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  1. It's definitely something worth considering. But I'm not sure you COULD rebalance the AT at this point to remove Permadom. For what it's worth, the Live Devs did rebalance Domination in i15. They pulled the big Damage Bonus out of it and applied it to the AT's baseline damage scales, instead. But in the remaining 8 issues before shutdown they never again moved to change Dominators. They just kept adding new powersets and such. I feel like they either realized that changing Domination too drastically or removing it to replace it with a new mechanic was just too much change. That the resulting furor in the Dominator Community would make it not worthwhile.
  2. Currently no one gets Assault as a Primary Powerset. One AT gets it as a Secondary to pair with Controls. That, alone, would make them feel a lot different. Instead of spamming attacks while your control timers are running down and then hitting more control effects and staring a hole in the Domination power on your hotbar for the Endurance and Control increase, you'd be playing a character who is more focused on where the enemies are and what they're doing. Not just standing in the center of a field of enemies coming to kill you, moving around and keeping track of where they're going so you can maintain aggro through ranged damage. Most of the game is the leveling experience. It's teaming and working together to beat up baddies (Unless your only goal is Efficiency in which case you grab a team of 8 and steamroll without a care as to who is playing what Archetype or Powerset until Knockback comes into play). Once you get to incarnate levels with this design as I've laid it out you'd -still- do good damage, your role in the team would just have to shift to Off-Tank or something similar. Min-maxers would probably still have a field day with it to tweak it's damage output to maximum and ensure it's defensive stats were completely capped to make it as durable as possible. It just wouldn't be able to main-tank the Avatar of Hamidon as well as a Tanker or Brute would thanks to a lower maximum HP and such. I got the idea for this Archetype literally -years- ago when I first played a Kinetic Melee Brute. I skipped Taunt and used Repulsing Torrent and Focused Burst to grab aggro at a distance. I'm playing a new one, these days, and I love her to -pieces-! But I'm still playing the same "Stand in one spot" game as soon as the aggro is secured. I'd rather move around. I'd rather use Savage Assault or Earth Assault. I'd rather mix and match powersets and create something cool and fun than only ever get this playstyle half-way through Kinetic Melee.
  3. I see where the miscommunication came in! We're good. 🙂 And I can agree that it would be more effort to balance than simply giving Sentinels access to Assault Sets. But wouldn't we have to change the Sentinel EPPs? The EPPs typically grant melee attacks right out of the Assault Sets, like Havoc Punch in Electric Assault and Mastery. But... I do have this? You can check out my thoughts, here. As to EPPs I think a split of Control/Support with maybe 1 Sustain power would make a great EPP for Instigators.
  4. Personally I wouldn't want that. I feel like it creates too much of a gameplay divide in order to reinforce a narrative divide. I think most players would just take the "Train to 50" and then feel cheated or jilted at level 20+1 'cause their powers got shelved. Meanwhile a "Dedicated Street" hero who gets to 20+30 or whatever nomenclature we create is still going to have to get to level 50 in order to participate in any form of End-Game system or content (Unless the Devs split their 'End Game Design Time' across all the tree branches. It just makes more sense to me to decouple level from narrative and have different "Game Mechanicy" moments crop up than what we currently get. Probably P2W because they've already got the Opt-Out on Salvage drops and stuff on those.
  5. What -is- a good reason to create a new Archetype if not to create a new playstyle? What exactly would be your reason to create a new AT? And no. Tank is not "Problematically Crowded". Tankers are just badly designed for End Game Content 'cause they were created for a game that didn't have end game content. The proposed Instigator would at -least- be able to do decent damage in Incarnate Content without stepping on the Brute's toes. There's 2 tank types in the game and at least 5 DPS types. 6 if you include Brutes. 3 support types if you don't include any of the EATs... Tank, Control, and Pets are the 3 combat roles that have the -least- options. As to "Sentinel with Provoke": It doesn't use Assault Sets. Period. It can't use Savage Assault or Earth Assault or Plant Assault. It's not a character archetype that weaves in and out of melee (even Blasters can get some of -that- going on unless they're /Archery or /Ninja or something). It's not a character archetype that tanks. Sentinel doesn't cover what I want from the Instigator at all, even with Provoke. I really hate the "Just play what we've already got that clearly doesn't do what you want!" mindset. It misses the entire point every time. Like a WoW player saying "Just play a Death Knight if you wanna be a Necromancer!" without any consideration of the narrative or role differences between the two. UGH.
