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  1. I like the other servers lists, Will throw my name on it i we do one. I've been soloing for most of the year but plan on branching out more as I have more free time. I was top of the charts on Protector live so I'd like to get back up there.
  2. Fire controllers are the best! Love my fire imps! If you end up on Indom - look me up! I've mostly been focused on solo Badges - but I need to start taking a break from that and just get some task forces in/ level up my other characters.
  3. YCE!!!!!!!! woot!!!!! I am on Indom!
  4. me tooooo! party time! (im on Indom by the way)
  5. RastaPasta!!! *tacklehugs* yayyyyyyyyy! ❤️
  6. I was so happy when one reopened near campus. I am strange and love mushrooms on my burrito!
  7. the burning question - to they have Mo's there?
  8. Not a member - All of my characters were Mean Girls 😃 Remember the name and sure I teamed with members on ore than one occasion - don't think we were in a coalition tho
  9. I remember the House of Crowe !
  10. That is awesome! *hugs* important work
  11. Mean Girls was my SG 🙂 and Lastie was a total badass.
  12. *hugs* sorry to hear that but yay for going back to school! what are you studying?
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