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  1. How many Ice Patches are you throwing out at a time? Knockback powers were reworked with a new mechanic called Knock which replaced the old knockback mechanics. The old knockback powers couldn't stack knockback from different sources, but Knock can, so putting down multiple Ice Patches can often send enemies flying.
  2. It'll be easy once those hands are nerfed and feeble
  3. You can make VEATs' Placate AoE like Misdirection, but making it mutually exclusive with Venom Grenade ensures my Bane will never take it. VEATs are not sturdy enough to survive having a taunt aura on teams.
  4. Not sure that's a bug, a handful of very old story arcs will give out certain missions in a random order. The old Positron TF is another example.
  5. SCoRE got rid of that limitation years ago. You can put your slots wherever the heck you want when respecing.
  6. I did the Super Pack game for a while and I did make inf on it, but it's not the greatest return. You kinda have to find opening booster packs to be fun.
  7. I know Rebirth tries to keep the closest to the "classic" CoH as possible but I don't think they took it so far as to turn the clock back to issue 4.
  8. Sometimes you can skip the animation of Takeoff by jumping at the exact right moment during activation, though, and when you do, hoo boy!
  9. This is all stuff you'd have to think about that you don't have to think about now when playing SS. That's going to change how the set feels to play.
  10. Yes, you would have to play it differently. If you get Impact on a target, you have to follow up with one of a specific selection of powers. If I hit a target with Punch and Foot Stomp would be enough to finish it off, but Impact gets applied, now I have to use Haymaker or Jab if I want the AoE damage. If I'm a Brute without a Taunt aura, I have to spread my ST attacks around to grab aggro, but this mechanic requires that you focus your power use on specific targets. This subtly changes how the set feels to play. Reread the OP - the proposal only adds the mechanic to Jab,
  11. I really don't like the idea of adding a "mechanic" to Super Strength, and I know I'm not alone on this. I'd prefer Super Strength stays a set where you use a power and it just does its thing, no managing any unique buffs or anything.
  12. But the chance that someone could look the fool just for daring to respond to me would be great for my ego
  13. I don't proofread my posts because that's for nerds so I usually have to edit them afterwards to fix typos. The notices that my posts have been edited dog me like a mark of shame. Other forums I've posted on don't actually mark posts as edited until they've been up for a little while (like 15 minutes, I think?) or someone has posted after you. Any chance that could happen here, too?
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