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  1. Every now and again, I get the idea in my head to go through all the Lego games, from Star Wars all the way through to... erm whatever the last one was (they get less memorable as the years go by) - Ninjago or something like that. I still have to drag my PS3 out in order to play Lego LOTR. And speaking of LOTR, I find myself revisting LOTRO every other year or so, starting a new character and then never getting much past Moria. I was doing it again when returning to COH took my fancy.
  2. Phew - I was wondering why all my characters were in a place called "Unknown"
  3. Onyxia Wipe Animation - YouTube
  4. Woo hoo. Finally managed to donate on this. My thanks to the team for this.
  5. First main character, an Inv/SS Tank - I didn't take Unyielding because the description said I'd get hit more. I had no idea it was the main mez protection. Respecs were thin on the ground, but thankfully I had a good SG on the US servers who very patiently took me through Terra Volta and made the character feasible - I'm still surprised I got so high without it. Ahem.
  6. Found them - they're in with the customers. Can I just say kudos to the support team? That was a VERY quick response on a Sunday :) Thanks folks.
  7. Mission from the contact: Leonard "Steal all of Protean's Funds." Unable to interact with any of the three bank tellers - clicking or selecting chat does nothing. Unable to progress mission.
  8. Is there a way to bind Ninja Run and Sprint to one key to toggle them both on and off at the same time. Currently using bind lalt powexecname Ninja Run$$powexecname Sprint When I've tried to do it so far, all I'm getting is it toggling between one and the other. Thanks.
  9. I'm having a memory blank. I used to have a white outline box on screen that showed my influence and xp to next level, but I can't for life of me remember how I got this. I've seen it in a screenshot posted on this very forum (apologies - I don't know who posted this as I can't track down the original post, but the image of it is hosted here - https://imgur.com/t6mObz3 - you can see the box at the bottom centre of the screen.) Anyone let me know how to do this, so I can fill in yet another blank in my nostalgia centre? Thanks.
  10. There's definitely a heavy dose of nostalgia involved, but even now, a couple of weeks later I'm still smiling when I throw someone into the air and make them go flying back the way with a nice combo. It appeals to the part of me (85%) that loves superheroes. And the random conversations I see from the NPCs. I can't sum it up, but this was my first MMO and it had all the right ingredients. Heck, even the bugs are enjoyable.
  11. So I've noticed a some players names are different colours than others. Tried searching for it (my goodness, if I see another Company of Heroes post when I search for "coh" :( ), but found nothing. Does anyone know either a) How do you change your player name colour? or b) What do the colours on the player names actually represent? Thanks!
  12. Dang. Missed it again. Next time (hopefully)
  13. Needed info: Manufacturer:Nvidia Model: GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Operating System and version: Windows 10 1803 Does the game load (and error you get if not): Yes Optional info you like: Driver Version: 430.64 Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080 Multi-monitor?: N/A Graphics Preset Used:Ultra Overall experience (any stuttering, glitching, etc or smooth sailing): Smooth Sailing Any steps taken to resolve issues you encountered (both those that worked and those that didn't): N/A
  14. Hello from Glasgow! So good to be back :)
  15. Ha ha ha My wife makes that comment every time we run down a corridor that goes nowhere. In game too! :)
  16. Thanks all. I've just spoken to an old contact and got Hugo Redding in Steel Canyon now :) Very much appreciated.
  17. Yeah, tried that. Thanks. Unfortunately it's either only giving me contacts I've already completed or contacts in other zones (but strangely enough not Steel or Skyway).
  18. I've rolled a few alts now and every time I get to the 10-15 range and go to Steel Canyon, either doing Radio missions and then the Safeguard or using the "Find Contact" button, all it does is introduce me to Montague Castanella. I'm sure there were plenty of other contacts in Steel Canyon the last time I played. Anyone else found this or a way around it? Thanks.
  19. Myopic_Aardvark


    Old Unionite here. @myopicaardvark (aka Fugitive Hunter). Stopped playing a couple of years before the game closed, but always missed it. Last couple of days have been a nostalgic dream come true :)
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