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  1. It would be great a command to unlock villain power pools :)
  2. Do you think proton sweep is worth? The cone/range looks small and hard to make it work It's useful, when I can land it on 3 mobs, but in melee range and with how mobs like to cluster around the player, that's not terribly easy to do in the heat of battle. Worth it? Maybe not. But my current build has room for it, so I use it. If you're looking for increasing AoE damage, you can probably find that more easily in a pool power than taking PS. Irradiated Ground and Atom Smasher and contamination do way more in that area. I am planning on a Bio/RadM tank so probably not needed. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Do you think proton sweep is worth? The cone/range looks small and hard to make it work
  4. You forgot one: In global sending you influence or enhancers because a couple million influence is nothing to them. Damn it those scoundrels. I mean I farm and would hate to see farming taken away but if we are being honest there is another way in which farmers negatively effect other players. Farmers generate much more INF than the average player and do so far faster. This creates wealth disparity and increases the rise of inflation of the in game economy. Wealth disparity will always exist as people's play times and effort levels differ but farming exacerbates it People who kow how to play the AH and make money there also generate mucho more inf than the average player. Shall we remove the market too?
  5. This is so true, is beautiful
  6. Same odds as with any other private server from any other game
  7. Catalyst will drop, but only 1 per day
  8. Erhnam


    Old Unionite here! I was there the first time we killed the Hami...good times!
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