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  1. I am simply looking for a group modeled after the X-Men. If this is you, please contact me asap so that I may poke around and join in. Discord: LavitzIn-game handle: @Watari
  2. I agree. My subconscious has been subtly urging me to play again since yesterday. I’m not in much of a “leader” headspace at the moment but I am game for a good “uniformed” team. I do have a male Sailor Moon group have made up though. It’s just me, but I have the names saved.
  3. I would probably be interested in joining something like this. I’ve also thought of a bug group. I support this idea, but I have a lot of other things going on for the moment. So let’s just look at this as a “bump” or an opportunity to convince me to log back in haha.
  4. Let me know if you find one, I have a teen that has had no attention but I like his “deal”.
  5. Oh, well look me up @Lavitz mysterio.
  6. Hell, that’s probably the best I will get. Redside = Deadside. Do do you know of anybody in this VG?
  7. Just made a character I am already excited about. Teenaged villain, WILL steal from you. If anybody is interested in starting a group or has a group for someone like me, let me know. Also, if you need a teenage arch-nemesis or something, that has to happen eventually too.
  8. This post is already in the Everlasting server section.
  9. If anyone needs a day job, it sounds like Talos Keys Lounge is hiring!
  10. I mean, this doesn’t exist, right? I’d believe it’s just an I.C. tool, but then you mention a profile. Confused, don’t hate this idea.
  11. I am very happy about this. Thank you for your hard work, maybe you can get a journalist from the paper on the guest list. Have to make sure your grand opening really makes a statement.
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