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  1. TopDoc has his own private server, and we are all just living in his world. Crispy Cheezits.
  2. My plan to migrate the masses is working, Darth Xeaon. I guess I'll log in and poke a couple of y'all. Sooo soo proud of everyone for hitting May goal so quickly!
  3. Grats to Not2Sweet! 1531 Grats to True Hero of Paragon! 1529 Grats to Asian Nyte! 1255
  4. Is spider drunk ? Is this an elaborate commercial for CityofBadgers.com ? Why we gots so many 1500+ today? No! That was the other night! Yes! But not really good production value so no video! WE R Teh CHampions, my friends! We r teh champions. til the enddddddddddddddddddddd.
  5. Meanstwhilst, 2 hours later in Spiderlandia... Ahhhh! Went back to sleep. Woke up. Signed for delivery. Gots handwritten so-sorry notes and a warm pack of Mountain Dew from someone! Nice! Hive five and grats to teamwork! Also, still migrating to CityofBadgers.com. For now, also updating thee olde one for a lil longer. Am online throughout the day for driveby's! Why does this bottlecap seem pre-opened?
  6. Participants may no longer rise and leave for bio breaks during our weekly Zoom Badger-meetings. Please either: disable camera, hold waifu pillow over trouser snake/coin purse and back out of room, or use empty Mt. Dew bottle / puppy pads like the rest of us. That is all. Yes, I am angry posting at 4:56 AM Central US time. Which means the umpteen full moons, five garden snakes, one anaconda, and two taco salads we encountered last night has weighed heavily on my mind. Not enough bleach due to current purchase restrictions! Look, legally, we can no longer conduct meetings at Potato's dad's basement or within 500 feet of it so let's make this Zoom thing work! PS. I did NOT know Captain Cuddles is actually a REAL cat. I just assumed he was Xeaon's alt account. Who taught him how to punch the right buttons like that? So cute. And who taught Captain Cuddles how to also punch the right buttons like that? So so cute!
  7. log in log in log in. anniversary badges now available. received this years by logging in... if you need previous years, go to Ouroboros and purchase from contact: Luna (winged redhead... )
  8. If you haven't saved up merits for Anniversary badges in May. Go. Save. Now.
  9. This is amazing. My words are simple and small but true.
  10. Xeaon is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! He added our cellblocks to CityofBadgers.com you can now filter by server, by count-range!!!! I truly believe sorting by blocks helps us motivate our badge buddies and encourages making new friends. echoes echoes echoes ... new friends - introverts unite! let the forum leaderboard migration BEGIN!
  11. Yeah! Now sleep. Tomorrow is smelly pineapple day.
  12. Test post only. Please disregard.
  13. Swiss Draw puts swiss holes in my heart!!!!! Good luck! Stay safe!!!
  14. I'm debating making a video but I'm lazy, exhausted and need to find my old program.
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