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  1. This is very cool! Lots of detail, and would be a great RP area, as well as functional base. Nice to find something like this on Excelsior.
  2. So... this was new. I have built several bases, but I'm trying out my "Ultimate Idea" which requires building on top of the base. I don't know if that is what is causing the error, so full disclosure, I am working out-of-bounds. As the area I'm trying to make is outdoors, I had chosen to use a number of very large grass and rock items, specifically the grass hills and some of the "island rocks." All was going well, I have often used large rocks before to partially wall off a "cave" room or whatever. But partway through editing, actually not even very far into editing, I realized that if I moved an object I already placed, instead of moving it, it would make a duplicate, after which the original one would no longer be selectable. Moving around the duplicate would eventually result in -another- duplicate if I did it long enough. After a point, every move made a clone, and I had six huge rocks. I exited the editor. No change. I exited the base and reentered. No change. Closing down the -game- resulted in being able to go back in, and all of the extra items were there, but all selectable and deletable. So I deleted them. Now I started adding more terrain, but the first piece I added lifted to about the level I needed, and then duplicated again. Original not selectable. Same error, only this time a hill instead of a rock. What is causing this? Do I need to back out and begin from scratch again? I can if it's necessary. I have not done much with the base yet, as the groundwork was my first step, but if there are certain items to avoid, or something else is causing this, I'd like to know what it might be. At the point of the glitch, I had a large grass valley, two recolorable water items, two big Island rocks, and then, later, one grass hill, so not a lot of items. But I'd rather know before I get too far, as I don't want to waste my work.
  3. As Pine wrote: "Please report all number variations as this was done by hand... and Pine is not perfect." Not sure if we do this here, but we found a rather funny typo that you may wanna check: For Sentinels in particular, the "Mu Mastery" Ancillary/Epic Pool power is actually written "Moo Mastery." (I have not checked all the rest.) I was actually highly amused by this... reminded me of when a friend came across (as he predicted he would) Mu Kau in one of his redside missions. Regardless of how appreciated the humor was, thought you might want to be aware. :) Have not noticed anything else as of yet, and thank you for the updates!
  4. I am very pleased people found the badges, and I can go get them myself. Thank you! I will say, however, because I have, until now, believed the new badge thing to be a good move: I very much disagree with the moving of the Ace badge. Moving badges to Crash Site and making new ones was awesome. But the Paragon Wiki, used as a reference by myself and many others, still shows the Ace badge in its original location. Many people also remember the badge location from Live, or use the map overlays dated from that time. While I know this also affects the Faultline badges and the other RWZ badges, this would be less of an issue if that specific exploration badge were not tied to an accolade. I am something of a badger, so I've personally found this changing of badges to be fairly exciting. But for players who are more interested in the accolade abilities, not being able to find Ace as it's detailed on the Wiki, or as they remember it in the game on Live, might prove frustrating. I guess what I'm wondering is why you decided to move THAT badge in particular to the echo instance when it's tied to the Vanguard accolade. That's really my only beef. I love reading all the new badges! I just don't want to see players who aren't as lore-geeky as I am become frustrated unnecessarily.
  5. Nope, ends aren't in a doorway... I will try your suggestion when I'm not about to go face-first into my desk. :) Thanks.
