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  1. like the idea of ice! very much enjoying an ice/bio stalker atm. for the secondary... rad maybe, its got def down, a shady heal... but am tempted by stone and all those kd/+recharge proc potentials...
  2. Dark armor. Good stats when properly IOd. However, for my liking: Fear aura mag too low. Unsure of mag stacking reality when using dark melee. Stun aura mag too low, unsure of pulse mag stacking in real play. Don't want self rez taking up a primary power slot. Enjoy control/debuff aspect of tanking. With dark melee or rad as a secondary, what would be your top pick for a tanker primary, considering mob interference / disruption / debuff as a goal?
  3. It'll drop hide if it does something that harms a mob, i.e. touching/hit checking them with the aura.
  4. You're right, my point was that discoverability is low, a new player has to think 'is there pvp? Where?' rather than hit a menu item to queue. Hence newbies end up tacking onto dfbs et al. LFG finder causes batched density in zone was my thought. So long as it doesn't just warp you there solo after a few mins as with the tfs.
  5. It would be lovely to have a pvp section in lfg. Maybe there's a slash command to warp to pvp zones I don't know about. I didn't look it up, and went yesterday to see if I could find sirens call or bloody bay hero side. I spent 15m searching striga, ip and talos. I could not locate the zones! lfg daily / weekly quests with pvp io recipe rewards or better exclusive sets that only drop in pvp and can't be ah'd, that'd draw folks out, no?
  6. At some point, it is time to roll an alt. Take diablo, your all primaled, you have gear like that for all specs, youve greater rifted to as high as you can go without mainlining speed, and the loot system has dropped you hints with items for other classes you melt or that clog up your stash. It's time to reroll. Couldn't coh have something like greater rifts? Perhaps yes, and forever harder difficulty scaling, but what would it award you? Also pvp. Nothing quite like facing humans.
  7. Unlikely dream: server where all non instanced zones are pvp
  8. I like the idea of dark, those pets on Dom would do well. For me tho, dark I pref controller dark secondary, it's that good. Albeit with different overall focus. Electric control is a good option. I have one named 'tale of salt and sky' who enjoys throwing boulders now 😳 Chaining knockdown on very short CD and another slot for force feedback recharge proc Chaining confuse on a short CD which will let you slot contagious confusion in a meaningful way at fiddy Pulsing sleep location placable is very nice for keeping you safe while in melee range (good end drain too) Conductive aura plays well with being near foes (good end drain)
  9. This presents twisted view of what development is. It's not an ethereal process by which things you want come about, and core infrastructure / server backend / things that don't involve art assets are just 'maintenance' To echo a prior post in this thread, putting a 64bit client to this was likely a large development effort, fraught with complexity, and wrought with that overcome... And you'll never have to see.
  10. Love it in concept, but scaling on the assault might have to be way down versus a dom? Part of why seismic smash hits like a truck, or gloom dots to hell, is a high dom dmg multiplier coupled with thin def res natively from powersets in the AT. Unlike controller cousins, there's no secondary supporting cc not going according to plan. Blasters I don't know enough about to comment on.
  11. Please don't load it with loot boxes. Take a salary, put it into donations, run it as a non-profit, and still get paid?
  12. Needed info: Manufacturer: nvidia Model: 3x titan gtx Operating System and version: win 10 ent Does the game load (and error you get if not): yes Optional info you like: Driver Version: whatever's latest, keep it updated Monitor Resolution: 2560x1080 Multi-monitor?: no Graphics Preset Used: FORCE ON ALTERNATE FRAME RENDERING SLI - makes a HUGE difference, but messes up 2d rendered pictures (they flicker) Overall experience (any stuttering, glitching, etc or smooth sailing): vastly improved by enabling sli (the default profile for game has it disabled) Any steps taken to resolve issues you encountered (both those that worked and those that didn't): none
  13. I don't think you'd need to lose nulls flip. People move over, people move back, recalculate every hour and issue the xp mod as a an autopower. That's not such a bad thing, brings dynamism to pop movement. They've already got the % based ones on p2w vendor, you'd just be granted an additional autopower on a schedule based on alignment, or better zone you are in (or zone where instance spawned). Can make 0% or 50% of value in ae, like they do now. Vigilantes don't have to flip to travel both sides, disincentivive everyine flip purple align in similar way, mayhap 60% of calculated boost.
  14. Planetside did this well, it'd grant xp buffs to underpopulated of the three factions. If there was scaled xp / inf buffs based on red blue pop balance, all of a sudden you'd be running mayhem missions and casino heists, with full teams in Grandville.
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