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  1. One other tiny change I noticed. I am working on an arc that I wanted to use Hopkins from Crey. I would swear he used to be level 32-38 (an infuriatingly narrow range) and is now 32-44. Does he appear in the Freaklok content?
  2. Ah - so then that one works 🙂 - its just trip mine and time bomb that they never used.
  3. OK - so i created and tested a mob with these Devices powers, and here is what I learned... For some reason they were cloaked - not sure which power does that. If I gave them all the Devices powers, they did not use the new powers to attack. If I gave them they just the new powers, they did not use them either. So yeah - I guess nothing to see here 🙂
  4. After exploring some other blaster secondaries I did notice some changes in ice and electric and I think energy too - power swaps, not expanded sets. Not familiar enough with psychic and darkness to know if they changed. Wonder what this does to mobs that have the old power sets...
  5. I noticed something in AE that was different in i27 and thought others might too, so created this thread to keep them together. Feel free to share anything you find! Don't know if this is intentional or not, but the Devices secondary for blasters is chock full of extra goodness in AE now with both additional and modified powers. Only powerset change I have noticed so far but it may be an unintended consequence of the blaster secondary updates... Web grenade is now Toxic web grenade while Field Operative, Trip Mine and Time Bomb are new. If unintended I hope the AI knows what to do with the new powers. 🙂
  6. Season 5: The Ghost in The Machine - 46 - 54 Arc ID: 33968 Status: Needs Rewrite (though fully playable as is - just written before the rest of it and not tied in) Going to have to make some changes to this to fit it in, and its sort of an odd end to it all, but this was where I worked out who King Midas is...
  7. Season 3: Reborn in Eden Arc ID: Not Yet Published Status: Writing It Inspiration
  8. Season 2: Power Plays in Terra Volta - 20 - 30 Arc ID: 34947 Status: Testing (it's fully put together and playable but I moved on to writing the next arc and will circle back to this to test/cleanup soon) Langston, Corp. continues to expand their operations in the abandoned corners of Paragon City. With a new presence in Terra Volta, help Wyvern investigate what they are up to. --- Inspiration
  9. Season 1: Boom Time in Boomtown: 15 - 20 Arc ID: 34715 Status: Looking for Feedback --- Though they've not done anything overtly illegal, The Gold Brickers have come to Boomtown. Help Wyvern investigate. Inspiration
  10. Season 0 Possible Prequel Status: Considering it Dang it - I had an idea for a 10 - 15 arc after i got going and had everything all numbered and worked out and stuff... May circle go back to this one day.
  11. Introducing - The All That Glitters series of arcs. Yay! Fireworks So I am working on a series. In truth, I always felt lucky getting anyone to play a single arc - so everything I have ever done so far has been self-contained. But several people have been putting together some great series, so I thought I would throw my hat in and take a stab at it (to mix some metaphors). I always thought having a series that unlocked new parts to the story as you leveled - like the in game Kheldian arcs - would be a good way to do it, so I went that route, and currently have plans for about level 15 - 54, though there are some gaps in there and a potential episode 0. Also, I felt that there was a somewhat low-level group that has lots of potential as a gang, and they have a potential under-developed enemy of them too. On top of that there are several under-developed hazard zones in Paragon that could be the stage. All this underdevelopment means opportunities for me to fill it with something - hopefully good - we'll see... On top of that - I have never really taken a stab at writing for Vigilantes. It is a bit like writing a CoV arc, but with more positive motives - doing bad things for one group's view of the greater good. So I cast the villains, not as villains, but more like Rogues - doing bad things, but mostly for selfish reasons. And as is the gangs nature primarily targeting just the wealthy and those who abuse powers. Meanwhile you as a vigilante, are trying to take them down. Some of the key players (at least so far...) Langston Corp. The Gold Brickers Wyvern (and Delia Huntley) Maybe I'll take a page from @Damian and call each a season and each mission an episode. Here are the seasons... 0 - TBD 1 - Boom Time in Boomtown, Arc ID: 34715, 15 - 20 - Looking For Feedback 2 - Power Plays in Terra Volta, Arc ID: 34947, 20 - 30 - Testing 3 - Reborn in Eden, Arc ID: TBD, 32 - 40 (?) - Work In Progress 4 - ??? in ??? 5 - The Ghost in The Machine, 33968 - 46 - 54 - standalone currently - needs a rewrite to fit into the series Put in some placeholders below to talk about my inspirations for each
  12. Don't get me wrong - more maps would be nice. 🙂
  13. @Faultline - thanks for this. It's nice to know what goes into it. Based on your comments, maps like Bank Heists and Mayhem Missions are probably heavily scripted, which is why as a category, they would not be an easy port. But also based on your comments it sounds like most CoV and prior era maps are probably relatively easy. Is that true? I know, as an example, that Orenbega map in the clouds map (Scirocco arc maybe?) used to be in the AE and is gone now (not sure why). I recall doing many missions at the Cage Consortium plant but that map has never been in AE. Maybe if people look for maps from that era its more doable? Also from that era we have several maps that may be a great example of how hard these are to port which also renders them less usable in AE: President Marchand's office, (no real back to the map, though there is a "back" marker on a middle floor buried in a wall), the Seraph lab (which has a front marker in the back), and some serpent maps (which have no real "back"), the freak olympics map (no back), the Recluse Victory map (which has non functioning elevators) etc. I personally don't really "need" more maps, though they would be a nice to have. I enjoy the limitations in a small way. It forces me to be creative with what I have. Recently, for example, I did a story on the various Carnivals in part because there are those outside Carnival maps, which spurred some ideas to try to leverage them. (Carnivals of Light, War and Vengeance trying to find homes in Paragon after the Praetorian exodus.) But then my stories morph based on what is available - that may just be me.
  14. Thanks for driving people to the stories out there! The greatest gift of all are the extra plays it generates. Honored to be selected!
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