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  1. Good picture! and Great Milestone!! I got some badges thanks to Derek's mishap and I mopped up some easy AE badges (tho i still need the full team in test mode one) Been slowly chipping away on the Fire and Troll rave events when I see them pop up
  2. Figured it has been awhile so updating myself!
  3. updated table. congrats on breaking 1400!!
  4. Grats! Updated your count!
  5. Welcome home Crius !!
  6. realized I have a spot for this -- but never put anything in it! whats the best thing to make it flip to KD?
  7. 144 badges in like ...3 weeks? not bad! finally cracked 1000!
  8. The couch got a deep clean
  9. Welcome back Johnny!!! What shard are you playing on currently?
  10. KJSR.net was another - had a lot of Protector folx on it so it was the one I checked out the most
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