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  1. Knockback is fine. won't sacrifice build for your crazy, unbridled desires. Certainly won't advocate game systems adjustment to enforce such madness. Knockback is fine.
  2. That sure is hard to judge, but sure, why not? There are trolls under bridges. That's a behavior problem though, I can chase you around atlas and kill steal from your lvl1 if I'm just awful. I can aggro things into our team, just out of badness, because it makes me giggle, or I'm fed up. I can even make it look like an accident! All sorts. But you probably shouldn't make a toggle to protect the group from adds, or forcibly disconnect someone who shot a mob they thought was too much for a hero-in-training.
  3. I'm only ever interested in how you think, perhaps that's grasping at straws? There is a taste to complaints in threads recently, this one included, that echoes my immediately prior sentiment, resoundingly. To that I'd offer something of a reminder of what a 'source of annoyance' is. To point - sudden acc, if it included, pound for pound, force feedback proc, would provide an attractive frankenslot option.
  4. The game would be cheapened if you just fell over when hit by such thunderous blast! It's like some people seek to create an elitist subset that won't fly in mmo space period these days, and definitely won't with a player base of 1500 consistent attendees on a given shard. 'controllers who aoe immob' (to impact kill efficacy!) to establish containment asap when the meta requires kill all sub 5s at +4, or heavens forbid because they like the look of stone cages. 'your power colors give me the sicks', change them' 'your power sfx give me migraine, we should kick you' 'veats who don't double leadership, that's sub optimal for me' And on. These arguments tend to center around how 'my limited playtime should be optimally tuned, for me. But I want to group. So group should conform to my priorities, or I is irritate'. No human pairing, let alone group of 8, proceeds according to the will of one without an element of discord. This is part of the joy of it. Step back and perhaps consider what can be wrought in this, as group achievement. You will have a better time, than letting thing make you itchy, and worse, scratching at phantom pains. The source of your annoyance is not other players, it is you becoming irritated at them. Knockback is fine.
  5. ^ mmm, mines called 'let the feast begin'
  6. The ATO orbs, they are so beautiful!
  7. Aoe they get early in leveling process? Thoughts that they're doing something like lowering Def or to-hit as an aoe? Lack of good aoe otherwise on short CD? I find the quickest way to get an alpha to the face is aggro by immob, crappy damage and debuff on a group of purples. Mind control you make alpha to tank prolonged with mass hypnosis, and don't draw aggro, so that's nice. Dark and mind get good openers with cone fears. Elec gets excellent sleep ground pulse. All in all, they're just thirsty to begin, that's probably all it is. Everyone else tears with claws, and they just wanna proc their ATO orbs and set containment.
  8. The witch wouldn't have survived drowning, unless they were ungodly. If they'd drowned, they were too, but we saved their soul. Prepare the stake and fire boys, someone posted lft! The manner and tone of thought is untoward.
  9. it won't work (a toggle). people will bully others (like you) into toggling on/off knockback it will lessen the experience as others have eloquently put You cannot expect others to slot KB -> KD, why? : you are asking them to modify their build slotting potential to address an issue you have with the effect of their powers knockback in skilled hands is phenomenal (see my post, the one with a person being smashed on a wall - page 1) now if they made sudden impact ALSO include a force feedback proc, that'd be a more attractive slotting option. but it doesn't, and it isn't. You rile up all over KB, just aim mobs at a wall. if there are no walls, just deal with it. asking others NOT to utilize the fullness of their skills because of some perception you have towards efficacy / kill rate / other blah - is nonsense, and perspective twisted up to command.
  10. ive been here since post 6, good buddy - and you projecting your desire into suggested modification to game play space is exactly what I'm hearing.
  11. you are transforming 'i am dissatisfied with use of this mechanic' into 'why (oh heavens, why!?) does one of those factors needs to be another player making the game worse/longer?'
  12. It's about the journey, not some wild end point destination. The endpoint in coh, the endpoint is re-roll. So enjoy the ride, and play the game to its fullest! KB and all!
  13. I won't 'grow up' (by that meaning comply with your wishes), and will never slot kb - > kd! Toggle even gives others excuse to persecute someone who wants to use kb. No, some of these powers come at cost of knock back, or are improved with flight time of long kb. Embrace the madness, remember fondly the embers of lost youth!
  14. I need you to go ahead and slot all those sonic powers for a thing that does nothing but change the sfx. You see, it annoys me. And that just won't do!
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