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  1. They've said they'll add a secure expedited login capability to the new launcher at some point.
  2. The only thing I can think to add is that, if Homecoming and NCSoft ever do reach an accord so that Homecoming can be considered officially official, the player population will probably explode with new players who might have been unwilling to try the game while its legal status was still iffy, or with brand new people who didn't know about it yet when Homecoming feels free to widely publicize it. Of course, I have no idea when or if that will even happen, but folks thinking for the long term might want to start stockpiling sellable stuff instead of selling it now, because prices might shoot t
  3. You mean it's October 1st, right? 🙂 And not that I can think of. If I see something has changed dramatically, or learn about some great new idea that I feel worthy of sharing, I will update the guides accordingly. Have done so here and there from time to time since I originally wrote them. But right now, I think they're all generally still valid—bearing in mind the disclaimer advisory to always check current market conditions before you make some big bet.
  4. Hey, thanks for the kind words. And what you said just there at the end inspired me to add a new section to my guide, toward the end, counselling folks to watch what comes out on the test servers for possible future opportunities when they hit the live ones. 🙂
  5. Unfortunately, that's the kind of thing they can't talk about. Corporations tend to insist on keeping that kind of stuff close to the chest—and for excellent reason. No matter what the terms are they're discussing, odds are good that they wouldn't be acceptable to everybody. (I mean, hell, just look at what happens every time they do something as trivial as rebalancing an AT or power set. The arguments rage for weeks!) That would cause controversies and uproars that would distract from the discussion itself. Those people I mentioned in an earlier post who will find any reason they can to hate
  6. I doubt that any "proof" HC could offer that it's "really" in talks with NCSoft would be sufficient for everyone. (Apart from things like the name change, which as someone already noted does smell just like the kind of deck-chair shuffling a corporation would insist upon.) In addition to its code base, Homecoming also inherited much of the general hostility and distrust toward the hidden private server that ran for six years without telling anyone. I don't doubt that there are plenty of people out there looking for any reason they can find to decry the Homecoming staff as a bunch of doodyheads
  7. For what it's worth, "Karen the Destroyer" isn't a "brand new character"; they're a level 50, and they were in the Hamidon Raid with me at the time. This character wasn't created to poke fun at your daughter, it was created some long time ago to (I assume) poke fun at the Karen meme in general, and I wouldn't be surprised if that was true for some of the others, too. It's unfortunate that there are some people out there who will respond to being asked to stop by doubling down, but that kind of person is all over the Internet, not just in CoH. It would be more effective to use /igno
  8. That said, if you can find a PVP recipe or Enhancement inexpensively, you can roll it to one of the PVP sets with lucrative procs that sell for 11 - 12 million. (And then roll it within that set to that proc.)
  9. Left is my TW/SR Brute's resist/defense stats at level 50. Right are my SR/TW Tanker's level 50 stats. And they're using Musculature and Incandescence, actually. Don't really need Ageless now, thanks to decent set slotting and Performance Shifter procs...also, Musculature does have an end mod effect, too.
  10. If you think that's expensive, I probably shouldn't mention how I tend to buy a few charges each of those 10 million Inf pet summons on every character... 🙂
  11. I keep running into people who express surprise that I was able to make Titan Weapons play nicely with Super Reflexes on both a Tanker and a Brute. But it's a very fun combo to play. Over-capped positional defense, and near 50% damage resist to smashing, lethal, fire, and cold. Never really had too many problems keeping momentum up either, since I was able to scoop recharge rate bonuses from five LotGs, ATOs and purple sets, Reactive Defense, and so on. End was a problem early on, but a little judicious Stamina proc slotting and use of that recovery serum temp power from the P2W helped out a l
  12. I've added several new guides to this post. Just sayin'.
  13. R_M'S AUCTION HOUSE GUIDE TO FIXED-PRICE ITEMS AND SPECIAL SALVAGE or WHY YOU DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO FIND WHAT YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOU NEEDED I've written guides about two stores where Homecoming players can find very useful items—the P2W Store and the Reward Merit Vendor—but it occurred to me there was one more place I hadn't gone over yet that not every player would know about. So I'm writing this guide to complete the trifecta. That missing place is, of course, the auction house. Known by different names (Wentworth's, the Black Market, the Trading Post, etc.) dep
  14. Any chance of incorporating the option to use a URL shortener on export links? People give me the side-eye when I post a huge long export link into Discord. Of course, I could simply put it into a URL shortener myself, but it would be nice to have the option to save that extra step.
  15. And I imagine that Envenomed Daggers and the pets from the P2W store could also help, for those who have that kind of money. I might just have to give that a shot when my level 48 Super Reflexes/Titan Weapons Tanker hits 50.
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