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  1. The animation customization of CoH is a bit limited. You'd be more likely to wind up with multiple identical and mutually exclusive "Fighting" pools, each themed after a specific weapon.
  2. Narrative "tags" have been a thing since the game launched, not just the AE. It was just our first chance to explore it. When you hit f5 and your character shouts out your level and archetype those are the same tags. It's just a variable that does a quickie lookup in your character's game file to find information. It also does Origin, though never in a text conversation, it's how the game knew which starting origin contact to give you. Heck, it could even check whether you started in Galaxy City or Atlas Park, way back when! It also uses Badge Text as tags so that NPCs
  3. Downsides of creating the additional Uniform Slot: You have 2 costume slots that you cannot edit after earning them. You already have one. Development time to give two Epic Archetypes extra costume slots instead of providing stuff that a larger portion of the playerbase will use. Benefits: A small portion of a tiny fragment of the playerbase will enjoy having two Uniform slots. Essentially impossible.
  4. Rocketboots are a part of the costume creator. When you're wearing them, they light up with blue flame while you're airborne. Similarly, there's Mechanical Wings that you can use. The Shrike Wings just unfold and then stay open as long as you're flying, same for the Komodori. Or the Vanguard Backpack and just -pretend- it's a jetpack/booster thing. There's also the Rogers Rocket Pack and the Cosmic Rocket Pack that both slap a rocket or two to your spine. As far as teleportation... *shrugs!* Just give your character a neat pair of techy gloves or a belt and harness or s
  5. Yup. It's 200% for Maximum Fury. I was wrong. Though a character is almost never going to get to 100% Fury, so you're still in the 75-80% target range for the 259ish value. If that's too low, and brutes solo too slowly compared to Tankers (Who clear most of the spawn in 3 tiers of buttwhuppin) and Scrappers (who rely on Crits to blow past the Brute's damage), then increase it by another 75% maximum. Or 37.5%. Or 100%. Or whatever value is required to make them feel "Better" while solo, while not impacting their high end team damage values by raising either t
  6. Buff Brutes? Okay. So... how would I buff Brutes in the current state of the game... hmm. Increase the damage buff of Fury by 75%. At 100 Fury (Almost impossible to get) you'd wind up getting 175% increased damage instead of 100% increased damage, allowing them to solo better without altering their Team-Function at all (The damage Cap remains the same, the base damage values remain the same, so getting Fulcrum Shifted to your cap changes nothing) Assume a power deals 100 damage baseline: 1) A tanker has a .95 scale so with enhancement
  7. Essentially impossible. The Paragon Studios team had to break the game's UI to give Arachnos Soldiers/Widows the option of having a single "Costume Slot" tied to the standard uniforms. And did so by essentially cramming 1 slot of the "Arachnos Soldier" or "Arachnos Widow" character models into the character generator. Because yeah. Those aren't player models wearing specific outfits, those are all pre-generated character models with minimal variability you're fighting in Arachnos Mishies. Which is why any character that uses the Bane Spider armor can't take
  8. An important thing to note: The Devs are working with the code they have, as much as they can. They're not writing massive code-changes into the game that change a ton of baseline functions. In fact the most recent big change they've made, that I'm aware of, is allowing Repel to work in Reverse. So while there could be "Several ways to code it" that's asking for a much bigger change than the creation of a powerset. I'm not saying it's impossible to write the code to make it work. I'm saying that it's unlikely to be done anytime soon so you should try to aim
  9. For the Spectral Wounds method to work every power in the game that could do damage to the character would have to be rewritten to include the heal effect. For the Bodyguard method, as I believe it works, you'd need to redesign the way damage is dealt to all characters. Otherwise it would just be an extra 25% damage resistance to everything because there is no structure, currently, for keeping track of which NPC is dealing how much damage. In either case a massive undertaking for a single power. You're not the first person to suggest reduced damage from a sp
  10. I like to make psychic contact through Mesmerize to warn her to dive so no one can hurt her.
  11. Throwaway CoH Accounts are just a fake Email address away. Twitch is someone's income tied to their bank account and their connections through followers and friendgroups.
  12. Might also be something to specifically, explicitly, avoid... People are likely to troll Streamers. Throwing foul language and stuff to try and mess with Twitch ToS, griefing, things like that. It would be a magnet for the worst among us.
  13. It's like that because it was developed for NPCs first. Hellions and Skulls and stuff swinging the hammer hold it in their right hand at that point so their left hand can hold the lower portion of the hammer for their swings. When it was ported over to Warmace Paragon didn't alter the attachment point because it would've been a little bit of a mess that wasn't worth the hassle, in the end. I'm not against changing it, now. But it would probably require a new sledgehammer model to avoid borking low-tier enemy animations.
  14. Fixed it months ago, actually. Wound up just clicking "No" every time the program tried to close until it gave up on closing, then uninstalled the overlapping mod. Problem solved.
  15. Spectral Wounds doesn't work like that. Spectral Wounds does 1.5 Magnitudes of Damage, immediately, and 0.5 Magnitudes of -Damage 10 seconds later. Don't ask me how the Paragon Devs got it to do -Damage, but it probably has to do with the Special Typing. If it were created, today, it would probably just be 0.5 Magnitudes of Healing to keep it clean. It doesn't "Store a percentage" to undo. The value it erases is fixed and based on the baseline damage of the power (Ignores enhancements and other buffs) As far as doing the Mastermind Bodyguard thing: That shit
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