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  1. Change rage into buildup, problem solved.
  2. Tantricsecrets

    Energy Will

    @Safehouse I made one got it 50 and fully io'd it, energy/ willpower brute. The first 3 powers need a dmg boost imo and the last 2 needs an animation reduction or a dmg boost i wouldn't do both because energy transfer and total focus hit pretty hard as is but by the time you hit stuff is already dead but when you do its nice(this is team setting). The aoe is very bad dmg but stuns ok. Energy melee i love it but it needs something more. This is my opinion.
  3. The builds posted here are not including poison traps it is extremely good i have a earth poison controller with high rec (12 seconds for the trap)and and poison fire defender that's procd(24 seconds traps but is fully procd for damage).
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