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  1. The way the game has evolved, you could make this run on anything really. Well, maybe not a petless MM. 🙂 I'd say if you wanna do it pick a more challenging set. As a self described defenderphile I can tell you lots of Defender possibilities will work for this. Time/Dark/TA/Traps/Cold/Poison/Storm/Rad will all work for primaries for this kind of challenge. Secondaries that will work quite well include /any if you proc well or /Sonic/Beam/Arch/DP/Ice Only things that can be tricky are EB and above and those can be had with a few vitamins or other tricks up your sleeve (Rune of Protection). I'd prolly look at Traps/Beam, TA/Sonic, Time/DP, but any combo listed above would work easily. You will never be as fast as a brute or Scrapper or Stalker against most things but you might be surprised with the right procs/build what one can do. Plus you can be the first defender on your server to do this. I tend to solo mostly but do team out of boredom so I've never actually accomplished the feat
  2. Good for you, sir. TA is an awesome set it just needs some publicity. Mine is level 39 currently and it's been a nice ride. I'm doing TA/Dark though.
  3. Hopefully someone more proc savvy can assist with this. What I can tell you is that if you use that proc and the one from Dark Watcher you will get lots of attention. I had both in Time's Juncture and another player used em in Willpower RttC and we both could report pulling mobs off most everyone short of the tank. Add to that Hurricane's minor ability to absolutely floor tohit and it sounds like a winner even if it won't trigger enough to be useful the way you intended.
  4. Based on the backstory you are trying to put forth and the visuals you can obtain, I would say that Poison is more what you are looking for. Don't let anyone tell you that Poison trap is no good. It's placement is only 1.118 seconds for a level 26 power that by end game you could have running every 25ish seconds and will last 20ish seconds while doing over 400 pts of damage. And oh, yeah it's autohit. If the story thing is at issue, this could be a "pure" essence of yourself you need to handle differently... besides by the time you get Venomous Gas you will hardly ever see the trap being set. Just run into mob and release. It's the set defining power, IMO. Just remember to proc extensively. Graphically, poison allows you to spit on people and throw gunk. It has like 4 really good debuffs, 2 holds and other stuff I never took. 🙂 All that being said, it's a bit tough to level if you solo a lot so I would suggest maybe going controller and giving your char a touch of Poison Ivy. Make a Plant/Poison and you will have an easy time of leveling. Confuse/debuff/debuff some more/Carrion Creepers/Poison Trap. Move on to next group. You could even call yourself Poison Hy-Vee, Produce Manager. 🙂
  5. The old ones created a hero for those who wanted to solo. They called him Scrapper. 🙂
  6. With some creative shopping you can start improving as early as level 10. In order to do this you need to un-dfb your early levels and do archs that give you reward merits that you can swap out for enhancement converters. Then it's just a matter of sell one to get infl stake and then create some to keep and some to sell. Once char I'm working on recently has about 7 procs and he's level 28. He's a TA/Dark defender who by level 30 (need a couple more slots to put the IO's in) will have kb prot/+6 defense/stealth/a couple damage procs which working with my already decent setup and I can do maybe +2/+4 solo. As time goes on it will get better and yeah it's 50 that he gets all the stuff he wants IO-wise. Will this guy ever fire farm? no. But then again, when can a brute neuter 4 different groups at one time while cooking one of them and halfway nuking a second out of existence? That's my plan anyway. I like playing with a bit more challenge while leveling and Defenders fit the bill for me. It gives me the feeling that my character is really growing. Honestly the payoff is more than worth it. Just ask a Time/DP or a Poison/Beam Rifle. IMO, Defenders are fine solo with the exception of levels 11 and 21. I really hate those levels. 🙂 And I only pick on brutes because they can be tweaked to have large personal defense and damage at the same time. It's just the appearance they give with all the fotm/farming/fortune making they can do.
