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  1. Hi All! Submitting a brand new arc inspired by Japanese folklore! I needed a little break from Cimerora so I went to Japan... Arc # 37160 Created by @Nebulhym Sōdaina Dōbutsu 5 Missions with custom groups. level range: 50 to 54 "Akina Nakamura from Founders' Falls University needs your help! She noticed new activity from a group of long-forgotten spirits! As the specialist of Japanese demons, she needs someone on the field. That person could be you!" Warning: mission 1 and 5 contain AVs so you might want to adjust your difficu
  2. I must say, even after all these years, he does look fierce! I have to say I miss the big guy too!
  3. Congrats to the winners! I can't wait to play these arcs! (So many to play, it's going to take me some time to get up to date..) Another huge thanks to the Dev team for keeping this initiative alive and kicking!
  4. That is so nice! Thanks so much! I have already started thinking about a third act! So let's see! Once again, a huge thank you to the Dev team and to our amazing community!
  5. A huge THANK YOU to the Dev team and GM Arcanum for these amazing recognitions! These arcs were a labor of love and took hours of writing, designing and testing. I had always wanted to see more content taking place in Cimerora so I decided to create my own. Including new enemy groups that were a huge fun to design! During Live, Volume 1 was the first winner of the American Legion SG AE Awards and it makes it even more special today to see it granted the prestigious Dev Choice! SO HAPPY AND SO THANKFUL!!
  6. It was never "judged by players" That's why it's called Dev' Choice!
  7. I'll add two more that I just debugged and cleaned up! I wanted to add some mythological lore to Cimerora so I worked on several arcs: Arc # 1261 Tales of Cimerora (Vol 1): Of feathers and Fur 5 missions with custom groups. This arc won "best arc" at a player sponsored contest. Arc # 1262 Tales of Cimerora (Vol 2): From Tartarus with Love 5 missions with custom groups. They are meant to be played in the order (volume 1 then 2) but they can be enjoyed separately! Hope you like them!
  8. Hello Heroes and Villains I would like to submit my arc, Interdimensional Headache, which was submitted for Dr Aeon's third AE Contest. Interdimensional Headache Arc ID: 1260 3 missions with custom groups. Please note, the theme of the contest was to create a morality changing mission. This particular arc makes you switch from Villain to a Rogue basically. So don't expect a purely villainous evil arc. Thanks for your consideration and I hope you enjoy the missions!
  9. I remember playing this and loving it! Great that you kept the files (I also did that for my arcs) Ahhh it feels so amazing being back!!
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