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  1. It is said that before the time of man, even before the planets were formed, two sons were born to the universe. Brothers, who together wandered the void, searching for meaning and purpose. They possessed within them great power, the power of the universe itself. Time passed, the universe expanded, the brothers travelled on, further and further into the darkness, searching for... something. But what? They had experienced everything that could be experienced, seen all that could be seen. That is until they came upon a small, blue planet... Cosmic Lightstar is an Energy/Energy Blaster, and Atomic Sun is a Fire/Atomic Blaster
  2. Yes, they change whenever you call them, or zone, or if you use your upgrade power.
  3. I'm enjoying this new character a lot! It's Metal face - MM Thugs/Pain Metal face had a difficult childhood. He wasn't a bad kid, just bad things happened to him. When he was born, he was so ugly his grandmother slapped a bucket on his head, and there it stayed for 18 years. This made relationships difficult, and Metal face grew into a strong but emotionally challenged young man, in and out of trouble with the law. He sought solice at a help group called 'We can all be Happy!'. Unfortunately there was a typo on the flyer and all the 'r's had been printed as 'p's. The group was in fact for people with an obsession with the movie character 'Dirty Harry'. Nevertheless, Metal face finally began to make some friends...
  4. It's a new day, and a new robot, DualBlades/Elec scrapper this time 🙂 . I think I'm going to struggle to justify this character as a 'hero', but I only play heroes, so here goes... "There's bad robots, and there's bad robots. Ghengis eats those robots for breakfast with a glass of castrol gtx. He then watches Wakey Morning tv and notes down recipes for cheese and asparagus quiches. Ghengis is a robot of the 21st century."
  5. Found some time to play again recently, which always means, NEW ALTS 🙂 These 3 are to be added to the robot army... ANNIHILATION, feared on the battlefield for the utter carnage this robot can inflict on the enemy! (Spines/Fire Brute) MONGROL, my homage to, well... Mongrol! (Elec/SS Tanker) And finally NURSE HATCHET, a slightly deranged med droid, who has a habit of causing more injury than she heals! (TW/Rad Brute) Cheers, probably more to come soon, hah 🙂
  6. I'm a big fan of 2000AD and the ABC Warriors (probably why most of my characters are robots), so when I created my Bots/FF Mastermind ROBOSTEIN back on live all those years ago, the idea was that each costume was a different member of a robot team. I've now recreated him again and he's currently running around in these two costumes, closer homages this time to the ABC Warriors, General Blackblood and Joe Pinapples 🙂
  7. Altitus strikes again. Here's Knight Star, my space faring, TitanWeapon/DarkArmour Brute with a bit of sorcery thrown in too. I've always struggled with Titan Weapons, but with the costume and idea, the AT just seemed to click this time. Liking it so far 🙂
  8. I don't often play support classes, but really enjoying this guy. Ill/Time Controller
  9. You're absolutely right, amazing how easy it is in the light of sobreity. Many thanks 🙂
  10. So here's one from me, some may know part of the story... He was a bit rubbish to play, Rad/DP defender... Then we lost our beloved game and I was forced to move to... the other British Hero became Doc. Britain! He was equally rubbish. Can't even remeber what he was even though I played him to 6 costume unlocks... yawnorama 😞 But from the ashes... of a boredom, erm, hell, the fires of hellish boredom, there rose a hero, and his name was... BRITMAN! I actually liked him, dual blades/ regen I think... Will try and recreate him. Not so much of a bio, as a progression of an idea 🙂
  11. That's rude! You mean all these posts are not about ME! I'm offended! (i'm really not ;))
  12. Just realised I'd not said hi.... Hi
  13. And also, why is my inital post, the op post, the post I opened this thread with, why is it post number 45? 45 people have responded to a post i've not made until post number 45! I'm the opening post, what's going on?
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