  7. My view as a Defenderphile: Yes all ATs can solo, but that's a far cry from Brutes being able to tank and having damage 775% while Defender damage cap is a bit smaller at 400% and does way less damage to start with. My personal opinion is there could be some minor tweaks but most players wouldn't want them and it's not really game changing anymore. For instance, The Defender forums are now being filled with Proc'tastic alternatives to their limited damage caps and even seldom played character combo's can get up to a decent level of damage while solo. So that's not something worth "correcting". The only issue with Defender Solo'ing is from the setup they have to start with Prior to damage and the Devs decision to make almost all damage from your enemy have a status effect by level 40ish. Since a Defender will use toggles that drop or debuffs that are only effective for X seconds, then even a small sleep in a damage power takes on a significant problem for an AT that functions from a buff/debuff perspective primarily. Even if you floor their chances to hit, it's still 5% and it can ruin a good setup. To me the Defender model lacks any real sort of inherent mez protection until Incarnates. So in my wish list would be a gradual scaling up mez prot (or resist) as the defenders health goes into the red. To me, that fits with the defender concept of being able to reach within themselves to protect others even as they approach their critical end. I would add that to Vigilance (maybe reducing the end discount to help even it out). Solo it removes the "I'm held and out of BFs so remember to get some when you get to the hospital" situation. On a team, it helps... you get it. NOTE: I don't think this was my idea but I remember this being discussed back in the day and it always seemed appropriate to me. Nowadays, we have Rune of Protection from the Magic line that allows me to have that exact mez protection plus some resistance to help with the situation. . Plus, Defenders get some mez ability and two primaries get some mez protection altogether. So even with this weakness, we don't need it.
  8. Since starting to play with proc builds it doesn't seem particularly right to think of all or nothing. I see better results from mixing a few proc'd out powers and then more traditional "let's add more Defense" kinda IOs. That being said you have two extremely unique opportunities with Dark and Elec. Dark can load up on -tohit and proc's (Clouded Senses and Siphon Insight). Good return on investment for either. Elec can load up on Performance Shifter proc's which would make your endurance usage ridiculously low. I use one on a /Elec char in Short Circuit and sometimes i get endurance. With this you can go super global recharge happy and never skip a beat due to lack of endurance. With that you can then switch things up and go more offensive with your Incarnate choices perhaps (not done the math all the way through on this).
  9. I wish someone had the old healer doc from early CoH. It was pages of absolute hilarity. The author argues that the most important person to the team is the healer and he/she needs to be ready to heal at a moments notice. So, it is poor healing to heal others and waste all your endurance when you need to put things in priority. Furthermore, you should only use your most powerful heal on others which was, of course, the rez. Anyone else remember that forum post? It was gold I says, pure gold. 🙂
  10. With that face, you should tell Kif to self-destruct.
  11. Mix it with TA and now you are Throwing out that kaboom and nohit with a hold em all (EMP Arrow +Ice Arrow) on the next group and then a "Let's just cook em" Oil Slick Arrow on the next.
  12. Sorry, I was using Power Build up not the Soul Power Boost. I figured if you were gonna use it every minute or so might as well get a damage boost too. And I didn't add any of the Incarnates on purpose. That way peeps can play to figure out if they want a different one. The joys of mids include different ways to get to the same results.
  13. Only Problem with Darkstar is slotting it with all the goodness you can get. I would think something like 2 Lyso's, 2 Armageddon's and 2 Cloud Senses. Get you like 93.32% -tohit (w/ BU ~ 155%), 397 pts of damage, 175% acc on a recharge of 96 seconds (66 w/ Hasten) at a cost of 24 End. So one third of the time you can floor baddie ACC with just this power + a BU. FYI, throw in BU + Dark Pit and you can stun the Minions of another group for 23+ seconds. Torrent and Tents with BU will add in 45% -tohit on the rest of the things you haven't covered. With Just your "offense" you have cut all damage to your team by approx 3/4 or better with just those five powers (6 including Hasten). Maybe Tex can fix my math on this as Incarnate numbers aren't my best thing. Yep, Defenders suck. 🙂
  14. As far as slotting for Spores, I remember trying just plain Heal x 2/End x 2 early on (admittedly, I never finished the char) and almost all my healling and all my end needs went away. I relied on it when I had a massive AV battle (like 45 minutes or so on a test char). Looks like fully loaded LS is giving ~3 end and ~10 hp per tick. I bring this up because much of the consensus at the time was it wasn't really needed as a power.
  15. One of the tasty little treats in Naff that most ppl don't notice is the combo of end regain in Lifegiving Spores and the End discount in Overgrowth.
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