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  1. SG Name: The Red Page Registry RP/RP Friendly: Mid-Heavy RP, RP Newbies welcome! Theme/Era: Money driven/Mercenaries Redside/Blueside: Rogue/Vigilante/Villain Recruitment Officers: Hailey Comet (@BlitzBunny) Recruitment Message: Getting a well paying gig can be tricky, you've got to know a guy who knows a guy, or you've got to make a name for yourself to catch the eye of the right people. The Red Page Registry is a database of the finest money-driven individuals in the world, it's the go to resource for people with money who want dirty deeds done right, and the Registry's rules stop any sort of backstabbing. If you want to get your name out there so you can earn the big bucks then The Red Page Registry is the right place for you. Remember: Red makes the Green. OOC: The Red Page Registry is a new SG that aims to cater to characters that want to earn money, it doesn't matter if they're tech, magic, science, or whatever, money is the real driving force. We have a great base designed by the very talented Dr. Robinson and we're eager to get some active people onboard so we can have some fun RP! Discord: https://discord.gg/6QTWN35
  2. Time to CHARGE into battle! Heh! Heh... ahem.... So, could anyone help me out with an Electric/Electric build, please?
  3. Thank you for the reply! It's a good job I haven't gotten to the point of slotting it with anything expensive! I don't suppose you would be able to come up with a SR/MA build that I could follow? I'd greatly appreciate it!
  4. Crater Kate, I've been following your build but I'm wondering why you don't have Warrior's Provokation in there, is there a particular reason?
  5. I'd LOVE to have the Hover animation on Combat Flight, but definitely not the other way round.
  6. I'm hoping to get the name "Hailey Comet", currently held by @HNBC, does anyone know them?
  7. I've played CoX on and off since its launch, but despite dipping my toe into pretty much everything the one thing (two things?) I never touched was the Kheldian archetypes, they just seemed so complicated. I know that they each have three forms, but I don't really know much else. Could someone help break them down for me? What's the difference between Peacebringer and Warshade? What are the three forms? Can you go with just one or do you need all three? With so many powers how do you go about slotting?
  8. I've been looking for an SG for my main for some time now, but as everyone is pretty much aware there isn't much on Red Side, so I've decided to make my own though there is one problem, and that is my main isn't the leader type. I figure I'll keep the merc theme pretty open so as not to alienate much of the already sparce red side populous. What I'm looking for on here is for someone to be the RP leader of the group, and also a name... I suck at names.
  9. How's that build working out for you, JayboH? I've been looking for an EEfn/Elec build.
  10. I've currently got a WP/StJ Tanker but I'm wondering if maybe it'd be stronger as a Brute. What's everyone's opinion?
  11. I have a WP/StJ tanker, fully slotted (thanks to the community giving me info) and fully incarnated, and tonight I joined a friend in the Ms Liberty Task Force. Lord Recluse absolutely chumped me. I knew he was going to be tough due to the buff beams but GEEZ! It's really rattled my confidence as a tank. How is he for all of you?
  12. I want to get the Unenhanced badge, it fits my character concept well. For it I need to use Oro to complete a mission arc with the "no enhancements" mod and it needs to be in the top bracket of missions. What's the best way to get it? Is there an "easiest" arc to go through for it?
  13. I'm currently leveling a Rad/Rad and it feels kinda clunky, I know it's not exactly come into its own yet so I'm wondering if people can give me their feedback on how it plays late game. Also, is there anyone out there with experience of Rad/Spines? It fits my RP theme but I'm curious about how it does gameplay wise.
  14. What pairs well with Spines? Or if it's easier: What goes horribly with Spines?
  15. Originally it was 6 slotted, but I was worried about my end so I took slots from that and put them into all the end mod powers.
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