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  1. One thing to keep in mind is your attacks are in your secondary with a tank. Playing at lower levels means you have access to fewer attacks. Of course the tradeoff is you have access to more of your primary.
  2. FYI, I believe this is a high-DPI issue. I was able to click on the color boxes and costume name field, but only if I clicked on the very top left corner of the color square, or text field in the case of the costume name. So the clickable area does not 1:1 match with the displayed area on the screen..
  3. Go here: https://telstar.eekstudio.com/ There's a separate Island Rum for Catalina (which is what I used).
  4. I installed myself for the first time on Catalina a few days ago using this process. I'm not going to say running the game on macOS is better than running it on Windows. It did hang a few times when running. But the download/startup process worked well.
  5. You no longer need to use brew install. Check out recent posts from Manga - https://forums.homecomingservers.com/profile/6215-manga/content/ Like this one: Basically you just need to download the right Island Rum. Unzip it to your Applications folder, and start it. It should download everything you need (including Wine). Hope this helps.
  6. In the costume creator I cannot change the second color, or for items like capes that have both an interior and exterior color, I can not switch to the second tab for the interior color. The options are there on the screen but they do not respond to mouse clicks. This is for both the 64 bit and 32 bit client. I do not have this problem with the safe mode client. Win10 running windowed mode. Edit: oh, and I also cannot save the costume. The box to enter the filename does not accept keyboard input. Again, not a problem with the safe mode client.
  7. I have not made a video, but it's pretty simple to reproduce. Pick an item in the Character Items email, click the Claim button. The button sort of grays out for few seconds (not clickable) then resets itself to being clickable. If you try again, you get the "Character or Account item claim failed, another request is pending." message in your chat window.
  8. I just had the same problem trying to claim an enhancement unslotter from Character Items email. I do have a lot of items there - over 250 unslotters for example - from all the packs that I've opened. I opened 20 packs yesterday and claimed all the enhancements from them without issue. This is the first time in a long time that I've tried to claim something other than one of the enhancements from the packs. I tried zoning, shutting down the game and logging back in, and switching characters. I couldn't claim them.
  9. Running with Windows 10 on a High DPI laptop monitor. Using the 64 bit client. With the latest patch, with automatic scaling, my UI is scaled to around 200% (and it looks great at that scale). I have to reduce it to 100% scaling to be able to see all of my email (which makes it almost illegible). At 200% I can only scroll through maybe the first half of it. Edit: with latest patch I can see all the email again. Thanks!
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