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  1. What level does my character need to be to start the patron arcs so I can get mace mastery. Is that even still a thing with Homecoming? I know you need to talk to arbiter rein in Grandville.
  2. Thanks for the replies, really cool idea with the auras there n00baka.
  3. Dear devs, Can you please look into making Targeting Drone graphics have a minimal effects option or just have it hover instead of circling around the player? I finally got my wife to roll a character and she chose an AR/dev blaster. AS soon as she got targeting drone it made her sick to play. She can play in 1st person, but dislikes that because she spent hours in the costume designer and would like to see her costume. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated and helpful for myself, my wife and other players. Thank you for your consideration.
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