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  1. I can't stand kb but I love kd or ku. Enemies getting kb into a wall in a kill all mission, or someone scatters them everywhere so damage aoes and debuff aoes are useless. If I encounter someone using kb in a careless way, I'll finish that mission then leave.
  2. Rad/Fire so far is my favorite. I have 6 pbaoe attacks so nothing lives long, and can rotate snipe, neutrino, and cosmic for single target. Built for recharge then soft capped s/l.
  3. I thought of a few things that may not be too powerful. Change mass hypnosis to cause immobilize. Telekinesis endurance cost lowered, change to a click power, and remove the repel. Or change the power completely to be like earthquake. I could see lowering mass confusion and total domination to 180ish. I really wish that dominate t3 was the t1 or t2 power because on most of my doms I don't want mesmerize nor levitate.
  4. I've seen videos of the past heroes where someone ate a bunch of reds and place mines destroying an av. I doubt that it works if you lay the trap first then use reds/aim/buildup. Not sure if this was changed or not though. Not sure of the duration of the buff once you lay a mine with buffs, but I'd imagine that it would continue until the mine itself has expired.
  5. Poison traps, mortar, and caltrops can be proc'd. I believe Poison traps is autohit but if using procs you'll need accuracy or to-hit. Triage beacon is not a great power to slot up imo unless your going for the recharge bonus ios. I just keep it at its base slot of one and I put the absorb proc in it. I've seen others put the panacea chance for hit point/endurance but I've not tried it. I built my trapper for recharge and defense to have as many poison traps, mortar, and caltrops out as possible.
  6. Are you exempting to a lower lvl? If so are you boosting or have you attuned your enhancements?
  7. I just recently made a traps/rad and it's procd out. I took everything but trip and time bombs. The damage is pretty high with all the procs and debuffs and aoes. No issues with speed setting up at low levels but at high lvls if the difficulty isn't high enough then I can't set up fast enough. I usually am only putting poison trap, caltraps, and mortar down. Seekers come out after each mob so I don't have to set it up during combat. During av fights I can setup 3 mortars and poison traps is around 20 seconds recharge. My main issue is ffg is too slow or gets stuck so I
  8. I did one a few days ago and we pretty much killed everything and finished around 1:38. I think we were mostly 50+ io'd though with lots of aoe.
  9. Bubbles are great in tf's and lots of lower lvl content. You may feel less useful at incarnate stuff and possibly if your on a team and everyone is lvl 50+ with ios.
  10. Nah, from my experiences with emp I'd give it low mid tier only with ios built mostly for recharge. With high recharge you can buff almost an entire 8 person team with fort, near perma ra's, and perma ab. Active healing can be a pain sometimes. Without ios this is a low tier set and ranks close to the bottom, lower than bubbles imo.
  11. This power blocks ranged attackers from dpsing if they are not inside the bubble. Phase powers are pretty annoying on teams in the current game unless your on a very weak team that has too much aggro.
  12. I'm down for anything, any lvl, any at.
  13. After playing with this set, I thought of a few changes that'll speed this set up a bit. Even solo this set takes too long to setup imo. If poison trap had the same cooldown and activation time of poison trap from poison set that would be a very good improvement. Trip mine could be turned into a grenade that also does -res debuff or -defense debuff. Time bomb could be changed into proximity mines that are thrown onto surfaces that explode when enemies are near. Mortar could be changed to have movement like gundrone with the possibility of having two max.
  14. I'd like to see ice melee get different animations for the ice swords. Ice is my second favorite set but I cannot stand the swords nor the sound everytime they are summoned. The sound to me is worst than sonic resonance. I'd also like stone melee to get an alternative animation for tremor to something like footstomp.
  15. Yea, sorry I worded it wrong I put force feedback in knockout blow and sudden acceleration in footstomp along with 5 armageddons. I don't mind the kb in knockout blow because it's just one enemy and mostly knockup but, footstomp scatters them so I use sudden acceleration in it.
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