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  1. Okay, the thing with the separate toggle for procs is brilliant. No more leaving those Build Up procs unslotted until the build is otherwise done!
  2. They're not playing nice with at least one older power, either. Please see my previous posts for details.
  3. Combat Teleport does take +toHit enhancements in game, so this is a bug. I was going to edit the database, but when I opened it up I saw that it was already marked to take them, and then when I closed/saved the non-edit the power took them in the builder. I'm going to chalk this up to me not looking at something the right way, or possibly the database being nudged. Either way, it's taking +toHit enhancements but not being buffed by the alpha slot. I also looked at Build Up and Aim on the same character and they're both displaying the values for ToHit and DamBuff the same weird way that all the defense powers are - the decimal place is definitely in the wrong spot on the INFO tab. As an example, Build Up shows DamBuff: 1% (Self) instead of 100%.
  4. To add to my previous post: All my +def powers are showing some variation of 0.0#% in the info box, where # varies from power to power. After some poking, this looks like it's moving the decimal to an incorrect location in the display, the correct total is being displayed and used elsewhere. After further vigorous poking I'm reasonably certain that some of the wonkiness with Stealth in particular is because it grants two separate defense bonii, with one of them marked to suppress in combat. It adds both of these bonii to the "Totals for self" box, which means reaching defense caps with Stealth in the mix requires some out-of-program napkin math. Alternately, I may edit the database to remove the suppressible defense. Combat Teleport does not inherit any +toHit from incarnate alphas. It doesn't take +toHit enhancements, either, so that may be working as intended. When I get a chance I'll see how the power acts in game. I've also noticed that power slots no longer remember that you've +5'd them when you change enhancements,
  5. Updated to today, and the +To Hit is showing up on two different lines as described above. Stealth is now showing Defense: 0.03% in the Info box, when I mouse over that number I get two separate entries for 2.63% (one that is suppressed during combat and one that isn't, as expected), and the effects window says that it's providing 5.26% (3.5) - I have enhancements slotted. The "Totals for self" box shows it adding 5.26% as well. I honestly don't know which is correct. I am also getting the problem with all the powers underneath the Inherent Powers line vanishing or over-writing each other. Changing the number of columns or resizing the window seems to change which powers are doing what wrong thing but it doesn't seem to fix it. Turning off all the Sprint variants helped, insofar as there are less things to get cluttered up. I also have things like a Momentum button on my blaster, and all the Accolade powers now have buttons. Aside from that, the update looks good! Thanks to everyone for the work that went into it.
  6. I found a weird little bug. Take the Tactics power out of the Leadership pool (this is in a Blaster, I haven't checked the other ATs) and combine with +toHit from an Alpha. I checked the Resilient Core and Radial Paragons, and the Spiritual Radial Paragon. They create a second ToHit line in the mouseover box that doesn't combine with the line created by enhancing the power and therefore ignores ED, but does modify the power as expected otherwise. Also, I've noticed that Stealth displays one +Def number in the Info box and a different, higher number in the Effects box. My assumption is that one number is for in-combat and the other is for out-of-combat, but the issue is that what I'm assuming is the out-of-combat number is the one that gets added to your totals over in the "Totals for self" box which is a little misleading when you're trying to softcap. This is with v2.6.1.25 thanks!
  7. When selecting the IO, use the + and - keys to alter it. And, on that note: another error in the builder. It allows you to +5 ATOs, Winter sets, and Overwhelming Force which cannot be done in game.
  8. I managed to put together a build that had Hover moving at the fly speed cap. In game, the same build moves about half that speed. Anybody know why?
  9. The Force of Will powers don't seem to recognize bonuses from the Alpha slot.
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