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  1. Try an ice/Nature controller. Get Arctic Air. Get Entangling Aura. Get the PBAOE stun dark power for your patron power pool. Walk yourself up into a group of enemies. Make some tea. Eat a crumpet. Watch as your team destroy the group you've completely controlled just by standing near them.
  2. I usually make them as small as possible, because it feels like I'm going faster that way.
  3. Its also the only travel power that you can set "auto-run" to keep flying, leave the room to get a snack and come back and find yourself close to the mission, instead of running stuck against a wall. This is super useful when soloing and switching to other windows while gaming and multitasking.
  4. I agree. Duo or Trio is best for me. Preferably characters under level 45 or so, and any random mix is a fun new dynamic. With more than 3 players it starts to get more monotonous for me.
  5. It is ridiculous how you can shoot stuff from draw distance, and they can't shoot back because they lack the range. It really is overpowered I think. And a way to break the game that people very rarely do. I still advocate Psi/Energy Blaster for this. Does tons of damage from far far far away.
  6. Ok lets do it. You show up with your 17 Giant Monsters, and I'll bring 17 Forcefield Generators confused to protect us 🙂
  7. That's an excellent point. Whenever I see the build plan threads I kind of zone out, realizing this is a finished character.... and so it isn't one I'd actually be playing 🙂
  8. Having taken my psi/energy to 50 now, it turned out being even more interesting and unique than I expected. Yes, I had to blast like a normal blaster quite often due to room constraints, but I was suprised just how often I could break out the extreme range. Long hallways in office buildings happen more often than I remembered. It shocks team mates when they see you snipe not just the next group down, but the group 2 after t hat who aren't even visible yet. And finish them off before they can make it forward to be any threat to the crew. Killing them before they are anyw
  9. I haven't touched Goldside for a long time. Doesn't the content there end at low/mid level?
  10. Hellionball reminded me of some other oddball challenges I've tried for myself. I'd like to learn what ones you've come up with. Here's one: Take confuse and TP Foe (now just TP I guess) and see how many Skyraider FF generators you can bring along with you in a mission as you work your way towards the end boss or AV. Fold space will make this easier now. You can hit the defence cap pretty easily I think, but see how far beyond it you can go. TP Confuse collecting Tsoo Sorcs to heal you can also be fun, but they fight each other so that kind of sucks. What odd things lik
  11. Also, I challenge you to toggle on repel as a kin and try to keep a minion bouncing off your head and not hitting the ground. That's also not easy to do.
  12. I keep trying to use a Grav or Mind controller's lift power combined with FF's force bolt power to lift them in the air and skeet shoot. Its harder than you'd expect.
  13. Is Hellionball still a thing? Back on live a few of us used to gather in Galaxy City or Kings Row and form competing teams of 2 or three players and pick a designated Hellion or Skull, and use knockback powers to try to send them into designated "goals". It was one number of points if you scored and another number of points against you if you killed the ball. I don't recall the numbers. We also had Hellion Golf and Hellion bowling (with the pbaoe knockback power in kinetics plus superspeed and autorun without adjusting direction after launching).
  14. And if you do Arctic Air on a Dom, make sure to pick whatever Dom secondary has the best melee attacks. You'll be spending all your time in melee.
  15. On the cheap, do 3 end redux and 3 confuse.
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