  6. After Vanden commented in a different thread about Sentinel level Defenses taking Alphas and holding aggro, I remembered that I'm not looking at building a pre-IO BRUTE, here. It's been a -long- time since I played a Scrapper to any level 'cause I just do Stalkers and Brutes, instead. The proposed Instigator would need a higher defensive baseline than Sentinels have. Closer to or slightly above Scrappers. But I stand by the idea of giving them a lower maximum Resistance Value. Either 75% or 85% and I stand by their health values. I still think the Sentinel Defensive Sets themselves would be entirely appropriate for their power selections. But the numbers would need to be tweaked up for the Instigator to take the Alpha and have decent survival while moving in and out of melee.
  7. Not all teams are 8 players steamrolling everything in their path because lolnothingmatters. Sometimes it's 3-4 people and they can use slows and have it be useful. Sometimes it's just two people RPing while they fight crime in a videogame. And yeah. Incarnates and IOd out 50s is a whole other ball game. But if we're going to base all the Archetypes in the game on their level 50 versions then Dominators and Controllers are useless, Tankers need to be erased from the game, ANY Psychic or Lethal or Energy damage can die under the Fire/Toxic spam, and so forth.
  8. I would say that calling them "Blasters" is reductionist and negative... You are, right, though, about the defense values. I hadn't considered the relative squishiness of scrappers when it comes to Alphas. Mostly because I play Brutes and Stalkers -instead- of Scrappers. I want to explicitly thank you for reminding me of this important fact! So they would need higher baseline values than the Sentinel gets, but still lower caps than Brutes/Tankers to keep them moving. Though while it is a Blapper's style to dance in and out of melee, they don't do it while -tanking- those NPCs. That's where the big difference actually is. The Instigator concept is a Tank, not a Damage Dealer.
  9. And you wonder how I know you're not paying attention... Because those Alien Looking dudes are her level Rorshabee can fight them. They give normal XP and they're the same challenge for her as they'd be for Winvincible at the same level (Barring AT and Power Choices). If she's level 20 and those aliens are level 20 then there's no problem. Boom. She fights. She probably wins unless she sucks at fighting them. Those Freakshow looking villains are the same level as Winvincible so he can fight them. They give normal XP and they're the same challenge for him as they'd be for Rorshabee at the same level (Barring AT and Power Choices). If he's level 20 and those Freakshow are level 20 then there's no problem. Boom. He fights. He probably wins unless he sucks at fighting them. Swap the names around and it's the same Winvincible fights the aliens and Rorshabee fights the Freaks and so long as they're even level there's no difference. The divide in power level is NARRATIVE. STORY. Not -FUNCTION-. Not GAMEPLAY. The Gameplay level = Narrative level thing is how it works in -this- game. It's how it works in a lot of games. But it doesn't -have- to. This has been the thrust of my statements this ENTIRE TIME. You've been inventing the "But they wouldn't get XP!" or "She wouldn't win the fight!" stuff yourself. They're Strawmen for you to push over. Consider this my hail mary pass.
  10. I can't speak for everyone, but Peacebringers and Dominators benefit -vastly- from having Hasten constantly active. A Humanform Peacebringer who has a Permahasten build can have a permanent 85% Resistance to everything but Psychic with no Endurance cost. In fact Light Form will give them a Recovery Increase. They'll also get permanent Build Up so long as they're willing to click their Inner Light every 30 seconds. Plus fast recharging self-heals and melee attacks. My high-end PB uses permanent Light Form instead of defensive toggles. Yeah it has a crash, but nothing can do 50% of my HP in damage in the 2 seconds between Light Form crashing (while overlapped) and me hitting a Self-Heal button. Dominators on the other hand become truly BEASTLY with Permadom. Their Controls become Mag 6 instead of Mag 3, meaning they lockdown most bosses and with enough recharge in their hold powers they can shut down EBs and AVs, too. And every time their Domination is triggered their Endurance Bar refills, completely. Without Permadom, Dominators tend to be a fairly squishy sort of character, but with it they're godly. There's other builds out there which rely on Hasten to reach their maximum potential. Who need Permahasten for it to be constant rather than spiky. It's not for everyone, obviously. But for some ATs and Builds it can mean the difference between being amazing and being mediocre.
