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  1. Then fight more super foes. Throwing a lamp or chair at a Malta Titan sounds pretty lame.
  2. Is not a single faction or mob, those are just examples. And I didn't even say it was a set issue, I just said the set is meh. At best, it's damage is just not bad but for that, you get lack of adaptability and flexibility. As for what warmace can do against the -ToHit auras? Stun them to turn it off. Dark melee? Probably not the best options since the ghosts specifically resist immob, but you can still fear them and move away. Claws/DB? They get inherent +ToHit to help offset it but they also have KD. Savage? Pray. As for why it isn't too blame on the armor? Because I've played elec armor before. There's also activation times to consider. It's the set really actually that fast to activate that is pushing the attacks out faster to take advantage of the rech? I will say the blood thist power is pretty bad...
  3. When you're talking about resist sets, the stopgate isn't particularly the endurance, it's time vs incoming damage and from previous experience, the outgoing damage didn't balance the incoming damage. The problem with endurance just meant I couldn't keep stocked up on purples and greens, I had to keep blue insp too or vs debuff, yellow too. The issue was the set had nothing to shut off CoT ghost LT -ToHit aura, it couldn't kill fast enough to take out minions quickly before losing a chunk of HP, or occupy hard targets with debuffs or CC to live long enough to take advantage of fury. Even if I had infinite endurance, it's still a hard time limit of how much HP gets taken off by every attack.
  4. I personally don't mind vengeance type tactics but it's also not common despite how effective it can be. The way you view such tactics is the way I view players who advocate never picking up self-rezzes because they build to just never die. It's like being afraid of a little debt, it makes no sense to me. As for the bonus applying to mostly healers, I don't see the connection since if you're a healer that is healing, you've likely slotted your heal abilities to heal efficiently and you're not using your blasts. No, the bonus effect is for your blasts which might be less efficiently slotted because you upped the damage and secondary effect or only put minimal slotting in them. That being said, I don't literally means vigilance is only for your blasts, I moreso mean it's for any power you don't have optimally slotted and that's not going to be your powers you've slotted for optimal performance (shields, heals, toggle debuffs or if you're an Offender, your offensive powers) , it's going to whatever you're not specialized in. That being said, if you min /maxed your entire character, you won't see much of a benefit ever from the Inherent.
  5. From my experience, Savage is meh. I didn't have a good experience leveling it as a Sav/Elec as the end discount didn't help run the toggles and being all res early on meant I'd inevitably die since savage has no CC or mitigation at all. I might give the set another shake paired with something else but it's frustrating that the concept is difficult to run, even after getting the end drain and heal.
  6. Well that's not how the power works from my experience. Unless the foes you fight are -1 or even minions to your level(or vulnerable to KB like Clockwork), everybody just gets KD'ed...the individual you target with propel is often KB'ed though. You can mitigate this with lift though. I haven't done extensive testing but using the force feedback proc seems to trigger more often if I hit multiple foes with the splash than if I only hit one target. My hope is to get multiple stacks of FF to extend the duration using propel. All that aside, I never played grav on live but playing on HC, it's super fun. Dimension shift as a toggle is crazy. You can leverage some insane situations, literally containing ambushes or shield yourself from a ranged volley or protect an npc/object by shifting the enemy. This is on top of your other crazy capabilities like juggling spawns, Tele-sniping groups into kill zones, neutering alpha strikes by splitting spawns or consolidating spawns to speed up kill speed. Your pet is also a choke point, foes can't run past it, they don't do much damage to it and you can stand inside it as if it's an anti-melee armor or summon it in a doorway. As a Dom, I tend to be less about supporting and more about stealthing forward and finding groups to teleport together to leverage AoE's so I don't keep the pet around all the time so it's literally another control click or ST mez boost in hard fights... Oh, did I mention the pet has only ranged control powers? Grav is f*cking insane!
