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  1. I was thinking about that too. I was thinking to either give low level players some buff that would allow to more reliably hit mobs until, SO's could be bought, or maybe have the inherent defense the mobs start out low, and get higher, eventually reaching it's peak at a certain level, so that it wouldn't be so bad at low level. Maybe start out at 5 or 10% and every 5 levels starting at level 12 the inherent defense would increase by 10%, until level 42. That way players would have access to all of their natural abilities and some enh slots to go with it.
  2. I'm terrible at explaining things. I'll try better. So let's say you're attacking a +0 minion. With this scale, a player would have a 100% chance to hit that minion. The minion has a 75% base chance to dodge attacks. That means without any enhancements, inspirations, defense debuffs, or buffs from the enemy, the minions inherent chance to dodge would lower your chance to hit from 100% to 25%. A even level accuracy SO enhancement adds 33.3% accuracy to you power. that means you hit chance is now 133.3%. Your new hit chance is; 133.3%-75%=58.3%. Using the same formula, if you use 1 small acc insp, it would further increase your accuracy by 7.5%. 1 enh, plus 1 small acc insp would be 140.8. 140.8-75=65.8%. That's how enh and insps would work. If you use a defense debuff. let's say Rad Infection from corruptors. Rad infection has a base 25% defense debuff to the target. 75% from minion - 25% from rad emission = 50%. So the minions new defense with Rad emission would be 50%. With 1 acc enh, 1 small acc insp, your hit chance would be 140.8% 140.8%-50%=90.8%. you'll then have a 90.8% chance to hit. ED capped acc only effect enhancement. It doesn't effect Set IO's or powers like tactics, or build up. I never understood the difference between to-hit and accuracy. I always thought they were the same thing, only worded differently. You could replace to-hit with accuracy or make to-hit multiplicative instead of additive.
  3. So I've been thinking about this for a few days now after messing around on a server the removed the aggro cap limits, and I am enjoying that immensely. I understand why the Paragon devs did it while live, and I didn't like it then. As a Tank, not being the focus of attention for the entire encounter is rather annoying. Knowing that it doesn't matter what I do, people are going to die because I can't get aggro on everything. So I'm asking for some feedback on this and wondering what other people think. The other topic I wanted to talk about was the 5% chance to miss the target. I don't understand the reasoning behind this. It makes accuracy, to-hit bonuses, and defense debuffs completely useless after a certain point. A wide variety of powers are going unused in PvE because there is no point in using them. I was thinking we could remove this and instead add something to NPC's like an inherent chance to dodge attacks that increases with minion rank and level and villain groups that have natural defensive abilities, like the crey SR bosses, would just add to that natural dodge chance. An example of this could be: Player vs NPC - 100% chance to hit (this would drop depending on the rank of the minion. EX. minion has 75% chance to dodge, it would drop your chance to hit to 25%) +0 Minion - 75% chance to dodge +0 Leutenant - 85% +0 Boss - 95% +0 Elite boss - 105% +0 Arch Villain - 155% (I think AV's are +5 to their level. I can't remember) Giant Monsters - 205% (I don't think GM's have a level, but they are supposed to be the toughest enemies in the game) Hammidon - 255% (Strongest enemy in the game according the the Paragon Devs. I could be wrong about that, please correct me if I am. :D) In addition to all of this you could remove the to-hit stat from the game entirely, and make everything accuracy based. I would make all the accuracy increasing abilities and inspirations additive. Or make the to-hit stat PvP only. For the NPC's You could raise the chance to dodge per level above your own. I was thinking 10% per level. I never did a Hami raid while the game was live, but even without it I can tell that Hami enh are out of date. The Hami encounter is supposed to be a big deal. But compared to the IO sets HO's are SEVERELY lack luster. I was thinking, maybe you could adjust the HO's to ignore ED to some degree, similarly to how incarnate Alpha does.
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