  11. You keep saying that it's "Not Possible" but I'm outlining how it could be done within the narratives of a single game space that Winvincible and Rorshabee both share. Repeating "It isn't possible" doesn't -make- it impossible. It doesn't actually change anything. You just do not understand my perspective. You're only viewing it through the idea that Gameplay Level = Narrative Level. Do you know how I know you don't understand me? Because you're putting it back into the terms that you -do- understand. Terms that fit your explicit perspective and ignore mine. "Sidekicking" and "Turned off XP" instead of actually grasping that levels don't have to be 100% reflected within the narrative of the game or the shared game space. Because you're saying "The Pandaria tigers are higher level" and not considering how ridiculous a concept that actually is, narratively speaking. And the "Aren't willing to use the tools the game has" thing just tells me EVEN MORE that you're not reading what I'm writing. Like. AT ALL. I'm done repeating myself on this topic to someone who is going to continually talk down to me, thanks. Honestly, I don't think I have the requisite skills to communicate the idea in a way that you will understand, at this point. So I'm just going to write this whole conversation off.
  12. Holy shit, dude. I'm... I just don't get how you are having such a hard time understanding this. I -get- your perspective. I'm saying that it is self-limiting. Try to grasp mine. Don't try to make up your own version of mine with a bunch of rules about how characters would 'need to be limited' or whatever. Read what I'm writing, right now, take it in, and try to understand it. In a Perfect CoH2 there would be different Narrative Scales. Some stories would be 'Cosmic' or 'World Class Heroism' at level 1. Some would be Street or Neighborhood level stories at level 50. Maybe you pick how you interact with different Glowies in missions based on a selection of different options, wouldn't -that- be cool? Maybe your character isn't a bomb-defusing expert so you have them cover their eyes with one hand and cut a wire at random. (Heck, if we wanna go cartoony maybe there's a chance that animation doesn't work -right- and your character gets zapped but the bomb is still defused. A Hyuck!) Maybe in a level 1 mission you fight aliens. And your Superstrong Brute character Mr. Winvincible interacts with the mission glowie bomb by HURLING IT INTO THE SUN instead of trying to defuse it. Or you have to fight a bunch of pylons around a super-reactor in a starship to keep it from having enough speed to obliterate planet Earth when it crash-lands. But for every other function it's still just another door mission for a level 1 character. The NPCs hit you as level 1 characters. You hit them as a level 1 character. You know, like the Tutorial/Starting Area of DCUO. Meanwhile over here some dude in a trenchcoat is being as Rorshach as he can manage and fighting some Mafia Thugs in a different door mission where they still disarm the bomb instead of chucking it into the sun or whatever. Still level 1. Just a different narrative scale. 20 levels later. Mr. Winvincible is still chucking bombs into the sun and stopping runaway trains by standing in front of them and gritting his teeth really hard as the "Glowie Interaction" for that mission. While Rorshabee's player is instead flipping the switch to force the train's brakes to go into "Magnetic Lock" mode or something else to stop them. At level 21 they decide to have a fight. They're both level 21 heroes and they hit each other like it. There's no mechanical difference between the character's power levels because it's a game and there's no Narrative Scale in PvP. Batman v Superman all over again. In another 10 levels they're friends and sometimes they team together. Rorschabee goes to space to help Mr. Winvincible fight the Rikti off. (They're a stronger NPC Group, narratively, than the level 1 alien jerks that Winvincible fought 30 levels ago) Rorshabee disarms half the bombs the Rikti are planning to drop on Paragon while Mr. Winvincible flings the other half into the sun. Yeah. It doesn't make sense that Rorschabee doesn't get completely and utterly pasted by the first Rikti Rifle Blast that hits him. Batman survives that kinda shit too, though, so we apply some Handwavium. Maybe they missed. Maybe he has Kreeptonight in his belt which makes the blast not destroy him. At some point the narrative -has- to bend to the gameplay, but it doesn't need to invariably bend to the gameplay all the time forever. At level 50, Rorshabee and Winvincible PvP again. They're both level 50 characters. They hit each other like level 50 characters. The PvP still has no narrative because it isn't a story it's two people beating each other and telling whatever story they want about it. Afterward Mr. Winvincible joins Rorshabee to help Back Alley Brawler (He's