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  1. Thanks for you analysis. - Penetrating Ray - If it's the best attack in the set, even at close range, I'll work it in. Part of the problem with this character at the moment is that he doesn't have a lot of the +Recharge that the final build is supposed to have, so I don't have a very good feel for how his final attack chain will work. - Cutting Beam - The main problem with the cone attack is just how fast combat is these days. When the team rolls up on a new group of foes, I usually have a second or two to find a boss to target in order to get good mileage from the Disintegrate attack chai
  2. After running around with Version 1 for a couple days I already have a Version 2. - I decided that a wanna-be Blaster needs hover and it's too critical to rely on temp powers, so I got rid of the Fighting pool in favor of Flight and changed set bonuses around to maintain soft-capped AoE and Ranged defenses without Weave. I could have done it more elegantly with winter IO sets, but this version is cheaper. - Further testing showed that Cutting Beam is really hard to use, at least in a way that combos with Disintegration, so I replaced it with Charged Shot. - Though I'd originally included
  3. Thanks for the welcome. I had a Warshade back in the before times but I have not recreated him here.
  4. Beam Rifle is a "busy" power set... you want to scan each group for a boss (or bigger) and hit it with Disintegrate, then chain other attacks that combo off of the disintegrating effect. You don't want to have to change targets to deliver heals or (de)buffs in the middle of your attack chain. I think this makes it perfect to pair with Force Field. You can just hide in the back with the squishy, ranged characters, shoot your beam rifle and listen to the funny noises it makes. This build is a bit experimental since I only have two of the four disintegrate combo attacks: Single Shot a
  5. To me, perma pets versus almost-perma pets is all the same. A few seconds of downtime isn't a big deal. But there is a very big difference between soft-capped defenses and almost-soft-capped defenses. Because a Crab Spider can have 45% positional defenses so easily, I see no reason to give that up. If it were me, I would sacrifice even more +recharge in order to have better attacks and a movement power, but this build leaves your setup mostly intact and still soft-caps all the positional defenses. This Villain build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Te
  6. If you want to keep both yourself and your pets alive, slot Tactical Training: Maneuvers! It has a much larger defense bonus than vanilla Maneuvers and you're just using it as a LoTG mule. There are definitely places where you could get more defense bonuses out of your IO sets. For instance, if you are slotting Annihilation for its 3.75% AoE defense bonus, I recommend Superior Frozen Blast instead, which will give you 7.5% AoE defense for the same 6 slots. Concerning Frag Grenade, if you don't want to be "that guy" who annoys your melee teammates, and sends your pets chasing after flying e
  7. While I agree that Empathy is a great power set with great buffs and heals... it is dead for me. Characters that I would have previously created with Empathy all have Pain Domination now. They're very similar sets, but I find that teams today need the more offensive (de)buffs of Pain more. In a few cases I've gone with Thermal Radiation, but I currently have no Empathy characters.
  8. I think Force Field is great, especially if you have a very active secondary that demands a lot of your attention. My current project is a Force Field / Beam Rifle Defender. I think Force Field is fine for the great majority of the game, especially if you have other useful abilities like the Sorcery or Leadership pools. Though, I admit that if I were doing something challenging, like maybe starting a +4 Doctor Quarterfield TF, and I noticed that I was the only Defender... I might switch to a character with a more comprehensive set of (de)buffs and heals.
  9. I don't bother with enhancements at all until about level 20, and then I start buying attuned versions of my final build set IOs, and filling in the gaps with regular IOs. I like attuned IO sets for exemplaring purposes, but it is handy that you can start buying and using your level-50 IOs early. I've never done the math on SOs versus IOs, I just hated having all my enhancements shut off if I leveled too fast, so when IOs came along I adopted them and never looked back.
  10. I have a Demon/Thermal Mastermind. Very thematic and armed with a great assortment of tools for solo and team play. The whip attacks don't inflict epic damage, but it's something to do, and a lot more damage than not having attacks. I did try Zombies/Dark for a while. Also a good option, though I found I was somewhat too squishy to jump into melee with the tankers and use the AoE heal. I prefer Thermal's ability to buff and heal from a discrete distance.
  11. On the subject of Force Field being obsolete at high levels... If you're a Force Field Defender and your whole team already has soft-capped defenses, you are not much of an asset. However, the Force Field Mastermind does have an additional set of constituents: your pets. Your robot minions may really benefit from those defense buffs even if your teammates don't.
  12. When you're doing high-level missions you will encounter an increasing number of teammates who have already soft-capped their defenses and they will gain nothing from your bubbles. But I can also say that a lot of my 50s are quite squishy and would never say no to a defense buff. I wouldn't change secondaries over that, but if you find Force Field too passive and boring, you might consider changing to something more active. You can always roll up an alt and run a few rounds of Death From Below and see how the other power sets play.
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