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  1. Why three full Luck of the Gambler sets? The bonuses only apply once and it's rather expensive.
  2. I stand corrected. I hadn't noticed that this was the beta sub. My apologies.
  3. You unlock the slot by defeating bad guys. It gives you incarnate xp towards the slots.
  4. I made an illusion/rad controller because I've never really done fotm, and wanted to see what it was all about. I found it a tad dull, but one way to make characters more interesting for me to play is to write a backstory. And then I thought, "well, what if she had a slightly different Praetorian twin?". And so Bright Amy's "twin", Dark Amy was born. I made her ill/dark and reversed the colours of the costumes, and boy, did they play differently. /dark filled the lack of controls on illusion so wonderfully, and Fade? Damn, it's powerful! In the right conditions I'm running around with huge regen and recovery, just short of 60% smash/lethal resist, (thanks to the shield in Soul Mastery) and about 15% defense. didn't prevent her from dying a gazillion times during an ITF, because she was running behind the team, and council shotguns HURT!!!!
  5. I appreciate your ideas and would like to sybscribe to your newsletter. And yes, Vanguard would be just the organisation to prop up Tyrant (All Hail Our Glorious Emperor!!!!). Their attitude has always struck me as very grim and determined in the name of survival without much thought to what comes after, very much "The end justifies the means".
  6. Thank you for a very thorough guide. I especially appreciate that it's a levelling guide, not a "when you get to 50, respec into this" guide. I was wondering, since I see you took the shields, if you actually ever activate them or just use them as mules?
  7. Very good guide, especially because it doesn't go into slotting details regarding sets. I'm sick and tired of reading builds without explanations if what the powers actually do, or how it plays, or tactics for using powers. I do, however, disagree with your description of Pulsar. It's a great way to cut down on incoming damage on teams, and can stun bosses if you cooperate with a troller to boost their stun. Last, but not least, it looks freakin' awesome!!!!! Oh, and a more detailed question, what's the default recharge of Light Form?
  8. Thank you for this wonderful guide. After having read it a few times, I'm wondering about the difference in the Vega graphics chips. For instance, how much better is Vega 10 vs Vega7?
  9. Wintercat


    Dig a deep hole and put some hookers and a case of beer down there. Once the mercs are in, they neither can nor want to get out.
  10. I, too, love Dual Blades. As for the best secondary, it depends on your preferences. Do you prefer a more "natural" secondary? Willpower or Super reflexes. Basically, everything works. some secondaies are better in some situations, but the real question is, what do you find to be fun?
  11. I was in Legion of Freedom as @Wintercat
  12. Not a number cruncher, but the way I use it is to turn it off after a spawn to give my slow recharge powers a nudge to ensure readiness for the next spawn if I'm on a fast moving team. Otherwise I just leave it on and consider the recharge bonus a nice touch but nothing else, really.
  13. I can't recall the first character i made, but I believe it was a claws/something scrapper. I remember getting her all the way to level 6 in only three days!!!!! It was the end of beta. The wipe happened, and I decided a defender sounded good, and since the first screenshots/videos I'd seen had been a storm defender, that looked absolutely awesome to me. Alas, all the cool names were were taken, and so Lady Breeze, storm/elec defender was born, and after a few weeks of running, she cuold finally FLY!!!!!. And deleted a couple of years(?) later to be re-born as Lady Breeze, fire/storm controller, powerlevelled via the Winter Lords to level 22, and later, my first and only level 50. I was, however, enamored by blasters, and decided to have one of each matching set, en/en, elec/elec/, ice/ice etc. Blasters quickly became my thing. Never got one to 50 though, 44 was my highest.
  14. CoH actually does something similar. Spawns are created when a hero/villain passes the spawn area, according to zone level, hero level and team size. So, if a lower level hero entered the spawning zone before you, the spawn would be according to that level. However, in KR and other non-hazard zones, there are min/max levels of spawn within the zone itself, where the general rule is that lower level spawns are closer to the entrance to the zone, the rise as you move outwards. That, of course, means that bad guys can be clustered mainly in low-level parts of the zone, such as CoT on rooftops around the train.
  15. The funny thing is, even on live, just after release where there were queues to login and five instances of Atlas Park, people we calling for mergers. I'm on Reunion, and teams fill up fairly fast IF SOMEONE STARTS THEM. Don't wait for an invite, start a team of your own.
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