  7. There are sets with rezzes and self-rezzes in them. I personally don't think that's sending a message to turn off your toggles and go get blasted on cooldown. You CAN, but frankly, I feel it's a waste for when you DO need that rez and it's on cooldown. If you're making the argument that people try to min/max Vigilance to the peril of their teammates, I'd ask for some evidence. It's possible that new players might try it but once they discover what the bonus actually grants, they'd probably stop bothering...I'd even go so far to say said new players likely get a good amount of use out of the inherent because they are learning what they're doing. I don't think it's quite the parallel of your other example because the bonus Vigilance provides is nowhere near as effective. The strawman is framing Vigilance as a boon worth sacrificing your team for (as it being some sort of optimal path the game is pushing you toward) but fully acknowledging it's limited use. Perhaps it's linking two trains of thoughts in your post that run separately and putting them on the same track but that was the jist I got from your post. I'm somewhat in agreement with @Bentley Berkeley in that Defenders really don't need anything added to them to make them better. They already do the most buffing, they get a leg up on secondary blast effects and solo, they get put at the same damage standing as a Corruptor before Scourge. But at the same time, I don't like the current Vigilance and wouldn't mind trading it in for something else. My stance on the topic leans more toward aspects people have complained about in that a Support AT's premiere buffs don't affect the user and at one point during live, I suggested Vigilance giving the Defender some limited version of their buffs castable on themselves (before the whole AoE buff bubbles was a thing) but now I know it's likely too strong. I also don't think just giving them "alternate Leadership aura" does much except make a Defender player feel special. To reiterate my suggestion: Trade old Vigilance for an alternate version of Domination (build-up bar and a clickie). Passively, the inherent gives them some minor END redux, the bar fills up as teammates or yourself get hurt (builds faster with fewer teammates) and the button just provides mez protection and maybe another self buff. Balance it so that the duration isn't long but the recharge is also short (fyi, I dislike perma-dom and wish they'd give it the same treatment, but that would be a nerf) with the choke point being you'd still have to build the bar between uses.
  8. Well I don't think the point you're highlighting isn't so much an issue as it is a circumstance you've decided to antagonize. You yourself paint this antagonistic circumstance as being disliked and detrimental and useless BUT frame it as optimal? That makes no sense. At best, putting it into my own terms, it's not about clutch healing or setting up a contextually detrimental playstyle at the expense of the poor min/maxers that can't utilize every decimal to their upmost advantage. It's just unshackling a certain burden to be used as the defender sees fit. You don't have to use it. You don't need to use it. It's merely there to allow the defender to fight back even when in dire straits. This doesn't have to be at the expense of good play (in fact, it allows risky play. Ask a player to get as-ploded so the defender can Veng+whatever other rez boon card they are holding) but it could merely be a bad pull or even the Defender itself tanking but got carried away and got taken down for a short moment. I'm not saying Vigilance is perfect or even great but then I do have words with framing things purposely to strike down afterwards with a shoddy argument. It's hard for me to support a suggestion that makes assumptions or jumps to conclusions for no reason but to make their statements look good.
  9. My issue is that your suggestion is that it doesn't actually do anything interesting. A passive buff is boring. Supporting a team more when you're already at the top of the charts is also boring (I know you Defender healer purists out there get off to doing nothing but support but that isn't the only thing you're supposed to be doing lol). If a change were being considered, something more active would be great especially since support sets tend to have a degree of passiveness (and compared to a dominator or controller, defender is pretty passive, even moreso for bubble sets).
  10. It's not that I'm new to controllers, I just don't like their concept and powerset combination. But it was partially to do with some discussions about Trick Arrow and wanting to give Ice Control a fair shake. It's pretty fun. I have 2 holds (Block of Ice and Ice Arrow), 2 AoE holds (Glacier and EMP), 2 slicks (ice and oil), 2 immobilizes (chilblain and frostbite...I bet you thought I was gonna say entangling arrow, I don't really use that lol) and some decent -res. Offensive wise, it's kind of interesting to lean on Jack and using the Sorcery Pool heavily is nice.
