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  1. Also, 2 - 4 warshades (tri-forms with good builds) could probably pull off that challenge setting. Since tri-forms don't rely on toggles or pool powers (changing forms drops all toggles). But, then again, they might need to use inspirations. I'd have to stress test it to be sure. But, I seriously doubt the same could be said for any other TF/SF really. Just because the ITF largely has nictus damage which doesn't do much to Kheldians.
  2. hahahahahaha!!! I have been tweaking around with the settings. We ran a Liberty TF the other day at 54 x8 with no temp powers and buffed enemies. It was great! I think I died 6 or 7 times, and every time the group tried to split, people died. Those settings absolutely raised the stakes for us. Showed my group where we have been getting complacent, and where we can make improvements. So, we've been doing these things to all of our task forces since 🙂 Thanks for this suggestion! While being funny and sarcastic (which I appreciate), the theme of upping the difficulty t
  3. lol, I rarely ever farm. I run task forces 90% of the time that I play. But thanks for playing the poor assumption games.
  4. wow, you really are full of anger and resentment. Maybe you need to go see a therapist and work through your anger issues. Telling someone to f**k off to their own server for asking questions about trying to add more challenge to the game is childish and asinine. It doesn't actually contribute to the conversation - which, as is indicated even in this discussion, has been happening multiple times from multiple different people. So, it's reasonable to conclude here that it's a common theme for players to be interested in some ways for the game to present a greater challenge.
  5. why is everyone always going to place of worry about people exploiting things? No matter what happens, someone somewhere will ALWAYS find ways to exploit anything to their favor. So, it is actually pointless to make this the primary argument for not doing something. But, it doesn't really matter. aggro cap won't change, and the difficulty of the game likely won't be updated to any significant degree. Thanks everyone for teaching me about the aggro cap stuff. someone else mentioned the game server likely couldn't keep up with all the calculations of everyone pulling more aggro at o
  6. I get why they wont erase the aggro cap. I still am intrigued by the idea of getting rid of the cap, and adding a taunt/aggro range max to everything instead. you cant pull the map if the max range is like 100m
  7. We do slow down. but outdoor maps like the second mission of the ITF after that first bridge. going slow makes absolutely no difference. There is easily twice the cap there. We handle it fine enough. but instance like that are what I was meaning. We aren't going to the far extreme of pulling the entire map, but we are still regularly exceeding the cap.
  8. we aren't. a single task force at +4 x8 has rooms full of more than aggro cap for a single tank. That exceeds aggro cap, and still isnt trying to taunt the entire map
  9. You haven't played with my group hahaha. We are constantly exceeding our aggro cap and the squishies on our teams suffer those consequences. And we can't even taunt that aggro off of our squishies in those instances, and they healers get stressed. So, now we try and juggle the taunts to share aggro cap and do a better job of keeping things off the squishies. Hell, our kin now has built his corruptor with soft cap def so he worries less about getting mushed lol. I just off-taunt on my warshade to help out. But yeah, we are CONSTANTLY exceeding our aggro caps on taskforce
  10. Why is this asinine response repeated so often by so many people? This isn't actually contributing to the conversation, it just makes you look like a d-bag to everyone else.
  11. which means you aren't just discussing, you are arguing to take away the choices of others because it inconveniences you in some way, when alternatives to keep the way you want are plentiful. Its not a discussion at that point, just an argument.
  12. you can get the same knockback protection from the steadfast protection proc, and save yourself those other 5 slots. Slot smarter, not harder.
  13. They can do this for the one unique set piece with proc benefit. and when people who want to be selective about it want to chose (like you do), they can use the sudden accelration proc that does exactly the same thing and isn't considered a unique enhancement (can be placed up to 5 times on a single build). This way, both sides of the argument can win to whatever degree. And those that love a toon, but absolutely hate the knockback, they can slot a single IO to negate that for their entire build, and you can still be selective as to which powers have it.
  14. I had run a quick key word search for "aggro cap" and came up with nothing, but thanks for letting me know I need to dig deeper on that 🙂 The glory days would be awesome - after all, aren't we all here now out of a sense of nostalgia? But yes, the key point I was talking about is to maybe give the existing content some new scope of challenge. I mean, yes, I do love feeling over powered and super hero/villian like. but like any game, I get bored when I can't make it harder. I really like your idea of making a +8 option. I feel like that would do a great job of creatin
  15. are things still anti-farming? And aren't most people now playing with computers that are now 15 years more advanced than this game was designed to be played on?
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