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  1. I'm going on holiday hiatus. Please send me screenshots for badges-counts (here or Discord, see original post) which I can update before work. Hours at my office will be pretty busy for the holidays.
  2. Today was the best MoM AV farm ever! I've run at least four before, but this one was the fastest turnaround for all 16 AV's. We had about 12 regulars. Lankey hit his 1515 badges today! Go Lankey!! We got the rare most people had been needing (Deathsurge) three times today. We ran 2 regular full runs as a break after. For those who stayed and were needing Bat'zul, he mysteriously made a last minute appearance. So nice, right?! So many Dreamwalkers awarded today! Grats, all!
  3. Oh noes. Rooting for a badge-tracking site. Until then, limiting OP (for time and space) to 1k or higher (badge count). Going to crash on halloween candy now.
  4. Log in. Log in. New badge in town. As of today, Pursuer (anniversary) available.
  5. I'm not the one who used Heather Townshend for 8765 T4's and never once proposed. She has feelings. Slothenstein RULZ downtwon!
  6. Need one more badge for a milestone!!!
  7. Gubble Bum and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day. Sappers. Agh!
  8. <insert old timer story here> this was my badger-club spreadsheet for The Secret World (before Secret World Legends but after the original death of CoH. That fuzzy grey purgatory of not-quite letting go) Linkity: massive club rank and assist stats sheet <end older timer story here>
  9. I love u. You've never met Knightward or I. We're TERRIBLE PEOPLE. The worst. 🥰
  10. Best post! True Hero! Best legs! Eva! Also, it's getting real now. Arsonella just passed Knightward.
  11. Headed to bed. You owe me cheese snack. Go do Valentines. ❤️
  12. The post was referring to the highest possible "count as of today: Oct 13, 2019." If someone had already obtained all the May anniversary badges earlier this year, for example.
  13. These warehouse maps make me think about the day to day of Amazon employees.
  14. I will never admit to any wrong-doing. The right black dress will take you from a wake to a courtroom witness stand to an after 5 in the same day.
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