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  1. @Crysis I was *just* about to go there. I recently kitted a DB/Nrg and she is. Wow. So much fun. So stabbity. So. Just. Incredibly amazing.
  2. 100% love the obvious care and thoughtfulness put into this. Would play. Well done!
  3. Still a garbage idea. If you don't like the endgame, roll an alt. We didn't have vet levels or any rewards after 50. Now we do.
  4. "Just one more" slot, alt, beer, bump, it's all kind of the same in the book of human nature.
  5. Is there a way to get a Power Analyzer in there? I know we kinda dug into the CoD of the Roman Armor power, and at x8 it's definitely noticable when the groups start to exponentially get larger. Even the minions were almost at like a 90% miss chance when we weren't running all-VEATs.
  6. I would totally love to be level 26 and have what...all my powers and no slots? There's a reason the system is the way it is. Oh, and vet level 10,000 toons with 90-slotted Assassin' Strike. 😛
  7. Aren't there like...two hundred different enemy groups already? Sure, lots and lots are underused or underrepresented on TFs/SFs (looking at you, Council with your FOUR TFs while my beloved Carnies have ZERO), but I definitely don't think we need more. Hell, Gold side stuff added like 50 groups by itself.
  8. Evasive Maneuvers. Also keep travel suppression, or just get rid of every power animation period. 😛
  9. Please show us on the doll where the "multiplayer online" portion of MMORPG hurt you. There's social anxiety and then there's just being a jerk. If Discord (or TeamSpeak, or Ventrilo, or Skype, or whatever else has been around since Paragon first got us going; we used Vent on Pinnacle to coordinate Abandoned Sewer Trials) is offered as a team-coordination *tool* and not made mandatory, then I don't see any issues. If the leader(s) don't want to be heard, I'll read your scripts for you. I'm a 36-year-old man and I'm 15-plus years removed from anybody giving me shit about my global name.
  10. And another one, on the Cerulean arc: Option two has an extra "means."
  11. From Blind Makwa in First Ward: Should be "between *an* Apparition and *its* possessed" Probably already mentioned, but figured I'd pop it in.
  12. Oh dear God the HOWLING. Friggin' Regen scrappers. Jesus. I now have two children and I would rather go back to their baby-wailing days than ever have to deal with ED moaning. 😛
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