  6. But not all the same, apparently. I had a pretty reasonable time putting in multiple sheets of the recolorable water, and seams, overlap, and such gave me no trouble, no little flashy graphic bits like when you intersect two objects at an identical spot... no problems. So now, I'm using water. Regular, clear... I think they differentiate it as "calm"... and I'm getting nothing but headaches. The seams always look split to me; even when perfectly matched up, if I turn the camera to the right angles, little gaps will appear on either side of the seam between water plates. If I overlap, THIS water will do the flickery stuff, so I can't do that... it's such a pain to work with! Has anybody had the same issues, or figured out a trick to working with the water sheets to make things look... right? I mean, I know I'm being picky, but... you know... its my base. I want it how I want it. :P
  7. A word of appreciation is due for all the hard work put into the new base building items. I tested a few of them out, because I had to see what was available. The first thing I saw and tried was the gate pieces. I was very much hoping that the gate doors were hinge animated like they are in the game world, but alas, it seems not to be. Still, it's a lovely piece, and would compliment many of the base designs I have wandered in to look at so far. I am looking forward to the new Arachnos bits going live, though I wasn't able to do much with a lot of the larger structures, as they seem more intended for out-of-base builds. Still, happy to see the statues, too! One thing I did see a bit of, but only two variations, and was something I had been hoping for were the dark/black angular struts often seen in Arachnos bases coming out of walls and floors. (Included were a straight piece and one that resembles a question mark.) I was looking in particular for that sharp angular bit used to make the "floor spider" patterning. As one of them is just a straight bar, is it intended that we build the different variations out of the two structures included, or are there more angular pieces to come? At any rate, I'll have to play with it. I also tried out building a partial house structure out of the straight wall, curved wall and roof pieces, and I was very happy with the results. Including the inner structural bits was a lovely idea, and I'm happy to see the roof has an under-texture to it and isn't just transparent. To aid with building multiple floors and minimizing the need to flip and double up on the larger floor and platform pieces, it would be amazing if those could also have a texture visible from underneath. I'm not sure if this would be difficult to implement (I'm assuming it's just applying skin to existing mesh) or if there's a concern for increased base load times, but I would think doubling up on floors would cause the same latter issue anyway. Either way, I can work around it, but it would be lovely to see the undersides of floors. Another thing I was excited for in the "testing" section (I understand this is not due for the next release) was the various ice floor pieces. I did pop out of edit mode to try them out, and they all seem to animate movement just fine. I didn't try the actual slide pieces yet, but seeing their presence makes me excited for the possible "winter theme park" bases that may soon exist! There's so much more to be excited about, but I haven't had time to play with it all yet, like the tons of Praetorian and Rikti pieces. Anyway... just wanted to extend gratitude and feedback on all the hard work that's been done to improve base building options. It has not gone unnoticed!
  8. Yeah. I have a friend who is very much into horror as a genre, and he has such a character... the whole "servant of the power behind the Nothing" kind of deal. Infinitely powerful, planning for the end of existence, etc... but he's immortal and plays "the long game", so in the scope of any RP we do, his ultimate goal is never actually going to come into play... so he focuses on fostering chaos here and there in the here and now with his concept tucked neatly away in the back of his mind. I have no issue with this. I find that if you RP such cosmic beings in a feasible way, they don't tend to feel the need to advertise their power or their goals. I am a little weirded out by characters who parade around talking about how cosmically powerful they are. My character, Lar, has to deal with his growing powers long, long before he knows what the Shadow Shard is, he joins the Midnighters like any other hero, he hasn't met the Dream Doctor ahead of time, and that impossibly creepy voice in his head, calling him "Solaaru" and whispering that he's entitled to so much more than he has... that's NOT a thing he's going to freaking tell anybody about! But honestly, I don't think digging into the lore, finding some little niche character that you'd like to explore, or tying your own creation to the people who are already existing in the universe is necessarily god-moding... I just want to be sensitive to other players who might want to explore the same things. Maybe I'm worried about nothing. At any rate, I will probably try and get to know the community first with a different character, and then see where things go.
