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  1. It was never "judged by players" That's why it's called Dev' Choice!
  2. I'll add two more that I just debugged and cleaned up! I wanted to add some mythological lore to Cimerora so I worked on several arcs: Arc # 1261 Tales of Cimerora (Vol 1): Of feathers and Fur 5 missions with custom groups. This arc won "best arc" at a player sponsored contest. Arc # 1262 Tales of Cimerora (Vol 2): From Tartarus with Love 5 missions with custom groups. They are meant to be played in the order (volume 1 then 2) but they can be enjoyed separately! Hope you like them!
  3. Hello Heroes and Villains I would like to submit my arc, Interdimensional Headache, which was submitted for Dr Aeon's third AE Contest. Interdimensional Headache Arc ID: 1260 3 missions with custom groups. Please note, the theme of the contest was to create a morality changing mission. This particular arc makes you switch from Villain to a Rogue basically. So don't expect a purely villainous evil arc. Thanks for your consideration and I hope you enjoy the missions!
  4. I remember playing this and loving it! Great that you kept the files (I also did that for my arcs) Ahhh it feels so amazing being back!!
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