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  1. You decided to latch onto the term "consequences" in the context of me explaining a complex idea. You also seem to not understand the point I made about the effectiveness of the new style invalidating the old which I know is going to net you less DPS especially if circumstances go against you and you get dropped from hide. Overall, this is more a critique on the "modernization" that sets and ATs receive and how they can be perceived differently by different players. It can seem like a positive to some and a hindrance to others. I've learned that having been the biggest
  2. You're reaching. I said "forced feel". Over all, I really don't give a duck primarily because power creep had already gotten it's clutches in the game. Trying to divide posters into binary camps here doesn't change that. You're obviously playing forum debate class then. I have no intention on mincing terms just because you decide to latch onto one single word of a paragraph. At this point you're making the point that I hold my arm behind my back for style (which I do) and that I should be ignorant of what I'm holding myself back from or just don't play.
  3. Lol I like how you drop your Stalker cred but apparently couldn't use it on teams (even if something happened and you get knocked out of hide, you just keep rolling and anticipate your Placate set up). Nothing against you tho. I think a lot of the main criticisms of Stalkers was how it performed in PvP as a hit and run AT which carried over to expectations in PvE despite that not being optimal
  4. Huh? I could BU+AS on teams just fine. I can still do it, in fact. The only thing that might hinder that is not dropping back into hide by the time I reach the next spawn. The consequences are primarily the BU window, crit opportunities and overall DPS suffer for effectively the same or less performance. Did you not read my post?
  5. When I made the set, I forgot about the signature anime aesthetic of a spinning scythe. If they ever improve Battle Axe, I hope they make Whirling Axe a decent fit for such an attack. That being said, yeah, I'd probably remove the AoE fear for the sleep in dissect instead and make the rift attack an actual spinning attack. The main hurdle with chain weapons is likely the lack of support for such animations. The only one I can think of off hand is MM Demon summoning whips which, when first introduced, was expressed by the devs to be very difficult to animate. As for a
  6. Yes, @Bopper was expressing his dislike for certain combo mechanics, but he also expressed why he dislikes them (i.e. he feels forced to conform to the combo mechanic to feel like he is performing efficiently). It's not about not liking the mechanic of combos, it's not liking the forced feel to use them or suffer the consequences.
  7. Disagree with what? That Assassin's Focus is a charging combo mechanic? That it was added to the whole AT? Or that it mostly replaced the standard Hide+AS mechanic? I never said anything about liking it disliking it, just that it exists.
  8. Imagine them changing an entire AT to function that way while mostly discarding the rest of its style.
  9. Comparatively. I don't really keep up with how the meta holds up but sets like Mental Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Plant Manipulation and Tactical Arrow were the cream of the crop in either utility, damage, sustain or all of the above. Sets like Electricity, Atomic, Temporal and Martial were somewhere in the middle while sets like Ice, Fire and Devices were kind of missing crucial aspects to make them outright better than other sets. The actual bottom of the barrel is Ninja Training but being near the bottom is just as bad to some players trying to keeps within arms reach o
  10. Interesting concept. So its primary unique mechanic is it can make the user intangible for a short period (I'm assuming it would still allow you to continue attacking foes while you cannot be harmed). Overall, pretty neat but kinda unfair. To help balance it, maybe have a similar "lock out" period like Psi Melee and Savage Melee have with their mechanics but there would be an obvious reason why you'd be locked out of the permeable state whereas it doesn't make sense why you're locked out of Insight. The revenant thing is a bit wonky and I see no mention of Taunt, which every set
  11. Realistically, both sets are likely in the minority now-a-days but if we're trying to determine which is the one closest to the bottom of the barrel, I could see Ice Manipulation picked less often and that likely has more to do with Ice Manipulation being a CC oriented set with several powers doing 0 damage while Fire Manipulation, every power in the set either does damage or increases damage. If self-sustain/survival was more an emphasis of a build, I would likely choose Ice Manipulation if I could also either capitalize off the sleep or the knockdown whereas I'd be mostly relying
  12. You can still stealth a few missions to suppress those high crime areas solo. That one is the least offensive example considering it's counterable by just decreasing the team multiplier to have fewer enemies to fight. So you view an issue that could hamper an idea. Is your first response to hyperbolize the issue so you can complain more about it? Or would it be a suggestion to make it more accessible? Suggesting the inoffensive "let me model the game to be exactly the challenge I'm comfortable with" is just a cop-out because we're talking about a
  13. That and it also leaves the concept more open to more than simply psionic melee. With the advent of weapon, power color and power animation customization, fire melee can be more than just fire melee. On my Fire/Shield/Leviathan once-Brute-but-now-Tanker, his fire melee is actually a manifestation of his Dragon-necromancy powers while the rest of his fiery moves are literal fire since he's a dragon...but fire really only comes from his mouth (dragon heritage and all that) so he only uses the swords, Combustion (only while flying) and Breath of Fire. If the rest of the melee attack
  14. It's not zone events, it's more like "zone effects". Like I said before, low level enemies were intended to be faced with TOs, DOs or no enhancements at all. That has changed so you already aren't facing these groups at their "intended level". That and very few ideas are being prompted or discussed about varying difficulty outside of stuff like notoriety setting that are in complete control by the player while simultaneously ignoring the fact the player has settings to make the game *easier*. The game is in dire need of a challenge boost injection. If you have to ask
  15. My initial idea wasn't to push people into low population zones but I could see that being something to do when you're not busy just to help others. My initial purpose was to add in some variety to engagements but also to toss around an idea to give you some kind of tangible effect on the environment like in some of the PvP zones. Making more zone events gives the zones a bit of variety but they are merely things that happen to you. This would be something that you have an affect on the zone. As for limiting TFs inside the zone if it's overrun, I think is a neat idea but probabl
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