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  1. I try to mix what is fun to play with the powers that I think make sense for who I made. My one scrapper character, Amber Asteroid, I gave him Kinetic Melee and Reflexes. The powers I had in mind for him is that he is a physical fighter who flies at incredible speeds (I havent gotten him Flight and Speed yet though, lmao), and he has a small bit of photonic energy in him so that powers up his punches more. The reflex line seems to imply things like inhuman speed and ability, so I thought that would fit. Also, things like the Origin help sell the fantasy imo. I don't really know how good the origin skills are, but still, the thought is still there.
  2. I actually havent played this game before, but I love the character creator. Tbh I think im spending more time there than the actual game haha. I do wanna get into more of the actual gameplay though, and I'm looking forward to playing a bit more. I think it's great that the game is back. It's a oldie but a goodie, and who knows, maybe a whole new generation will get into the game?
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