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  1. Oh yeah, it was so easy for something to go wrong that it almost wasn't worth it at times. Considering that your post that I responded to said that "if you're sidekicking you're there more for the XP than assisting the team" to which I replied "I still like playing the game" As in I responded to your implication that the only reason to sidekick was to power level. It's almost as if your response here doesn't have any relevancy to what your previous post said. If you're not going to add anything, why are you here? Also, I can do that much faster by putting my character in a
  2. Early on in the CoH days when Exemplaring was new we had to start the Manticore task force multiple times because the one guy we had exemplared kept getting unexemp'd and booted. This was not the only time I experienced this, just the first.
  3. This is actually a big disruption, which is probably why other raids and trials happen in otherwise empty zones or in instances rather than in a zone that's also used for regular play. As @Apparitionpointed out RWZ also has fairly frequent TinPex TFs going on.
  4. That's because any "fix" that isn't "remove the -1 level" isn't a fix. Thematic arguments shouldn't even be considered. Fiction isn't written with game balance in mind, and so while sidekicks in comics or whatever are presented as less skilled/experienced/powerful than their mentors, they don't usually end up feeling completely ineffective. Plus, I want to add, the only thematic element of "sidekicking" is the name. The purpose of sidekicks in City of Heroes was so low level characters could team with higher level characters and have at least a chance of contributing. You could hav
  5. Thank you for this summation Precisely And yeah MM pets being -1 and -2 to the MM sucks. And if you're a sidekick then it's so much worse.
  6. That wasn't how it was decided, really. Dark Miasma was developed as a thematic darkness-based debuff set for defenders and Dark Affinity was an adaptation to controllers. I tend to think that Dark Miasma's controls aren't really as impressive as Storm Summoning's controls, and that Dark Miasma's utility for control is often vastly overstated. I don't mean Fearsome Stare is bad - it's really good. I mean that Petrifying Gaze + Fearsome Stare isn't comparable to a proper control set. Except maybe Illusion, which is arguably not a proper control set. I'm not s
  7. It wouldn't happen with the suggestion under discussion all of my worst CoH experiences have come from the sidekick leash and recall friend
  8. Countercounterpoint: If I'm not 50 I still still like playing the game
  9. cosigned please fix tech knight parts I want to use the shield (and almost picked it for a character) but this precise issue kept me from it
  10. I have to say that Atom Smasher may be the most satisfying power I have on any character right now. Fire and Ice Blast both feel extremely impactful to me. Gravity Control is wonderful for that "crunch" feeling. Kinetics sounds very good and satisfying when using virtually any of the powers. Foot Stomp and KO Blow both look and sound great. Well, KO Blow's alternate animation looks great. The default makes me think way too much of Popeye. Shadow Maul's always been pretty satisfying.
  11. I haven't done any incarnate trials on HC but I recall people asking for multiple Clarions for the trials in general and specifically stressed for Minds of Mayhem. Given that most characters are unlikely to have status protection, bringing Clarion to MSRs and Incarnate Trials is actually a really good thing to do
  12. Does anyone play like this? I don't recall ever seeing anyone advocate this sort of thing Plus 99% of the time the only thing to do is participate in beat downs.
  13. Is there a difference in story content if you do that vs. leaving for Primal Earth?
  14. You can defer taking the portal to finish those arcs as well as level above 20 in the process. I just took a level 22 Resistance character to Paragon last night. The weird thing was that the mobs would only spawn up to level 20 and no higher, but that's still the 20-24 range.
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