  11. They should add an optional sepia filter for all the young players so they can tell that the game takes place in the distant past where people flipped open their cell phones and only chatted online via Instant Messenger like Skype.
  12. Such negativity lol Could just view it as an inherent that helps those in need, i.e. the young/low level/newb Defender who doesn't have all their powers slotted or is just up against a bad enemy match up. Unless it's to shore up the AT's weakness, I don't think Defenders need help to support better. Even sets with no heals and only +def/res buffs, they tend to push a team's survival to the point they can take care of themselves with their own heals/regen/inspirations. Personal opinion here, but I find the categorization of "selfish" kind of out of place. In a combat situation, the medic shouldn't administer aid if they themselves are in danger. Not all the time will you have a tank or CC or another support available to babysit you (the defender) when you're in trouble. If the inherent is going to get changed, I'd propose ontop of a bit of END redux as a base (not dependent on hurt teammates), it should be something like Domination with a bar that fills up (as teammates take damage) and then a button that grants the user +def, +res, +Heal over Time and +mez protection. The def/res wouldn't be much but the meat of the suggestion would be the mez protection which only a limited amount of primaries provides (FF, Sonic and Traps, I believe) and even then, having holes to sleep that can cause your support powers to toggle off. This is taking into account the level up game. I don't really care about incarnate.
  13. I have Zero-Kelvin taken for my Psi/Ice Stalker on Indomitable. I actually don't like Controllers but I decided to roll up one I had on the test server, an Ice/Trick Arrow. It's rough to start which was helped with Arctic Air (oddly enough, couldn't find any DfB groups on Friday when I rolled him). It's pretty busy although I do enjoy double Ice holds for concept. It was a long road to get Oil Slick but I found the build overall has an abundance of slots. I guess I should start proc-ing up Frostbite (already have the holds and the ST immo proc-ed up with 2 procs each).
  14. To say the least, this thread had some interesting replies. Basically, no matter how careful or lightly you tread, it just isn't possible to walk on those eggshells without pulverizing them into microscopic dust. That isn't to say I'd agree with the OP playing a racist or a Nazi (there is a bit of a difference there lol funny how they tend to get lumped together so often) but I just feel this whole walking on eggshells thing is self destructive. Personally, I'm just sick and tired of them. Never in my 30 years of living have I heard, seen and talked about Nazis as much as I have in the past 5. In the eastern countries, like South Korea, it used to be pretty popular to wear the garb, maybe because it wasn't just a fashion statement but also because it was sort of a forbidden faux pas so it's kind of uncommon and eye catching. But it's taken quite the turn in the US to the point we're constantly portraying more and more stereotypical racists, white supremacists, nazis and police brutality in social media, popular television, activism, etc. I mean, who do you really think is keeping Nazi depictions alive and relevant? Actual Nazis? Racists people? Or maybe those woke rich "influential" people putting up articles and TV shows? You keep suppressing people and it's only going to draw them to that thing more. I'm not scared that a racist person will make a racist character and hide behind it as an excuse to be racist. I'm scared that this whole thing will continue further and rape will be added to this frequent depiction and draw people's interest, maybe followed by pedophilia or worse. I'm not sure why you'd want to make a Nazi character, OP. I personally have neutral interest in them (I watched enough documentaries, read a manifesto or two and listen to various people talking about such subject enough) but I wouldn't try to suppress your desire to explore such a character. Maybe you'd get bored of it after a while. But that's just my perspective. When it comes to others, there's no telling how irrational they will react, be it that they are truly offended and harmed by your words or (more likely than not) suppressing everyone so they themselves aren't tempted to do the same (as a black person, I can't express my disdain accurately when I hear about some black celebrity advocating for violence when some dumb thug ends up dead because they were a thug and being violent...or siding with a proven criminal just because they are black...it's literally racist tribalism...but they want to censor and suppress other racists).
  15. There was another suggestion for an electric-concept support set. It has some chaining mechanics in it too.
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