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  1. Noted, thank you very much. We haven't been playing on either of the more populated servers. Maybe we'll give that a go!
  2. Yeh I know, the team doesn't have the time for that kind of thing. I know it's unrealistic, I just wanted to gripe. New content aimed at an op player-base is indeed the only real option. I guess we'll never fully know what the developers had planned regarding future content before the servers shut down. Suggesting that I am welcome to play without using incarnates myself isn't a solution to anything though, and just amounts to obvious internet contrarianism. The rest of the team will still all be acting like that one scrapper on the team in the old days, who had somethi
  3. I signed up for Homecoming, close to it's launch, in May 2019, but I've only played sporadically, and spent most of my time farming and testing multiple builds in AE. Myself and two friends, who also played back on the live servers, decided it was time to start badge hunting with main characters, so yesterday I started an STF (dating myself), because it's something we did quite a bit in the past. I recruited a mix of ATs which should have been a good team for STF, but quickly realised once we got rolling that there was no need whatsoever. The whole team just piled on th
  4. Minimal effects for Granite Armor! Additionally, after helping a friend of mine with her Skeletor costume recently and contemplating how nice it would be to have staves as an option for blast sets (Skeletor had a ram's head staff), I agree with the following quote: I don't think it would be too difficult, since we already have the Nemesis staff animation. I could also make some additional mocap animations if requested. I think if CoH were still live wands would have been an option by now, given the success of a certain spell-based IP.
  5. I too would like to donate. I was waiting to do so :P
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