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  1. So... For a Scrapper/Brute/Stalker those Auto Resistance powers are going to offer up 7.5% Damage Resistance. 11.25% slotted with SOs. Defense autos are at 3.75%. Toggles typically provide 22.5% Resistance or 12.75% defense (Typed. Positional is 13.88%) So we're looking at a baseline of: 7.5% S/L/F Resistance 14.5% Cold Resistance 22.5% E/N Resistance 12.75% S/L Defense This character would get -destroyed- in basically any normal content. They'd be marginally more durable than your average low level blaster. Barring a near 800% benefit increase from the Treated Leather power (Boosting it from 7.5% to 60%) you're going to be having simply the -worst- time. And if the power was increasing the 7.5% resistance power up to 60% it would be -way- too powerful to also have a ton of other effects tied to it. It's just an unreasonable expectation of power increase. Also there's no way for CoH to do Retributive Damage based on the player taking damage. The game doesn't track the required information to make it work.
  2. Locking it behind badges just changes how people farm it. They hit level 50 through farms, then get dragged through badge missions in Oroborous or Mob-farm out in Crey's Folly or wherever... I think putting it behind vet level 100, or even vet level 50, would work just fine. I don't forsee many players who don't know anything about the game getting invited into endless farms where they doorsit at 50 while the Spines/Fire runs off. It just seems like way too much time investment for a farmer to spend improving someone else's character and leaving them stranded with all sorts of choices and no information.
  3. I dunno... For the longest time I was against an "Any Powerset Combo" character concept because of the inherent risk of self-nerfing into the ground. The issue that people might unintentionally take two powersets that are so -violently- terrible with each other that they'd destroy their ability to play or enjoy the game. But on the other hand, tying it to Vet Level 100 or some other "Play the game for a certain amount of time" function reduces the chances of such an occurrence down to "Vanishingly Rare" Yeah. Someone who has never played City before might jump on a "Vet level 100 Farm" team and spend literal -days- getting powereleveled all the way up through the Veteran Ranks in order to unlock the new AT... But that seems like something entirely unreasonable to presume at this point. So I definitely feel like "Set Scalars to the high end of Average and give them a 15% recharge inherent and a pat on the ass as they head out into the world" is a reasonable setup.
  4. My Mids is telling me there's no taunt aura for Tankers in Evasion... As to the "Scaling bonuses plus IO Sets!" I'm not getting into that, here. I'm talking about the baseline abilities of both powersets. In any case, the Energy Tanker would have more overall utility. Stealth, PBAoE End Fixer/+Defense, Self-Healing on the regular, similar recharge rate bonus on average... S'veddy niiiiiice.
  5. ... shit... you're right! It's got craaaazy levels of DDR. I'd thought it was like Shield Defense: Tied up in the Mez Protection Stacking Game. SR is freaking badass on Tankers...
  6. SR doesn't have a Taunt Aura. Energy does. SR doesn't have Resistances. Energy does. SR doesn't have a Self Heal. Energy does. SR doesn't have a Stealth Power. Energy does. SR doesn't have anything that benefits from having lots of enemies near you. Energy has 2 powers. (Energy Drain and Entropic Aura) SR gains a passive 20% Recharge rate boost. Energy gets a Toggle with up to 35% Recharge in their Taunt Aura. That said, SR can cap positionals leaving it with no holes whatsoever. So that's a nice benefit? But once Cascade Failure hits, it hits -hard-. Energy has those Resistances and a Self Heal to fall back on.
  7. "Beam Control" Tier 1: Phase Burst. Single target immob as you hit them with a nerve-wracking blast that lowers their accuracy by overloading their nerves, making them lose partial control over their limbs. Tier 4: Sticky Grenade. Single Target Mag 3 Hold and 2 seconds later a PBAoE centered on the enemy Pseudopet Explosion that does knockdown and stun along with some damage. Tier 9: Overload. You put your beam rifle's resonating chamber into a closed loop and hurl it at your enemies. Targeted AoE massive debuffs/hold as the phased-burst overloads everyone's systems.
