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  1. Ankhammon

    Dark Pit

    There are some uses for it legitimately but it will take quite a bit to make it really useful with the Acc it has. I could imagine making a nature/dark/psi char that leads off with Torrent, Tents, Dark Pit to get rid of half your alpha strike as you then run in to Blackstar with a fully proc'd out Entangling Aura, WoC auras to clean up the rest. With Overgrowth running and Wild Growth and Wild Bastion you could be pretty safe going in and very nicely clean out large groups. That actually sounds like fun.
  2. Ankhammon

    Dark Pit

    I wouldn't say horrifically bad. Just really really not great. You need a second stun source to hit Lt's and above, it's got high-ish endurance. It's default Accuracy is just awful. The duration needs a lot of help. But if you get past all that, then you can 6 slot the power with ... and combo this with Tents to... um No, no... Horrific is the right way of saying it.
  3. I've never used Heart of Darkness. is the range too low to allow hover kback attack (so as to kdown)?
  4. You can make a sonic/DP defender that is viable solo. It will look strange and won't be overly powerful, but can be done. You will want to make sure you have your pistols on poison most of the time due to the -damage values you can draw which will keep you up and running. I'd suggest macro buttons on damage types till you find what works best in this situation for you as DP can add lots of different effects. I would suggest med and fighting pools so you might not have room for the team rings. Med pool give a decent single target debuff and your self heal. We all know what fi
  5. Another advantage of TA is that it is front loaded with semi fast recharging powers (fast animations also compared to Rad) so these very nice debuffs can be applied very fast and then you can go about blasting. And OSA is just too good and will make you very happy.
  6. Getting directly to your question: It can take a different mindset to learn to play your support set well. All of the sets are legitimate, even the ones you see from players as bad have moments of glory. The test for you is learning in what way they stand out and how that can be leveraged for the team. For instance, your Rad/Kin corrupter has a lot going for it earlier than Fulcrum Shift (yes, FS's all that and a bag of chips when you get it). All of your Rad blast powers have a -Def affect which will stack making sure that all your teammates hit the target. This increa
  7. Right, the Dispersion field is suppressed if you get slept. What I'm wondering is if you get hit with a sleep and then get a follow-up hold or stun, are you boned? The other question is if you get slept and you get 6 minions hitting you within a quarter to a half second, will you get resistance for all but the first hit or does it take time to "come online" and you get hit with lots more damage while the field ramps up.
  8. For sonic Resonance, how bad is the sleep whole in the status protection? When I played it on live it was a royal pain cuz it would cause the toggle drop. Now that this is not the case, is there a perceptible delay in it coming back on line? is a sleep/hold combo gonna ruin your day?
  9. Just curious, what does sonic siphon do to the Enflame? Just incr damage on the one it's on or does the spread get stronger too? Also, what's the best way to slot Liquefy? It bugs me with all the potential in it and the recharge
  10. Won't be speediest as you are best one v. one but status prot by level 12 (throw in tough) and take your kback power (can respec out of it later if you want) and you will be fine. Just look out for the psi damage throwers. Just remember to slot only for acc and take out larger single targets. If you get into trouble, the Cage will take out someone fast. Having your enemy at -90% res will go a long way toward "arresting" him fast.
  11. I played a Sonic/Sonic for quite a while back in the day but never described him as lazy. Teams will throw that kinda hate at you enough already. I always said I create tank mages when inevitably asked what I was bringing to the team. And once you are up and running most any team turns into a group of tank mages (io'd out or not). You never see the glory for this though as everyone just ignores the buffs and debuffs on defenders. One of the great things about the setup is that it's the defender inherent. You only provide lots of resistance so everyone on your team is s
  12. For Sentinels that's only partially correct. They do get Bio as a secondary that can offer some added damage and even range which is great for cones.
  13. It's so much better now. You are gonna have a lot of fun with the set as long as you don't wanna be some aoe damage king of the world. With dark/dark you could perma lockdown multiple groups of mobs if you want. Dark Pit/Howling Twilight/immob power for level 5 stuns for starters. Fluffy can lock down a group with his debuffs for a second. Fearsome stare plus DN for a third. Blackstar for a 4th. the phase power for a 5th. (forgot a couple names cuz i'm at work) Now get some tank to start leading things to your location, deal with their
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