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  1. "The crutch of teaming" This is an MMORPG, Bill. Teaming is intended play, not some kind of cheat code. Not all ATs solo equally and every character probably has a sweet spot in level + #Players where leveling is fine solo. That's not a bad thing really. Some people want to push things as far as they can and solo at max difficulty and others want something different. An AT's value isn't determined by one person's subjective judgment.
  2. I've got 41 characters but I like to be able to play any character I want.
  3. It doesn't really matter what they were intended to do if the intention wasn't "to unslot enhancements for any reason."
  4. I attempted and failed a respec with untrained levels the other day. This was the only time I've ever had one fail, and that includes in busy zones. I've never tried in a base.
  5. Oh I won't disagree - Shield's fantastic.
  6. I get the impression resist sets are heavily undervalued in this thread.
  7. A normal 8-person spawn is 16 mobs. Any named mobs (such as named bosses, elite bosses, and AVs/Heroes) add one, for a total of 17. Groups don't come larger. You can impinge on other groups, but this isn't WoW and squishies aren't helpless if they pull aggro. Some "squishies" can tank, even. Every "squishy" has tools to manage mobs in their face. If they didn't, they couldn't solo. The game shouldn't be about perfect control or perfect DPS or perfect support. There should be gaps, those make the game more fun and exciting.
  8. A level 25 team will do fine in level 25 content and even zerg it, but also every aspect of the game is valid for discussion here.
  9. My level 10 Illusion/storm joined a Posi 1 and Posi 2 task force and ended at 27. Double XP is free at the P2W vendor. Death from Below happens all the time. People power level in AE and RWZ mothership raids. 1-50 takes as long as you want it to take. And I can't speak for anyone else, but I start switching to IOs at 32. Some IOs much earlier, depending. Also the Posi TFs went much the same way as I described above. My dark/dark brute went from 38 to to tier 3 in five incarnate slots and tier 4 in the sixth in under a week thanks to teaming all the time, but not exclusively playing that character. And that actually seems slow.
  10. Ranged and tanker AOEs have higher AOE caps. Why do tanker AOEs have that higher cap and also increased AOE size? Why do tankers create more hate than any other AT? Why do brutes create more than any AT but tankers? Why should brutes or tankers be able to flawlessly control all aggro? Does it really take such a long time to defeat spawns that tankers (and brutes) need to have higher aggro caps? At level 50 virtually everyone has a Judgement nuke, IO sets provide significant boosts to offense and defense, temporary powers and Destiny powers can significantly buff survivability. Damage output is through the roof and survivability on teams is similar. This isn't World of Warcraft where tanks need to hold onto all the aggro (or tanks + off tanks in relevant fights) and never let any slip away or disaster strikes. You can do missions without any tankers or brutes and still be fine with a few exceptions. Some mobs slipping through the tank's aggro are great targets for the single target holds you mentioned, or stuns, or just dps them down in a few moments. If someone does drop they can use the prestige self-rezzes or get rezzed by someone else and debt is gone in moments. I don't see what the tanking problem with 17 mobs is. I've been on eight person +4 level teams with 2-4 melee and several players grabbed spawns or joined someone else who already had one and just kept blowing everything away nonstop until mission completion. If there's an overflow mob on a squishy the mob's defeated before the tanker can taunt it anyway. Also on eight person teams everyone's likely a tank mage thanks to buffs and debuffs.
  11. 17 is approximately one 8-person spawn, meaning you shouldn't have to tank more than that at any given five seconds of time before they're all defeated and you move to the next one. And if a team has two or more brutes and tankers you can handle a lot of aggro across the group. AOE caps are only relevant in that they were implemented for the same reason aggro caps were. To prevent herding. I don't see the relevance of either question. Tankers get boosts to aggro generation compared to brutes as it is, and I am not saying brutes are underpowered or tankers are overpowered, just that there are more ways to balance aggro than changing the number of mobs who all hate you at one time. Tankers also have larger AOEs and larger AOE caps as compared to other melee ATs.
  12. Mostly same except I think I'm not going to do pure heroes or villains for the sake of teaming with friends.
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