powers' costs. But I repeat, this isn't about TA, this is about archery.
  8. Looking at my roster of characters, it's actually comparatively small. But I bet there are players out there with dozens upon dozens of characters....that being said, despite my shallow pool of characters, I haven't had trouble naming any of them and have rarely come across a character that was just incredibly difficult to name...and I'm horrible at thinking up cool names. Stating my perspective clearer, I bet you also have a large roster of characters likely taking up names that someone else would want. It's a 2 way street. Canadian Shield is taken? Well obviously. That's not a very creative name. Just like a lot of [1st world country] + Shield is likely taken. Why not try something more creative like Major Maple, Captain Mountie, Toronto/Quebec/Yukon Shield? It takes literally 0 effort to come up with something MORE catchy and creative than Canadian Shield (Yukon Shield is available on Indomitable). For your Batman-theme, try mixing in a color, an animal or even 2 animals. I was actually intrigued how smooth the name Foxbat sounded from Champion Online's villain roster that I used that naming scheme to make some cool names. It works better when keeping the 2 names less than 2 syllables. Crowbat (Crow-Bat, Crowbat...all available for your crafty bludgeoning caped crusader needs) or some alliteration (Crimson-Crow, Sage Scorpion). Come on, I'm horrible at coming up with names...I even used a name generator for my sith blaster because I couldn't think of a good one myself (Darth Wrax is a nice name too).
  9. Also, some people are at work/traveling/busy and can't actually play. Would you rather people who aren't playing the set to give feedback on that set?
  10. To caveat from that, there is also the opposite effect or -Special in powers like Benumb and Weaken from the Poison set.
  11. Also, in powers description, when it says "Special" it does cover aspects that don't fall under the standard nomenclature of effects but when discussed here, the whole "+special" pretty much equates to the effects of the Power Boost power that buffs enhanceable power effects (with the exception of certain things like damage resistance or damage buffs).
  12. Is called a trade off. Trade a ST damage power > get an AoE damage power. Oh, you wanted more free gimmies? Ah, gotcha.
  13. Improving the range (just the range) of the AoE powers would give it some alternative advantage over Kat without actually changing damage numbers.
  14. I think the main objective is doing something fun but you still are overcoming incentive, which is the hard part. If it's just adding damage, does it overcome DPS loss or does it amount to higher damage ceilings if leveraged than standard tactics? You'll still have players at odds with each other or make the extra damage unpopular due to the extra effort involved. Unless there are circumstances (thinking specific enemies) where you seriously want to capitalize on it, overall enemies are too weak and vulnerable to make a difference.... Like,what if there was a stage /faction/rank of foes that just attacked super fast and upon death cast an AoE immob+only-affecting-self effect that, if not worked around, could leave you twiddling your thumbs for a hand full of seconds at a time? They'd have KB protection too so standard KB-to-KD they would ignore. They could also summon barriers that break Los so plinking at them at range is a bit more complicated. You would want to get close to them but not stay close. You'd want to knock them around to interrupt they fast attack pace but you'd also not want to just hold them off if hold them in place since anything near them on death will slow you down. I was just making up crap as I went along there but overall, just putting up my thoughts.
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