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  1. @UberGuy, What is/are the full path(s) to the "*.bin" files for a Windows (10) install of Homecoming's Launcher? I've searched the files in "C:\Games", and I've looked through "%APPDATA%" but I've had no luck. Appreciate any assistance...
  2. Aha, that makes perfect sense -- thanks you!
  3. Hey, I know I'm going to sound like an old geezer (which, IRL, I am) whose 401K just bottomed out, but this is meant as a fact-finding question, not a rant... I logged into day and checked my Wentworth's listings, and none of my rare salvage has sold because the prices have dropped from ~450k - 500k to ~169K. (OK, I'll admit it: I'm silently raging 😄 ) Is this just the market forces at work, or is there some game change I am unaware of that might have (directly or indirectly) caused this circumstance? (It's just play money, it's just play money, it's just p
  4. Solved! So I deleted my previous Homecoming Launcher and re-installed. During the install, it detected my previous data folder (from the Sunrise launcher), and asked me if I wanted to copy it over; I said "Yes". Fired up the game, and everything worked; my binds and custom window were there -- sweet! It copied it to the "C:\Games\Homecoming" folder, in case you're wondering what the location should be.
  5. I want to copy over my data folder to the new launcher (which is awesome, by the way), but I can't seem to figure out where it goes. I installed to the default "C:\Games\Homecoming". Thanks!
  6. I'm very new to base building, and I cannot find the storage lockers ANYWHERE in the Base Building Interface. Could some please help me out, and give my the items to click on, in order, to go from entering the base , to "Edit Base", to...? Please and thank you lots!
  7. OK, that makes sense... Now, I just have to decide how lazy I am... 🙂
  8. I have a new farmer, and I'm trying to send multiple Enhancement Catalysts to one of my other alts, but it appears I can only attach one per email...? Is there a more efficient way of doing this? For the record, I'm not interested in running multiple accounts, even to facilitate this -- it shouldn't be necessary anyway. (If it is, it's a game design flaw that needs to be addressed. IMHO.) Thanks for any help!
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