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  1. This has to be related to the DPI changes. By forcing the client to do it instead of letting players fix it themselves, so many things are now out of scale and/or the wrong resolution. It looks terrible and nothing I've tried - DPI settings, window scale, font sizes, etc. - has fixed it. It broke something that wasn't broken before!
  2. Looks like the DPI Scaling settings have messed up some of the text scaling, or perhaps reset it, but either way it looks funky. Before, I ran with 120% Window Scale at 1920x1080 resolution and 12 point chat font, and everything looked hunky dory. When I logged in today, text in the Nav window, the game menu and the transportation menu (trams, Ouro, TUNNEL, etc.) is bigger than it was yesterday. I think before it was smaller than the text, but with the UI changes, it's now scaled up like everything else. Any way to change it back without reducing my entire UI scale?
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