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  1. Continue to make small refinements here in case that third person ever explores the series. 🙂 What ended up being 2.3 was the second arc I wrote in the series and while I hinted at the reasons Langston was building a Power Plant in Paragon, none of my own thinking was really refined. As the whole endgame could use a bit more foreshadowing - I put in some more conjecture there about portals to praetoria, consciousness transfer, trying to get out from under Aeon etc. In 4.2 - where you end up going to Praetoria - I am considering integrating some of the elements from Ninj
  2. I have a few arcs where I hope the player just runs with the fact that the transformation/resurrection happens in the same room but a different spot. 🙂
  3. Several options but all work arounds. Empty Set the map to empty Only spawn the number of mobs you want in each area (e.g. if middle takes 16 mobs, put in 8 bosses with mobs. make the boss you choose an LT if you can) Spawn something innocuous. e.g... Fill a mob with will o' the wisps, or citizens, or ghost victims or spectral pirates or something Place them as an ally boss or patrol in the spots you want to be empty. they are just flavor - especially if they are well below your mission level (like spectral pirates) Unimportant
  4. Can vouch that @Darmian's The Spark of the Blind was a great story well told! My Resistance Praetorian felt right at home. If, like me, you've been troubled with how to explain that the TUNNEL network takes you to a pre-catastrophe Praetoria, you might enjoy my newest arc. I took a stab at explaining that in Ninjas in the Wind in my sig. Definitely not an official premise but ties in tightly to the CoH lore with a splash of the AMA lore thrown in.
  5. Played this with my Praetorian resistance toon and it was great fun with very tight missions and a lore-rich story. Really good to be able to extend my toon's story in his native land. @Darmian keeps fanning the golden flame to bring us great stories for the goldsiders...
  6. Also a big thanks! I thought Kyksie might enjoy kicking some mobs that kick back. Like Darmian mine has a few refinements in it since you played, mostly with the mobs (more mecha minions and more distinctive looks between monk minions vs. LTs) - but most importantly there was a bug in M1 on one of the rescues which is fixed now.
  7. It is a Goldmine - I have been exploring that mine through several arcs if anyone is curious enough to try them. Ninjas in the Wind - My latest, it would be a spoiler to explain how it ties in, but it does attempt to explain why the TUNNEL takes you to a fully functional Praetoria in the past and relies on something introduced in the AMA lore. All That Glitters - a 12 arc vigilante series that goes from level 1 - 54 for a vigilante to level with, and explores some of the fallout of all this new praetorian tech in primal earth, expanding upon some in game groups that don't get a to
  8. Made a minor change to 3.2. Because I try, across all of my arcs, to not to reuse maps I had used before, and I needed the Giza map in my latest arc: Ninjas in the Wind, I made a tweak here. I swapped out the Giza map for The Flush map. I had waffled on which to use while developing ATG, and landed on The Giza since so much time in 3.2 is spent near casinos. Anyway, the Flush seems like a good place for someone to run off and hide in - and it is. (Does anyone care? No - but just adding it here for posterity.)
  9. Ice Mistral has been kidnapped by Foreshadow, Mirror Spirit, and teleporting ninjas! Help The Dark Watcher uncover what's really behind these ninjas in the wind. [SFMA] --- Looking for feedback! There are so many great Asian related costumes and powersets, I have wanted to do something that leverages them and am coincidentally just in time for APIHM. As usual, I found an undeveloped hook, stitched a couple of things together, and tried to come up with a story that folds into the COH world. In addition to making new mobs, I included a couple of th
  10. This kinda counts as it was near the AE in Pocket D. Don't know if it was a typo or intentional - but its funny either way...
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