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  1. while my experience with sentinel is low vs prior live AT, I would agree with sentiment of 'not really unique' -- i love the aoe snipe replacements, and sped cooldowns, and I suppose midrange tanky ranged dps may be usedful in some scenarios, and generally durable -- but it is overkill with current content when properly slotted. - you can do some fun things with recharge time and easily get all your LoTG with the right secondary. i do not feel practical affect of the sentinel passive as a player.
  2. Elec bio is now 35, it's great. Dunno if the survivability will last but worst I ever seem to have to do is flip the adaptation. The sentinel is... there. It seems to hit hard enough when I notice, but don't much. Good enough aoe so far, gonna try to find some kind of melee?? with patron pool, if any exist. 32 aoe is up all the time, smacks and I don't have it right slotted yet. Not blaster huge, but maybe enough... when all the 50 S rolling... to punch hard enough more frequently. Extreme dmg ST hold still superstar.
  3. Pray a moment, and go head over water/sonicey heels for poisony vomit crey blaster boy: lucien crey He became too much to live on the family estate.. . mutilating servants, raising his tone with mother, other else aside, and worse we'rtold! To boarding school , he was sent. Well'p... with a plague on in paragon, he's home early for christmas. ! Water / sonic assault new powerset ! Looks like vomiting or throwing blood or snot or whatever you like! Seems good dmg, skill range. Everything about water seems just great. Good damage, cold is low resisted and the off component is smashing, I don't know if they fixed procs yet but there's a lot going on in water. Sonicey wise, no idea. Anything particularly good or bad in water / the new sonic assault set that stands out to you?
  4. honoroit

    Mass Hypnosis

    I enjoy mass hypnosis. Use it all the time on teams as Dom. It's a big wave interrupt, even if it lasts less than a second amidst artillery levels of team mate aoe. It often keeps one or two out of play at the edges missed by those aoe. Love it, and recommend mesmerize over levitate also!
  5. +1 to prior. You absolutely should not be abused within the game. That's always open to interpretation, there's always the other side... But the admins/gms can see all the things said via in game vectors, and unless they're entirely corrupt (they are not) will find mechanism to put halt to bullying.
  6. Just matters of perspective. I strongly advocate for the strong arming of players to red with xp buffs. You'll all learn to love red side.
  7. I'd parked my tanks. In particular a staff/bio. Played again this weekend and was astounded by the aoe updates from some time ago I'd not taken time to enjoy. At 43, I could easily do +4/8 sl, toxic is a joke so Artemis people, and pretty much anything I ran into if in defensive adaptation. Not the fastest in the world for, but ludicrous levels of sustain/mitigation. It led me to look back at a parked dark/dark I have... Could anything be better than staff/bio? Do you have an !ultimate tanker! that takes advantage of the expanded aoes and target caps?
  8. honoroit

    Beam rifle/ ?

    You can be Tanya the evil with AR/devices - beam works too.
  9. It has come upon me to create fun new things for myself. Looking over my next project, I thought about psi/dark corruptor... But then looked at the debuff %S on Def and thought that might be better. Has anyone made a dark/psi that has thoughts on Def VS corr? I've dark/darked before and it's quite effective, but I'm not a fan of dark blasts lineup. You could use ice for recharge defuff, but psi looks far nicer, and has a good range amongst its powers I feel. Feels like corruptor would obv do more damage, but would lose much of the secondary effect - importantly perhaps to a point where they're rendered middling or ineffective at higher levels?
  10. arent they going to spoil all our fun with proc changes soon? no idea what's intended.
  11. lvl 27 so far, had to farm some 300m inf for the getting started ios. Hardy enough, and enough of an attack chain to not be too fussed about no attacks in the secondary. Heal is super useful, and up often. You do move quickly. I need lotg slots, took stealth, will probably do stupid fighting pool. Was peeping the blaster forums. They vehemently trash elec. There's some key changes made in sentinel, but I do worry I'd see a fire torch a map and be jelly. End drain seems effective at low levels. Emptied Babbage no bother on a synapse tf. Extreme damage hold is the superstar right now. I took the 2nd blast, even though some don't, as without there was gap in my attack chain.
  12. young face 5, or completely obscured, if human. If we could have one thing tho... It'd be proper robes. Would be such fun to play a CoT earth magey character.
  13. Thank you for all the inspiration and insights! So sentinels all about the recharge on nukes which hit less hard, but are up more frequently. I love the idea of archery/en with pool powers to give you some nice slotting options and hard enough hitting attacks. Fire is tempting... But I fear I'd feel like a blaster wannabe. So... I must try elec/bio I think - maybe a sapper that works! (edit: luck voltia seems to fit better, and is appropriately scarred and crazy. Can sort of see this in the costume designer)
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