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  1. some might say (with their head in the sand): 'I can disconnect here, for me - all external concerns vanish, in fact are banned! you see other else, your suffering ends (doesn't exist) when 'I am online to relax'. more so it is not a thing we shall ack. make swift the way, the doors do open at command - for I have come to be in this place - you should be happy I am so beneficent, magnanimous, indeed 'the big man' - but allow me to endure in this line: the best you'll ever be (remember i am modeling your behavior, emulate this, if you wish to pro
  2. Sleeps tend to get knocked off almost instantly. So they are most useful if pulsing (elec control, stalker bio aura), or as an interrupt/ micro halt exclusively with a fast cast and quick cool down hasted (mass hyp). But it's over in a flash. And a power pick. Salt crystals is quick, stacks more -Def for earth, but isn't pulsing, and is pbaoe... So it ends up falling of builds as situational, or imperfect and impractical. Sonic blast sleep cone on an empath, elec affinity or pain dom/thermal defender becomes a valuable few seconds of 'bad guys do a bit le
  3. AP juve death brawls atop the globe, for cash! Sounds great. Server with countdown and auto flag everywhere... that too.
  4. Hahaha! Heroes (and handful of villains) of Excelsior, hear me now and listen! The server is too small for us to asshat-attize our community interactions. True truth time... We're all playing again and again with the same set of people. So being awful is only cutting off your nose to spite your face. Just think on it, you've maybe even played with THE actual honoroit. That makes you special. Play nice, play fair. as some say.
  5. ~~~~ mind control is fine. you don't want a pet. you can't remember why you're here. ~~~~
  6. The debuff/buff (debuff as specifically favored, players expected to use insp/self buff/io set except dmg cap kin) argument aside, there's some realities of play I would consider. If you're a support, and the group is dying, it's a horrid feeling when you can't actually heal them. I get this every time I'm on a sonic res, or force fielder. Having more than a pbaoe heal is refinement, emp/paindom/thermal have spot heal capability. Emp and pain Dom have two levels therein. If your eyes are the kind that can glance a party window, where bars are
  7. Bribe. The. Players. Bribe them. They'll flip red in a heartbeat. Red ONLY enhancements! RED force locked open world pvp. We're all souls like over here. But rly.... Bribe them with an xp boost... Inf... Super p2w powers... Ya, make p2w only work for red.... Anything. The mobs are better, the music's better, it's dark and gloomy better. Red is better.
  8. That's wonderous news! I'd been away you see, super obsessing over pathfinder:wotw
  9. My fashion is obviously the Supreme, no matter the entrant riff raff that would show themselves to challenge that. Sometime, I don't win. Nepotism, or spite. That's what that is. (sometimes there's a some great stuff... Like a guy who I thought had a HUGE bug head... It was the missing head, and enormous bulby shoulders. Looked properly like a bipedal fly. - - but then there's the rainbow splat clown, who gets 250m inf. Outrageous.)
  10. I'll see if I can load up soothing aura and post pictures of logs. Hopefully the !DRACONIAN! mods won't ban me 😜. I'm still frightened after I got a telling for innocently using twitch.
  11. Panacea certainly combat logs: as granting proc with numeric values, to other named players. The defender ato for the absorb proc does this too, if I recall. I've used this and noted shields going out on a rad pbaoe heal, for example.
  12. Some good ones (imo) : Controller: dark/dark. Use the rez offensively. Party is dmg immune. If they hurt you, use a massive pbaoe heal. Give massive recovery. Controller: elec/elec affinity. It's a wow shaman. Corruptor: fire/kin. Don't look back. Literally karna. Defender: Pain/sonic. It's a lot better than I thought it'd be. Sentinel: elec/elec. Spec into end drain. Kinda fun. Support!
  13. So panacea works in soothing aura. Itll extend the +HP/end to people within the bubble. I presume the others do too (miracle recovery, doctored wounds regen, numinas recovery)?? Not sure about preventive medicine as that seems to be a global proc that goes of whenever you lose health, even if you never ACTIVATED something to give it a chance to. But ya, pain Dom / sonic my new fav healer. On another note... Why is electrical affinity thought to be bad end game?... Because no strong debuff?
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