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  1. Tex, As usual, your choices are good. I do mildly disagree with your view on TA/Ice as it can range tank very nicely (had one on live back in the day). Then again, i get the rain powers on Corrupters being awesome. One more to add for TA/ combo's: TA/Dark does a really find job as well. lovely immob with no kb protection in it for your osa is extremely good. the extra -tohits fill in well with the massive up front -tohit of Flash arrow leaving you not needing a lot of defenses to get you hardly ever hit, and even a self heal (like water). Only issue is lighting the
  2. a lot of this depends on what you mean by can solo. Are you talking about by todays fire farm standards or by more of the traditional view that you can deal with maybe +1/+3 or something like that? If you are talking the latter, you can easily do that with many different combo's defenders offer. I might suggest a nice Naff/DP or a Time/Elec that are out of the ordinary but very nice. More of a power player perspective can be had with TA/Dark, TA/Sonic, Time/Dp, Time/Ice, Dark/Anything, These are several who can do this without the cookie cutter build tendencies like tough/weav
  3. For those who are just concerned with just things that are not as countered by purple patches and the like: You can go with something like a Sonic/Sonic/Any. the -Res values on that can easily be placed near 100% or over with a single target cage (if you wanna consider it a debuff like against LRSF), a mighty -def/-tohit patch (on a long rechage) that can be very nice against hard to hit targets and the rings to make you and your team very hard to kill. Granted the last part isn't a debuff, but a buff. Overall the package makes tank mages out of the whole team. Side note
  4. Never forgot some of the debuff potential in blast sets like Psy. The 100% -rech that you can throw on full groups with just Psy Scream and Psi Tornado is really underappreciated. Throw in a Psy Wail and the baddies are gonna need some time to get their powers back.
  5. Damage is fine, but keeping sparky on a short leash may be your biggest problem. That guys loved to get you into trouble.
  6. so many possibilities, but a sneaky good combo is TA/Dark. Locked down, debuffed to the gills and rdy for proc lovin. and if anything ever actually gets through, a self heal to boot. The damage starts off meh, but ramps up and up as you get osa and procs worked in. You can even go about life without building up your defenses very much. Base is gonna be ~40% -tohit to even cons with just your flash arrow and your immob. Just remember to pack some way of lighting the osa on fire.
  7. What makes it a really good power is easily seen in damage per end usage. It's a tier 1 blast set on auto for a minute for a low end cost. That adds up quite a bit on the damage meter. It's not a great power for those only interested in how many things they can faceplant in under half a second. That being said, i wished i had played an elec blast set back in the day when you could get 3 out at once. Would have been lots of fun.
  8. The way I've done it is 27 is the optimal time to buy generic IOs. You can fill in with any procs or set IO's you happen to land and want to keep as you level up. This kind of lets you ignore the IO set question for me early on as I almost always have one or two respec's needed later. For instance I might take that level 2 blast power on a defender while leveling and get rid of it as I get more blast powers. level 1 - 23 is levels for SOs and DOs. and on those I usually only really slot for acc, rech and endurance.
  9. the question becomes can it be exploited. I think the answer will be a solid maybe. for those who have aoe aura's like Ice trollers or nat/ or rad/ defender primaries can use the defense boost to survive in melee until the holds/confuses/whathaveyou kick in and slow down the incoming damage. I actually think it will be a good pickup for my Nat/DP fender. tp in with those up and my heals going. wait a sec or two and unload my bullets once things start to become held. Did some minor testing of it and it should work.
  10. Something to pay attention to is when you can/should go into defensive vs offensive mode with the bullets. I prefer to make toxic my default position because they grant a rather large -damage debuff on them. The debuffs range from 10 to 25%. Adding just a couple of them to your weaken and venom gas and you end up with quite impressive amounts of -Dam. Should be able to keep like 65 to 70% -Dam on a single big baddie and ramp up to like 55% -Dam on groups for short periods of time.
  11. I may have to give that a try. I feel pretty good about my TA/Dark in that way. It's a really nice char.
  12. Now why does that make me think you are gonna ask for money on late night tv programming. Won't you help?
  13. Storm/Water will give a nice contrast on what Time/DP will offer. I would say that Storm actually carries a bit of a learning curve so be ready for that. The good news is that you can tell your enemies that "We all FLOAT!!!!". Pennywise the Storm/Water defender... I like it.
  14. Time Cops are fun. Just look at all the responses and realize your world will change forever. You are one of us now! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! oh wait, were the good guys.
  15. can be very active. you would do well to make a few macro's on elec affn if you try it.
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