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  1. Happy to help, Omni! I sincerely am trying to be helpful, even if I sometimes come across as pretty negative. I tend to list all the problems out in text and hope someone else solves them while they percolate in the back of my brain and then come back, later, with my own ideas (If I get one). And even this one might be a stinker based on where a particular player keeps their power trays...
  2. The Server Tray Management thing is, ultimately, just a matter of display. What if instead of triggering the traditional pop-up tray, we created a separate "Pop Up Tray" that functioned like the floating tray placed 80 pixels below the center of the screen? Could even have it configured as a 2x2 tray, and only allow a maximum of 4 "Granted Powers" from any source, to open up the mechanic of power-sharing to other sets in the future? Could even make it a "Routine Screen Element" that is hidden by default, and can be moved around the screen while active so pla
  3. "Street Fighter" Set. Tier 1 pets: 2 Martial Arts 1 Street Justice Tier 2 pets: 1 Savage Melee, 1 Superstrength Tier 3 Pet: Dark Assault Upgrading your Tier 1 pets gives your Martial Artists the ability to throw Fireballs and your Street Justice character some Kinetic Melee. Upgrading your Tier 2 pets gives your Savage Melee some of the Electric Aura defenses/Damage Aura, and your Superstrength character Footstomp. Upgrading your Tier 3 pet gives your Dark Assault character Teleport Attacks. The Tier 2 Upgrade for Tier 1 pets gives your Martial
  4. As to the "Knockback" or "Repel" options: Both are entirely directional. Knockback is based on where you are in relation to the NPC knocking you away. Repel functions the same way. You'd need to create an NPC that somehow perfectly tracks player movement and stays directly under them for it to function as a "Lift" mechanic. You could "Spawn a pseudopet and have it fire" but thanks to the inherent timing system of the game, it would either fire while inside your body as you fell into the pseudopet, or from a horizontal direction relative to you, as you glided past it.
  5. If it's not too late, then? Why not move the rooms for Security, Generators, and Detention to the other side of the huge room that you've blocked out for different sub-rooms? With it on the opposite side of the Vehicle Garage, you wouldn't need to do the extra teleporters, and the backup generators could be right there next to the hospital in case of power loss. Alternatively, you could nix the "Doorway" between the Parts/Vault hallway, slap on a Teleporter Aleph with a Door over it, and have it narratively connect to a door that you place in the Vehicle Gar
  6. Oh, no. I understand the premise just fine. And I don't think the "Granted Powerset" is OP or anything. Just worried about how to make it work. I think the Mystic Fortune is an interesting way to go for it? But with so many powers triggering it, you'd have players who pretty much perpetually have a pop up right in the middle of their screen while they're trying to fight since almost every power in the set grants a power. And then having to drag it onto the bar from the power window seems clunky, and reduces it's usefulness in the current fight. That could be a little troubling.
  7. You're at least largely right on the mid-range build thing, yeah. Hadn't really considered the "Mostly SO" Character, in honesty. But even for such players, isn't it still largely useless? You use Unstoppable as your "Oh, Shit!" button and it lasts for a long period of time during which you're unstoppable... and then you get into the next fight and the one after that and the one after that and it crashes without "Crashing" if you catch my drift and you're in the middle of a big fight with a bunch of enemies who are now hitting you -without- Unstoppable on, putting you right back wh
  8. 1) Nope. I'm accounting for that. If you don't take Temp Invulnerability to instead take Unstoppable you're still slotting Resistance Sets. And according to you, you -need- all the secondary functions of the rest of the powers. Which are Resistance-based. So you still have to slot them for Resistance. Which means the same sets they're already using. And, heck, Temp Invuln also provides Resistance to Resistance Debuffing so why not take and use it, too? Soooo... >.> Still useless. 2) Pointless Insult noted. 3) You say they're Essential in PvP. That's -your- term. Y
  9. I mean, granted, you still wouldn't -need- them without the nerfing. What I mean is: You're not actually giving people an alternative in the long run. Unless every one of the T9s can be made Perma through Recharge Slotting and Hasten and such, you're building a Tanker, Brute, Scrapper, Stalker, or Sentinel who loses the ability to defend themself for X amount of time every Y amount of time if they're built around using the T9 power as something they actually -use- for Survivability. Taking these new and crashless Tier 9s would be largely pointless. I mean -maybe- you re
  10. But you still don't -need- Unstoppable. Even without a crash, you'd still be taking the other powers in your set and using them and set bonuses to essentially become a slab of unstoppable meat before the Unstoppable Power comes into play. You've gotten rid of the penalty for using the power, but haven't made it any more attractive to actually take.
  11. So... let me make sure I understand this... This is a powerset which essentially "Grants" a second powerset to another player (Or group of players) as you use your abilities, and that powerset is: 1 Melee Attack 1 Energy Drain 1 Cone Attack 1 Defense Debuff 1 Perception Debuff 1 Lifesteal (Autofire) 1 Superior Damage Melee Attack 1 Damage Debuff (Autofire) And this is on top of two single target heals, large quantities of Psionic Resistance as well as Debuff and Mez Resistance and Mez Protection? It's definitely
  12. T9s can't be additive but we could increase build variety by getting players to drop other powers in their builds? But you also purport that you NEED all the other powers in your build to survive even with the Unstoppable. MAYBE you could do without a couple of powers, but you'd need the rest... Well except maybe Temporary Invulnerability. Which is a Resistance Power. So Resistance Slotted. Exactly like Unstoppable is. And also only be effective during that 66% Uptime (Unless you used Sets to make the Uptime irrelevant in which case we're back to square one). So no -actual- build v
  13. It seems odd to me that if you were to bring in criminals to put into a Detention cell you'd march them through your portal network (Easy Escape), Reactor Room (Lots of options for Chaos), and Parts Storage (Tools to engineer an escape) Alternatively, Portal, Reactor, Hall of Heroes, Rec Room, Security, Detention. Similarly, in the event you're using Teleporters to put people directly into Detention: When you -release- your prisoners they get to walk through areas where they could cause trouble. ... is that weird or am I just crazy?
  14. I would be hard pressed to disagree... There is, however, another direction we could take them, rather than the Willpower or One With the Shield direction: Team Buffs/Enemy Debuffs. Keep the current T9s for PvP, or even give 'em the 66% uptime change, then do up different options for the rest. Radiation's got Ground Zero, Shield has Grant Cover. We could go for similar mechanics for Energy, Invuln, Electric, SR, and Ninja. Could also sprinkle in some Control effect. Invuln Alt T9: Meat Shield. PBAoE Toggle, nearby allies gain an Absorb shield.
  15. Hardcastle. Level 50 SS/Inv Brute. Didn't bother with Unstoppable, 'cause like you I wound up unkillable without it using IOs. Didn't need it. Would've been an utter waste to bother with it. If I had grabbed it? I could've turned off all my toggles and -still- been unkillable thanks to Unstoppable -and- the Set Bonuses. Saying "It wouldn't be stupidly powerful 'cause I can be stupidly powerful without it using Set Bonuses!" does not make it any less stupidly powerful. And you're right. My PB didn't solo the ITF or otherwise rush headlong into hyp
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