  9. While I haven't snuck any actual names out of the minor lore myself, as I enjoy making my own characters, I have more characters related deeply to the lore of the game than not. Several of them I have been worried about other RPers reacting to, as the name-dropping might feel like some sort of rep "god-moding"... for example, my CoT character was himself a dissenter back in the day, not just a defector now, and I see him as having been a prominent member of the Circle (what it meant back then) and a friend of Akarist. I wouldn't challenge anybody else who made the same claim, of course... Oranbega was a society, and I'm sure a lot of people knew Akarist... but you see my point, hopefully. So a lot of my characters are actually deeply tied to the lore, but I don't always advertise it. I also have lore-based characters that are tied to an area or event... my current main who I have yet to RP was an idea I invented when power customization came out and my Dark Miasma on a different character randomly popped to orange and pink. What resulted next was (and is) my only real conceptual "incarnate" type, who is (unknowingly and unwittingly at first) tied to the Shadow Shard and the aspects of Rularuu that are trapped within. I'm not a big fan of powerful characters, and have been nervous about trying to RP one who is inherently very powerful, despite the fact that he starts out with no idea what he can do or why he can do it. (Also, running an RP Quaterfield, for example, is probably a ridiculous thing to attempt!) As for events, I managed to make an Unseelie that looks pretty convincing, and have been developing an AE arc to actually explain what they are doing hanging around Eochai, yet never being seen in Croatoa. Of course, I have others that are more "faction lore" RP... like a Malta agent, a "Policebringer", a Legacy Chain member who now works with the Carnival of Light, a slew of Arachnos characters (not just VEATs), a Praetorian Resistance member (whose Primal version is, ironically, a Widow) and so forth, who are members of said faction, but not tied to any specific in-game history or NPCs. Sometimes it's easier to get into RP without having such ties at the outset, so if an idea hits you, you can run with it. I have been in Pocket D for countless hours, and have seen many characters tied to other lore, other universes, or just kind of doing their own thing, but I have found CoX lore to be so rich and vast, I can't help making characters who are a part of it.
  10. I had mistakenly thought this was already implemented, but on getting my own soldier leveled up, I see it's not. I definitely second. Also, relatedly... given that some people, myself included, have rifle builds for Bane that mimic Huntsman/Wolf spiders, and Build-Up is such an awesome ability, it would be wonderful to have a no-redraw, or non-mace-draw version of that in particular, so using Build-Up doesn't cause a draw of the mace and/or redraw of the rifle.
  11. I second the Sticky idea. Also, on Excelsior, Web of Arachnos base code: WEB-1563 It's an Arachnos base, the one with images and descriptions on the "Show Off" thread, with barracks for various branches. And yes, a SG mate said it needed 8 hallways so the map would look more like a spider... so I indulged, despite it being that many more hallways to stick stuff under the floor. Still, happy with how it turned out. You're welcome to stop in and look around! Our other base on Heroside is Wards of Lore: LORE-96 This one was more of an all-purpose homage to my favorite parts of the game, and the SG is about collecting and protecting knowledge of all sorts. It's divided into an Arcane wing with a library, and a Tech wing with teleportation room. Straight forward from the entrance is a small garden that leads into a split-level housing area. There are also a few intra-base teleport points, but no "outside" areas. Other than that, it's a little bit of everything.
  12. Love the improved gong... and the whole look of the temple is quite well done, by the way!
  13. There is a little square gray item under Surfaces that is visible from above and below. Granted it's a tile... so takes a lot to use... but it works for my purposes. To lay them out faster, I levitate the Glass Floor (which operates like a floor for placing items on once it's up) and then lay out the tiles. Much faster. The Arachnos flooring does the same. Old-school, my go-to for tech bases was floor safes. It made for an interesting textured underside, and sounded like a metal floor when walked on. For wood floors, yeah, desks. And if you don't like any of the fabulous railings they now provide, desk lamps (off) properly lined up make a lovely substitute. (Soooo many desk lamps...)
  14. [Let's see if I can get images to work here...] This is actually the second base I completed (as much as bases are -ever- complete...) and my first Villain base. Since seeing the new shinies in base construction, I really wanted to try my hand at recreating my old Arachnos base. The result: The Web of Arachnos squad headquarters. This is the main hall, with meeting space and transport to multiple locations, including Paragon and other dimensions, via portal. Here we have the team hangar, with a flyer to get pretty much anywhere within the Isles. (Flyer door has beacons connected!) The Cyber Lab, with many basic medical amenities, and spare Tarantula suits for those that require more... intensive medical intervention. Soldier Barracks, complete with upper level sleeping area, and armor storage for Bane and Crab combatants. Widow Barracks, much the same as Soldier quarters, but with embedded energy crystals for honing mental abilities and sharpening focus. Mystic Barracks, complete with... well, we're not sure what exactly that is, but the Mu know, and we're not planning to ask. The idea was to sort of explore how the layout might be unified in the Arachnos style, but unique to each faction. Not pictured but also part of the base is a storage area, a shooting range, and a few other surprises. It's not as exciting as a haunted graveyard in the rain, but I'm very happy with it.
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