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  1. Some do, some don't. Take Manticore for example. It opens at level 30 so you might think you're fine leading the team at minimum level only to enter and discover ALL enemies are level 35 even if you're at +0. Or Lady Grey. That one the enemies do scale... except Hami. Wasted an hour or so playing it at level 38 only to reach Hami and find it was level 50. Of course we never managed to get past it. And lets not forget the bug that plagued Positron part one for months on end before it was fixed. The fourth or so mission would spawn Doc Buzzsaw at maximum level (15) even i
  2. To continue from my last post Posi 2 was soloed at x8. Vhaz was chopped to pieces (WHERE'S MY MONEY, BRO??). Since I'm waiting on a friend to do Synapse I've resumed my arc-running-as-alternative-to-leveling which I'm now running at +1x8 for the 15-19 bracket. The lack of an early travel power limits me a bit to the point I considered switching Hover for Super Jump, but Athletic Run and Sprint do we well enough to reach the next mission. Having a low level PbAoE with early BU was a thing I did not knew I needed in my life but it has sparked that innocent pleasure of seeing a pack o
  3. Another pleasant surprise. I have never bothered with Axe. I did try WM. Was okay, hitting hard but slow animations. Tried it paired with Fire Armor but just on the test server and on a pylon (bad numbers). But after re-leveling a character or two I started looking at Axe. Why not? Why shouldn't I? The reason I had been looking at Axe was for the KD in Whirling Axe. The similarities with MA were obvious. Here was another set that would push more Burns out with two FF procs in the build. As it turns it is a pretty damn combo. It *c
  4. Brutes are still ok, but Tankers are just better after the patch that buffed them. But for those who like Brutes then continue because you'll be fine.
  5. Play a tanker. <_< >_> Okay, on a more serious answer, I play as a Fire Tanker and they don't bother me, and FA has no particular resistances to psi. That said it's big on the motto that dead things don't hurt back. We might need to look at your build instead.
  6. I rarely look at the clues. Partly because they don't show up in the order that they were found. It is common to scroll up and down trying to find what the last clue was about and I eventually drifted out of bothering to check despite being an important lore part. I also seldomly remember to look at the bio of the characters which is a pity because when pointed out I realize many authors have added interesting blurbs. Random NPC chatter dropping the clues and boss chatter is what I like the most since it is right there and then available. Unfortunately per my und
  7. There is one. Check the modder tool that @The Philotic Knight created. He should be showered in strippers for it. If he is happily married then showered in cuban cigars. If he doesn't smoke then in cookies.
  8. I'm just glad this world (and this game) has room for us all. I'm fine with having someone else lead but I don't find it an ordeal. First because I run point. Be it Blaster, Scrapper or Tanker I'm usually found diving in first. But since these past months I've been on a Tanker only binge I know I'm the linchpin. And since I strive to be self-suficient I don't -need- a specific AT. Having a kin is always nice, as is having all sorts of buffs, but the team will not crumble if they are not present. So with me as the linchpin I can recruit whomever at whatever level (though +4x8 conten
  9. Man, that misspelling... or lack of it? 😄
  10. Team stealing... ow. I can imagine joining a group for a Manti, see the leader is 30 and say 'Hey, let me have the star so we'll be at 35' and get an exasperated, 'Ffs, team *stealers!*'
  11. Clockworks have this (annoying) gimmick where they have a weakness to knockdown turning it into knockback. But for the rest you must have been fighting at least -2 enemies which is about the threshold for KD to be turned into KB. I suggest you test again paying closer attention to the levels.
  12. With my current build and a level 50 Flight IO in Swift Fly + EvM gives me 78kph. On live I get 72.95 with just those two. An added Fly IO in Swift does not alter this. With AB I'm at 100.49 and after a handful of seconds this climbs to 101.89 so just shy of the cap. The common 5k flight pack is 58 mph. Using EvM does not change this. Using the flight pack with Fly works together keeping the flight pack aesthetics with Fly speeds. Same behavior with Rocket Board, Magic Carpet and Skiff. So these can now be considered aesthetic customization of the Fly powers
  13. And the change to the rocket board and etc seems... pretty damn awesome? Am I correct in reading that EvM and Fly will work together with the rocket board and such? So we can use those travel powers as honest to god customization! Pity I can't have the disc power animation for Hover to fight on, sniff, but still, shweet! When does SS get the motorcycle of the Thugs' bruiser?? 😄
  14. Only for muling purposes. Even on a WP character you might want to push your Smash/Defense up and four slotted with Kinetic Combat it helps getting there. Later on Follow-up, Focus and Slash is all you need.
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