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  1. Warzone Agent Goddard has new intel that concerns him. His source claims there are female Arachnoids able to reproduce in The Web beneath Warburg! Help him track down and eliminate this new threat before it reaches Paragon City - and spreads! [SFMA] --- Sharing this a bit earlier than I normally would - sort of an "Alpha." I will be going through and testing and polishing and re-writing bits over the next few weeks and will keep it as a "Work in Progress," but all the main elements are there - the story and characters, descriptions, clues, and triggered events are all in place but need polish and testing. Feedback welcomed! I also had other names in mind like Friendly Neighborhood Spidermen or the Amazing Spiderwomen, but decided those might mislead as there are no radioactive spiders or young photographic journalists herein. I always thought the Arachnoids were interesting as a story, and even more so that Warburg was. (I regularly worked to grab a nuke back in the day and even ran Goddard missions there for fun sometimes.) Plus there are so many Arachnoid maps that it makes it easy to give a sense of place to the story - which is something I always go for. The Arachnoids are simple as a mob though and as a result I did have a hard time coming up with a premise, until it occurred to me that they are all male! Marshal Blitz still wants to wreck havoc on Paragon City, so bring on the ladies and voila! Rogue Arachnos as a mob had some opportunities to expand too. They are already buying Malta robots to bolster their ranks (and the robots in my Robolution arc) so weaving that all in with the usually-not-seen Orb Weavers was fun too. (I do think that is my first instance of a cross-over arc 😉 ) If you do explore it, feedback is welcomed and encouraged.
  2. Thanks for the playthrough and feedback! It encouraged me to refine it further. I have no good explanation for why I consistently misspelled the Cheshire Cat, but I did, so fixed that - thanks for pointing it out. If you find anything else - let me know! I also spent a little time adding a few of the characters I had left out previously and bolstering the dialog and "life" in the final mission. It's a big map and could benefit from a bit more personality. I expanded on the idea of blending in elements of the Croquet party and added in The Duchess, the Dormouse, and updated The Cook to be more Victorian. I also added in more triggered events with dialog for the battles there to make that mission have more life if players explore and don't just do the core objective. I also removed unscripted battles and put the Croquet patrols down to just two. Finally, I added in The White Knight and the Knave from the adventures to that point.
  3. I tried to recolor the text of voice bubbles by just manually putting in the html code for the text. It worked pretty inconsistently - with the same boss sometimes using it and sometimes not, which may be why its not officially an enabled thing.
  4. This has gone down to 4 stars, and I am not sure why since there have been no comments. 😞 It's my oldest arc, so I went and played through it. At the time, I had a main ally (Faerlun) with you who was an LT and I am guessing he is just a bit too weak as an ally - too easy to die while also not helpful enough. I often had you rescue a boss in addition to him (e.g. a Legacy Chain Boss or Sea Witch) to make up for that and frankly they were just kind of extraneous. I decided to simplify here and just made Faerlun a boss, minimizing his attacks so he's not doing all the work, and giving him Willpower so he can take some aggro, while also eliminating the secondary bosses. I use that approach a lot frankly for allies - so hoping it works here for a better experience too. I previously also had several patrols in missions to add more voices to the story you experience. Now that you have a boss ally from the start I swapped the patrols out for bosses, which seems richer as they are mobs soloists would not otherwise see - and now that soloists can toggle them as LTs if they want it to be easier - its a nice way to include more voices in the mission. Plus with several patrols it could make the encounters less predictable which can make for a poor experience too. Lastly, I've waffled back and forth between using a Freakshow map or Mayhem's hospital map for the Freakshop - a place where Freak body modifications are made. Though its still low lighting, (per the comments above) I decided to use the Freaklympics map instead of the mother mayhem map. Seems more authentic to what I am after. I do wish it had a "back" that you could place mobs in, but instead placed clues back there so it is not a totally pointless room. The other Freakshow warehouse was a contender too but its so small everyone feels on top of each other. Also removed a few of the standard Freak mobs too so you see more of the "Freaks in transition" and the custom Bone nurses and Juice nurses too.
  5. For the DE, I'm not 100% sure this is what you are looking for as I have not played what you are referencing, but there are a lot of "infested" in the DE level 50-54 group which I suspect is what you wanted. And no - the nature defender set is not available - I'd like it for my DE related arc too. (The Genesis and Geneticists of the Coming Hamiggedon)
  6. Given that monitor resolution sizes are so large now, the text sizes are probably smaller than originally intended. However, this feels like it should be a system-wide user option to be able to bump text sizes everywhere - not just an option for AE.
  7. Condemning Croatoa has finally gotten its first play since I moved it to my main account and I received an awesome comment! I obscured the global but thank you for the kind words! Makes an authors day.
  8. I am no expert - especially when it comes to IO slotting, but I am on almost the same path with my bot/time MM power choice wise. The differences I will have are that that I went sorcery (even though thematically it doesn't fit in) to have rune of protection available and I may try to fit in web cocoon to have a second hold. I always wanted to have group fly so my bots had their little boot jets going but not going to bother as its such a useless power. I wish they would modify that power so it was a) group hover and b) you could choose whether it was just your pets or your whole team that was affected. Probably would still not be great but would be better.
  9. Feel like something is missing in your post here, but I’d really just like to treat the office as a “back” location so the map was useful. 🙂 There are a few maps like that one where they are unique indoor maps and the back is unassignable - from memory some serpent and freakshow maps come to mind.
  10. Having (finally) played through the DA Mot stuff, I realized that the Talons I recently included needed to be more directly addressed in this arc and not just part of the cult going through the same thing (though primarily they are)...
  11. I was mainly on Pinnacle (and Protector) too with many alts. Great to see loads of names I recognize above. Some of my alts include: Dr. Gravitron, Sun Volt, Plymouth Rock, Fire Kracker, Zik, Hemogoblin, Ankylosaur, T3h R0xx0Rz, Major Cowtastrophe, Pinky Spiderchops, Mythika and many more...
  12. This has been amazing - thanks all for putting this together. I have long toyed with the idea of creating an AE arc involving Praetoria, but frankly never played through Going Rogue and have felt like I have not had a handle on the core story. With so many groups and maps devoted to it, its ripe to do something with. I always enjoy anchoring my arcs to the lore and trying to explore hooks I see int he lore. (E.g. “Where did the people in the Shadow Shard come from?” = Rularularian, and “Where did the Serpents of Mercy Island come from? = The Serpent Beyond the Horizon.) This gives me a few ideas to explore. I have not yet found a hook into an untold story here - ideas welcomed - but this gives me more to explore and consider so thanks again!
  13. Ankylosaur


    I actually don’t know AR super well, but Plant is fun. It’s toggle armor helps keeps your stamina and health (armor) bar stay full and the holds and debuff help you solo. I don’t think any other blaster sec gets an AoE hold- which can help in a pinch - my blaster has three holds with the patron power. Ripper Is a great top tier melee attack too.
  14. Thrilled Rularularian was selected! Thanks so much, again! In 2 days it doubled the number of ratings it had gotten in a year, which is the best prize of all. I really appreciate the attention this has given to my arc. If anyone tries it out and enjoys it, feel free to to explore my other other arcs as well. 🙂
  15. I've used them on Drowned Boomtown, Striga Island bridge, and many Croatoa maps do too.
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