in a wheelchair, 80, and basically Oracle at this point) Regulate the drugs in Kings Row by flinging the vats of Superadine into the sun and punching some Skulls with all his cool superpowers but for handwavium's sake he's pulling his punches so as not to paste the street thugs 'cause he's a hero and not a jerk. Again, sometimes gameplay is more important than narrative but it doesn't have to be the winner of every single fight. You get all the benefits of a game in which characters level up. You get to be a "World Class Hero" from level 1. You get to be a "Street Level Hero" at level 50. You can even start out as a 'Street Level Hero' who throws Bombs into the Sun and eventually decides to start doing some of the World Class Hero content when you get to 20 and -only- World Class Content after you hit 35. The players who want Street Heroes are happy. The players who want World Class heroes are happy. The players who want to start out as one scale and 'Work their way Up' to a higher scale are happy. Do you now understand my perspective that you can tell much more "Comic Relevant" stories in an MMO by letting the Narrative Scale exist separate from your character's level? And yeah. There's no plausible explanation why the Snail one-shots people. No plausible explanation why the Tigers in Pandaria are -massively- stronger than the Tigers in Stranglethorn, either. But people tend to laugh about it and accept that it's just a matter of Game Mechanics trumping narrative 'cause it happens, -sometimes-. But it doesn't have to happen -all- the time. It doesn't have to be the default. That's all I'm saying.
  13. On the note of "Levels have to mean you're big and powerful!" I played Mists of Pandaria from release (I had a Warlock Tank with Dark Apotheosis because that's when WoW was still trying some cool concepts like cloth-tanking) and there's an enemy in one of the -hallways- of a raid. Like before you get anywhere -near- the next boss. This enemy -always- one-shotted anyone it caught. Tank with all your buffs on? Instant-Kill. Didn't matter what your hit points were it literally has an attack that instantly kills you. Even now, after Warlords of Draenor, Legion, and Battle For Azeroth, those enemies will one-shot you. It was a running gag that whenever I got to that hallway I'd make a big speech in the raid group: "Heroes of Azeroth! You have battled against the Black Dragonflight and slain Onyxia. You turned aside the Burning Legion and defeated Kil'jaeden before imprisoning Illidan Stormrage. You've even battled the Lich King himself and slain the God of Death Yogg Saron. And in recent months you battled Deathwing and the Old Gods which controlled him. Now, now you face your most dangerous foe!" "This Snail!" That's right. The above NPC instantly kills you. Doesn't matter how powerful you are. A giant Snail (Tauren are about as tall as the stone block behind it) instantly kills you. Because Levels are only as important to the Narrative as the writer decides they are.
  14. Signal to Noise happens when you've got multiple conversations going on over one topic. And that's how levels work in THAT GAME. That's not how levels 'have to' work. It being Common doesn't mean it's Needed. Look at Minecraft with it's levels that don't function to separate players from given content. That game uses gear to determine what kind of content you can handle. Much like Conan Exiles. Games that use levels or whatever tend to increase a character's narrative power, sure, but even in WoW you're still fighting the 'Local Wildlife' of whatever new continent gets opened up and there's no sane reason for Bears in Northrend to have 16 times the HP of Bears in Kalimdor and yet... It's honestly maddening. And yeah. Having multiple Scales would be almost like having 2-3 zones at every level range with different storylines going on in each of them that ascribe to different narrative scales... Huh. Which... City of Heroes kind of already -does-... When you go to Talos Island over Independent Port you're choosing more Magical rather than Science storylines. What if instead of that, you made it 'Big' and 'Small' scales? Just make some of the zones 'Big Scale Stories' and some of the zones 'Small Scale Stories' and let people wander around wherever they like. Make it a Smorgasbord of Content where you get to pick and choose what you do all the way through leveling. No need to "Scale Lock" characters. After all, Batman helps Superman fight Darkseid and then goes back to Gotham and nearly gets killed by a dude in a Green Jacket who asks silly questions. Level 50 (or 40, or 200, or whatever) is still the same power between characters. I get that it has to be that way and I'm never going to dispute it. No point in disputing it. But level 50 doesn't have to mean "Cosmic Hero" or even "World Class Hero" if the narrative doesn't -force- it to do so.
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