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  1. My understanding is that an even level (white) minion has a 50% chance to hit you. Lieutenants and Bosses are 55% and 60% respectively (I think), but higher in any case, and it goes up with level shift. They call Defense a soft-cap because after all the calculations are done, the bad guys always have at least a 5% chance to hit you. I did actually run into a Defense hard cap the other day. In a MSR there were so many buffs flying around that all my damage type defenses were blue and capped at 200%. So much wasted DEF.
  2. I have more money than sense, I guess. I have it and a bunch of the expansions. Hard as hell and mostly a collectible for me at this point.
  3. First, I am afraid of anything inspired by Kingdom Death: Monster leaking into CoH 😄 Second, I like seeing those kinds of challenges. There were a similar set for playing Minecraft that had you building up a community. Come up with a set of rules, maybe?
  4. I really like the cell shading, but I've been a big fan of it since Jet Grind Radio. I think it makes the graphics look more like a deliberate art style than just kind of dated. A screenshot of my brute. I especially like how it handles the background. This is with thickest outlining and maximum posterization.
  5. All games end. This one will too. Doesn't mean you don't play.
  6. Fair enough. I think I may be in a grumpy mood today.
  7. What is the point of all of this? Most folks who play don't look at the forums. People are still going to make Superman clones. The staff of Homecoming almost certainly don't have the ability to actually prevent folks from making clones. A significant portion of the player base either doesn't care or wants to make clones so you are unlikely to change the culture. Marvel and DC went after NCSoft because they wanted to launch their own games and they wanted to muscle CoH out of their market space. They made their games and they failed (financially) as hard as CoH did. At this point there is no financial incentive for anyone who can do anything to act. No money to be protected, nor any to be made. Someone might act out of spite, but they could do that even if there weren't any clones on the server. Just getting a baseless suit thrown out of court would most likely bankrupt this whole venture. This whole thing is a sandcastle. It's going to go away eventually (hopefully later rather than sooner) so just play the fuck out of it now and enjoy it while it lasts.
  8. daHob

    Chaos United

    It's really appreciated.
  9. The Cape is still active and has DJs in Pocket D pretty much every weekend.
  10. What is Enhancement Diversification? When CoH originally released it was common for people to 6-slot powers with the same enhancement (most often Damage for attack powers and Defense or Resist Damage for defense powers). For better or worse, the CoH devs didn't like that and relatively quickly implemented Enhancement Diversification which causes diminishing returns on slotting multiples of the same enhancement in a power. The rule of thumb is: no more than three of the same enhancement in a power The Numbers I wanted to know the actual numbers involved (and am not really interested in installing Pines to plot out builds) but none of the wikis had a simple chart showing the effective numbers. Or at least none that I could find. So, for those that want it, here is how ED affect slotting. I calculated the ED values for level 50 enhancements. Enhancements are divided into 4 sets, but 2 of them are for Knockback and Interrupt respectively and since I've never had any call to enhance those, I didn't bother to do the math. Schedule A Schedule A contains: Accuracy, Confusion, Damage, Defense Debuff, Endurance Modification, Endurance Reduction, Fear, Fly, Healing, Hold Duration, Immobilization Duration, Intangibility, Jumping, Recharge Time, Run Speed, Sleep, Slow, Stun, Taunt A level 50 schedule A enhancement gives a 42.4% bonus Schedule A Enhancement Diversification Number Slotted 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total without ED 42.4 84.8 127.2 169.6 212.0 254.4 Total with ED 42.4 83.3 99.1 105.4 111.8 118.2 Incremental Bonus 42.4 40.9 15.8 6.4 6.4 6.4 ED Formula: =IF(X<70, X, IF(X<90, 70 + 0.9*(X-70), IF(X<100, 88+0.7*(X-90), 95+0.15*(X-100)))) Schedule B Schedule B contains: Defense Buff, Range Increase, Resist Damage, To Hit Buff, To Hit Debuff A level 50 schedule B enhancement gives a 25.5% bonus Schedule B Enhancement Diversification Number Slotted 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total without ED 25.5 51.0 76.5 102.0 127.5 153.0 Total with ED 25.5 50 58.5 62.3 66.1 70.0 Incremental Bonus 25.5 24.2 8.8 3.8 3.8 3.8 ED Formula: =IF(X<40, X, IF(X<50, 40 + 0.9*(X-40), IF(X<60, 49+0.7*(X-50), 56+0.15*(X-60)))) Conclusion I mostly did this for myself, but I thought it might help a few other folks. The formulas are pulled straight from my Excel workbook, so you can copy them (replacing X with a cell id) for your own purposes. So, the rule of thumb is pretty accurate for schedule A enhancements, but for something with a large base number you will get a 20% boost going from 3 to 5 slots, which might matter to someone. Schedule B enhancements get cut very rapidly. For Defense boosts especially, since they often start at such low numbers, 2 slotting them might be sufficient since you are getting such low return on your third slot. I hope someone finds this useful!
  11. I bet commuting to work on the train is pretty weird for normal folks. It's a couple of school kids, and old lady with her groceries, the Devil, a clan of ninjas all with Starbucks having a hushed conversation in Japanese, a supermodel in her underwear but also on fire and a robot playing Game Boy and leaking cooling fluid on to the floor.
  12. It's not to the point of not playing it, but I really don't understand why they decided one of the beam rifle attacks needed to sound like a sad trombone.
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