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  1. In a nutshell. But in a gently suggested nutshell so as not to illicit ire of programming gods which can strike me down level-less and muted. Yes.
  2. True story, I completely misread his name when he first joined our band of deviants - so I kept hailing him as "Furryraiser". Haha. I wonder if he noticed. Fury has done a great deal of hosting with style! He's what my momma calls a keeper!
  3. This suggestion, of adding Pither's arc to Ouroboros, was made before under a different set of circumstances. My understanding of the previous request was that the contact (Pither) had not *yet* been obtained, and that a player had mistakenly believed this prevented their ability to obtain the Efficiency Expert badge. Confirmed: if Mr. Pither (badge-granting contact) is not introduced throughout one's travel, players can always run enough paper missions from level 50 Grandville contact: Wiggy the Brit to unlock Pither. Also confirmed: Wiggy, however, will not re-grant access to Pither once the arc is completed. Which brings it back to the original suggestion due to a repeatedly questioned scenario: how to obtain Pither once his arc is completed, done, over, fini. I have never known anyone to obtain the badge on someone else's arc. Like many, I played on the live servers through sunset and spent a great deal of time with the badge community there. During those years, one of the greatest nailbiting moments for badge hunters was the journey through Pither's arc with held breath - in fear of all manner of badge-ending scenarios such as storm outage, cat crisis, and child/spouse/demon/parent-agro. We always puzzled over its omission in Ouroboros because of the inherent nature of the flashback system. And while I have considered the possibility that this was intended so as to provide a challenge, I cannot agree that fear of live-world incidents is a proper "challenge". Though now, the concern is also for the morale of a small community. In "live", badge-hunters were mostly aware of the heavy consequence of this arc's interruption. We have many players entirely new to City of Heroes. And while the badge hunting community has always been small, it has also always been very passionate. So many new to the game. So many new to the activity of badging. So much to learn! And we do our best to assist. But for those who come to the end of their original goal, and find an unobtainable challenge, there is no relief outside of selecting a new character. That does not seem like a morale-boosting option. And this recent exchange left me with a heavy heart on the matter (and yes, I'm a sap, but I spent a great deal of time tending to our niche community): "I dont want to , but i might have to redo all badges on another toon :frowning:", "few month back i did not knew about this specific badge... in my mind everythign was ouro'able.... so i just helped friends getting xp , doing arcs... so ppl dont just do AE farm", "I would not mind so much redoing all badges, if not for HAloween and winter i only did on 1 toon". This individual, incidentally, plays daily ... hosting a great deal of teams for other players in public channels. He is generous in his time, inclusive, and fair. It may seem like a small thing but it's still a thing for us. I'd like to ask if there is any possibility of adding Pither's badge challenge to Ouroboros once more. Thank you. -S
  4. Congratulations all! 3 teams 3 main hosts (many thanks TopDoc and Lady Sha) 3+ hours to get through everyone Many many thanks, Torchbearer badgers, hosts, fillers, participants
  5. The VERY FIRST dominator has achieved placement in our leaderboards! Today is a good day! (I think we are now represented by one of each AT)
  6. Food for thought, dear Torchbearer badgers: You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a villain. How far will you make it today? https://tinyurl.com/TBZig
  7. Too early to know if I will need filler bodies or if we'll need to split up groups and run twice. If you can definitely make it, shoot me a pm here, in game @Spider or in Discord, #Spider6968 so I can be better prepared.
  8. Arena badges (requiring teams): Saturday, January 11th @ noon Central / 1 pm Eastern What: Pentad Victor Win a rated or unrated Pentad or Septad match in the Arena Minimum 10 players Misc: Custom Pentads negate the need for specific ATs Post event info for future: Image below for correct settings. The first match was incorrectly set. Original participants had to zone to SG base and then back to Pocket D for invite to go through. Badge awarded to entire winning team. Also, if Arena window incorrectly shows 6 vrs 4 then you can select "Freeform Teams" to adjust # of red and # of blue (2 teams of 5) and then return setting to "Custom Pentad" before beginning match. Coliseum is a nice map for this! No hunting around! Cage would have maybe felt crowded. Although it is true that Custom Pentad does not require specific ATs, the arena window will sometimes not allow for some players to be moved between teams once invited (sometimes it did, for one person it would not). Just stick with Custom and run it one more time for anyone stuck on the wrong team too many times. For me, the match needed "start" to be clicked twice. Tournament Victor Win a rated or unrated Swiss Draw match in the Arena Minimum 8 players Misc: bug ensures badge is only awarded to winner from 2nd or 3rd slot Post event info for future: Image below for correct settings. Cage Match is preferred. There are 3 rounds x 8 winners (minimum).... it's easier to immediately find the other person who has been dropped in a round with you. Because multiple full teams were running, I had my group move to a corner of PD so we could see each other popping in and out of round 2 and 3. Each winner was pre-selected and invited to slot 2 (3 can also badge but there can be only one winner). To save time, once inside our rounds, everyone but badger would exit map (Nav bar, score button, exit). To ensure badge, winner would participate in final round. Arena Survivalist Win a rated or unrated Battle Royale match in the Arena Minimum 3 players Post event info for future: I was finishing the Swiss Draws for team 3 when Battle Royales were running... but, my understanding is that the setting is almost the same as Swiss Draw (use Single Match instead of Swiss Draw.... and 3 players instead of 8). Only one can badge. For us, it was easier to have 3 help another than have teams of 8 wait one badger at a time. Where: Pocket D battle terminals. When: Top of the hour and start the first match within 15 minutes. Time will not be adjusted. Please do not be late. If you cannot make this time, please coordinate with others who play your hours. Misc: For weight class badges, lanistas, etc. ... everyone can grab a partner afterwards. Those badges, I can also help with easily on weekends as it's just a two man operation.
  9. Cap'n jumped 2 brackets!!! That's pro. 😎
  10. updating as i find bodies. bawdeez.
  11. What a strange word: sample. Sam ple Samp le S ample
  12. Happy Holidays, ya dirty honey badgers! Added a new column to ye old leaderboards. Please message me in Discord (#Spider6968) or here. Discord is preferred b/c I actually check that. Lemme know which 3 badges are your most desired goal so that it can be distributed throughout the lands! The list will serve as an announcement for one another. Find a friend! Make a badge partner! Grab your most despised nemesis who also needs the same badge and go go go!
  13. Grats, Grumblings! 1500 isn't easy. Well done!
  14. Thank you for capturing his essence before the Day of the Sneaker Costume Change (forever known as DotSCC) crept up on us without warning.
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