  8. That comment made my eyebrow rise so hard it left my face... White Knight? Seriously? Jeeeeeeze...
  9. Action movie logic. Everything is constantly on the verge of exploding and just needs the right impact.
  10. Carpenters hit their own thumbs when hammering nails, occasionally. And sometimes when you swing at an object, you might hit it, but the hit glances off, not actually harming the thing you're swinging at beyond light paint chipping. And sometimes when you swing at an -unsecured- object, you're just gonna push it around rather than doing any serious damage. Different stuff happening. But I doubt you've ever punched your bedroom door so hard it exploded into dangerous shrapnel and knocked everyone within 12 feet on their butts.
  11. Sure. But what combos -would- be broken in this design (assuming standard and no damage and same-role exclusivity is in place)? What could this archetype do that would be 'broken' compared to any other archetype doing anything similar? The only thing I could imagine would be Support/Control, assuming all powersets were made available for both primary and secondary. Because that would result in Defender-Level buffing while still having Controller Level -power- in the Controls, but not duration. Even that doesn't seem particularly strong, all things considered... We'd have to make it, though, so that Pet powersets (Both MM and Illusion) would need to be Primary-Exclusive. There's no character-function we can apply to reduce the power of pets, which are NPCs with their own statistics determined by their level independent of the player.
  12. I think we'd actually be in option 3 territory. 3) Because it's damage values are lower than a Scrappers (at Scale 1 instead of 1.12) and it doesn't have Brute Fury, if you want a TW/Bio character there are better choices out there. The "Top Performing" set combos for this thing would be pretty much the same as any other archetype, but not actually -THAT- good because it would lack the inherent support to increase damage output or the HP levels of a brute/tank that allow it to survive extended periods in melee. What combos, really, would be outliers beyond the outliers that already exist in the game? (Melee)/Kinetics? Okay, but you're going into melee with no defenses beyond Tough/Weave/Combat Jumping/Maneuvers... Ultimately the AT would let you play with combos that don't exist elsewhere in the game. Like Assault or Manipulation as a primary powerset. But any combo you create is going to have some weaknesses compared to all the other archetypes. An Assault/Defense character would get some ranged, some melee, and thus have a slightly higher survival chance than your average Scrapper in a given fight but lack Alpha potential due to not having the big "Superior" and/or "Extreme" damage attack that Scrappers get in their sets. And you -could- try to build a Magetank by doing Defense/Ranged... but you'd lack a taunt, would have mediocre aggro-generation based on damage output, and wouldn't have the HP of an actual Tanker or Brute. So you'd get more survival than a Defense/Melee Incarnate, but you still wouldn't -really- be a Tank.
  13. Inherents can't be tied to what powersets you choose. Inherents are part of the AT itself. As to bringing up HP: Where are the AT's Caps? If they're set to the default, like I suggest, a +HP Toggle that gives you brute/tanker HP would render things like Dull Pain completely moot because you'd be basically at the HP Cap with just the toggle. I really think the AT's core functions should be very generic and broadly useful, to allow the powerset choice combinations to be what shines. Also Support and Defense sets would need to be made mutually exclusive. A Willpower/Empath would have no ability to deal damage outside of Brawl (and any temp powers picked up, but still). Support/Defense, Melee/Melee, Defense/Defense, Support/Support, Control/Control, etc. All duplicates would need to be cut off at the knees. It would also be an AT that couldn't have access to Ancillary Power Pools of any kind, 'cause it would have access to literally every power in the game. There'd be no way to make the Patron Power Pools all available because of naming issues, I think? So better to just nix it altogether.
  14. Two big things: 1) If someone playing this AT wanted Mez Protections they could choose a defensive powerset and get mez protection. No reason to tie it to the inherent. 2) Stance toggles are neat and all, but there's no player-function that applies to pets. It would also probably be a swift path to "Replacing" all other characters if the Archetype can fulfill any role at full power. The AT's weakness could be it's strength if the scalars are set to 1. It'd be all around solid, rather than "Good at X when toggle Y is active"
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