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  1. I reeeeally want to play a Merc MM, and while I usually don't think about optimisation too much I've heard that Mercs suuuuuck, so if I do make a Merc MM how painful will it be, and also what secondary mitigates that?
  2. Is there a clear edge between them or is it just personal preference?
  3. I'm aiming for a more (visually) thematic Huntsman build, but all the Huntsman builds I see tend to lean on Crab quite heavily. Is Huntsman seriously lacking without the extra legs?
  4. I've heard people say that it's too slow for Tanker and Brute yet I've seen quite a few TW Tankers around, what's it like?
  5. I get a little overwhelmed with a lot to keep track of but I still want to be useful. Is there a primary that is lazy/easy to use?
  6. What secondaries synergise well with Dark Blast and what sets should I really avoid?
  7. Does one Archetype have an advantage for this particular combo?
  8. Thank you for your replies. Brute it is then! 🙂
  9. Is there a particular archetype that would suit Staff and Dark armour better? If so, what's your reasoning?
  10. Before anything new is added I'd personally like to see everything that is currently in the game balanced, there are a lot of older powersets that don't hold up to newer ones, or have simply always been had.
  11. Dammit, I was really hoping that Poison would be okay! Fits perfectly with a character idea I have. Is there ANY way to make it decent?
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