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  1. I tried dark blast. The damage is just too weak in comparison to psi and I immediately felt the reduction in range. That 20 feet definitely makes a big difference. Even more I expect once you multiply them with boost range or range enhancements.
  2. Increased range would make a world of difference for the tentacles. It is just too short range.
  3. Having now gotten my Psi/NRG to high levels, and using boost range with the long range of psi..... there is a problem. Draw distance. I can hit them until they fade out of draw distance now, and its a fine balance keeping them there without them "cloaking" (going beyond draw distance). The upside is.... don't need defence at all. They can't hit this far. I can kill them at my leisure. It really does feel a bit overpowered. Thinking of trying fire blast with extreme range next. Not sure if it will perform as well since the range won't be as good, but the damage will be higher across the board, right? And if I can get enough +range and can pull of the same trick of keeping so far back they blink out of draw distance, any more than that is a waste anyway. Psi also meshes well when blapping in closer quarters, because the stuns all stack well. For dark I'm not sure. Those tentacles (the cone) only have a range of 40, so that won't max out nearly as well. And its a shame you don't get the cone blast dark defenders do. But can pick it up, along with another cone immobilize in soul mastery. A shame really that defenders/corrupters don't get access to boost range. Or do they in a powerset I'm not thinking of? PS: Anybody have experience with LRM Rocket in munitions? That's an added snipe. Two snipes could make any blaster an extreme range blaster.
  4. I was looking at secondaries, with useful powers to keep them away, but I'm not sure if they would have the range. Hover is the obvious answer (for outdoor maps), or caltrops, which you can lay down and then fall way back. The idea is to be so far out of range that they can't hit you even with their ranged powers. WIthout boost range, I dont know if that's possible. I'm not even sure its possibly with boost range. Will find out soon 🙂
  5. I'm always looking for different ways to play this game. I've tried pretty much every playstyle I can think of, but I've still not based a character completely on range. By basing it on range, I don't mean blasting without blapping. I mean purposefully standing as far back or flying as far above as possible, and still fighting. /energy blaster seems required for boost range (or do the patron/epic pools have boost range in there somewhere?) For the primary I'm trying Psi, because at character creation it says it can do 100 range while everything else says 80 for most powers. I wonder why they did that. It also has some knockback and some control to help me keep the enemies way back, and hopefully often out of their range to hit me with ranged attacks. Anybody else tried this tactic? Have you been able to fight much by hitting them but being out of their range to hit you?
  6. Corrupters are not the best of both worlds. They are the balance as you say. Blasters blast better than corruptors. Defenders buff better than corrupters. Corrupters can do both, true, but do neither as well. Its the jack of all trades I suppose. But I prefer to lean into one aspect or the other. When a blaster, I'm damage incarnate, and when I'm a defender I'm not blasting primarily for damage, but for the secondary effects of the blasts. That's why when I do play a corrupter, I never play blast sets with good buffing in them. All my corrs are fire or archery or other such blast sets. But again, those blast sets are better on blasters. I have played hundreds of characters, usually abandon them at level 50, and have never power leveled. I always run through the content. I enjoy the low level content, and I enjoy it very much as a defender. My buffs are more useful to the team at these low levels (also true of Controllers who I enjoy teaming with at low levels).
  7. I just tried Psi/Energy and I'm enjoying the unique playstyle it is giving me. Boost range + psi is cool, because Psi for some reason has the furthest ranged blasts of any blast powerset (according to the help text anyway). Though I guess boost range plus any blast set would work pretty much the same way. Its fun standing out of range of their ranged powers and plinking away at them. And then if up against heavy psi resist, its time to play blapper with the energy powers. Power Boost is also pretty fun, since Psi has a sleep and a stun and a knockback.
  8. Radiation defenders/corrs who love Vengeance/Fallout would like to have a word with you....
  9. I actually have a hard time getting into Corrupters too. Because I tend to think of my character as either primarily damage or support. I want to blast damage, I'll go blaster. If I want to be support I'll go Defender. Corrupter is the middle child who gets ignored most of the time.
  10. Kin isn't just about increasing your damage, its also very much about increasing your recharge. You can get a ton of recharge, for those slow charging powers, without spending much at all on IOs or sets. So match any powerset to it that has long charging powers and amaze yourself as you get to use them much much more often.
  11. Happy to see I'm not the only dumdum who has done this 🙂 I have done it many times and I laugh each time I realize I did it again. Its funny having not played a character for over a year and totally forgotten about them, since some other times I come up with a great idea for a new power combination and then realize I've already got one at level 40. Good times. Good times.
  12. Today in Extreme Altitis, I just spend a long time going through all my chracters to pool money together and.... I noticed I had a Leve 50, Level 32, and Level 17 Fire/Pain Corruptors A Level 42, level 21, and level 8 Water/Martial Combat Blasters And kept looking and realized I had many more of the exact same powersets at different levels I have Five different Fire/Kin Controllers and didn't notice it. Anybody else experience this? Its surreal when you notice it. Oh and all this... and I never took any character to incarnates. 😛
  13. Gentoo


    What are your thoughts on /nature as a corruptor secondary? I had it on a MM and on a Controller and it was powerful. Not sure how that would translate to a corruptor. What would you pair it with?
  14. Since Homecoming doesn't officially own the game.... probably better NOT to stream and invite any ire of the game owner... even if the rules here allowed you to... which they don't.
  15. Getting a VPN did it! YAY! My ISP apparently is a jerk. Now I have a way around it and can play my favourite game again 🙂
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