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  1. Why isn't there an Empathy Control powerset? We will all feel better if this is added to the game. Tier 1: Lingering Doubt: Ranged Single Target Immobilize: Suggest An Animation Tier 2: Crippling Guilt: Single Target hold: You do an explain or yada yada yada animation and target hangs head in shame. Tier 3: Lingering Doubts: Ranged AOE Immobilize: Suggest an Animation Tier 4: Call Your Mother: Ranged AOE hold that causes enemies to enter the phone animation and call their mothers. Tier 5: Your Father is Proud of You: AOE -acc and -per
  2. Learned something new today. Mr. G and the Dean/Leanard missions redside are linked. I was totally surprised when Leanard suddenly showed up on a random Mr. G mission. I have done that mission numerous times before and never saw him show up before. Does anyone know what triggered that? Something in the Leanard dialogs no doubt. Maybe random? Are there any other linked missions like this? I saw one where you help your clone and he shows up to help you later. Any others you are aware of. Is there a full list of these? It is a pretty cool concept.
  3. One thing people so often overlook, is that -def powers enable your temp powers to hit. That nemisis staff? It will hit reliably if you have -def deployed. Same goes for all other temp power attacks. This makes all those otherwise borderline useless temp powers you pick up during the game actually useful as mainstay attacks. Earth control has a lot of -def, and a ton of it in QS, making QS good for this reason alone, much less its other uses (slowing them down, keeping them together, etc).
  4. If it is all about knockback, why not do this on a corruptor instead of a defender, so you can get a smidgen of damage added? Do defenders get stronger knockback or greater knockback distance than corruptors and controllers?
  5. What do you make of this set as a primary? It has better -res than it would as a secondary on a Corrupter or Controller, right? Some of the best moves are ally only, so that makes it not very soloable on a Defender, but quite effective on a controller who gets a melee based pet, right? Is it great in a team setting?
  6. Ice/Poison is fun. Arctic Air compliments VG perfectly.
  7. Been playing fire/fire Blaster and finally got to level 20 and got the cauterizing Aura... the power that is essential because it keeps end and health up, but wow, that graphic pulsing is annoying and there appears to be no option to minimize it. SO I'm giving up on this fire/fire build. Sonic is pretty well known for being headache inducing. It used to be even worse. The earth control immobilize is obnoxious as are the ice armors, but at least you can turn the ice armor graphic off. Anybody have other graphics or sounds that made you give up on a character
  8. Sometimes on pickup teams somebody says "BRB bio".... and I wonder are they going potty or are they typing up their bio?
  9. I once made a grav/kin controller, just to maximize my racharge, and see how many propel objects I could pump out
  10. Most folks use emotes in this game only while waiting around, for a TF to start or something, but lately I've been having a lot of fun mixing emotes into my attack chain during combat. Yes, I realize this makes me much less effective at actually doing damage etc, but it can be a lot of fun. Changing costume mid-battle can be a lot of fun too. Hitting a nuke and killing everything, quickly followed with the train whistle emote is funny. I have a sleep based mind controller who likes to sleep everything, and then do the sleep emote herself.
  11. Psi/Energy is glorious with the ridiculous range. I love killing enemies, who not only can't get near me, but who are at the point of fading in and out of draw distance.
  12. Is this the best power combo for sapping as a defender?
  13. Gentoo


    Avoided /plant for the longest time because of the visuals, but finally made a porcupine based character, an made it ice. So he's a tundra porcupine. I'm amazed at the control in this combination. At level 8 you can already quasi-insta-hold (two powers used) bosses, something ice/ice can't do until much later in development. Anybody taken this combo to 50? How does it continue to evolve?
  14. Went back and played by PSi/NRG again and its just so fun and such a unique playstyle. I kill things that not only can't reach me, but fade in and out of draw distance.
  15. Sentinels are great for new players. You can attack like a blaster, but not faceplant. You don't have to know what you are doing or how the game works in order to survive.
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