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  1. Ok, I think this is as close as it'll get. I've never struggled with such a simple costume before, but I just could not get that golden age feel right. It's still not perfect, needs shorts rather than briefs and long sleeves, but hey ho, it's not possible. I'm going to play him a bit and see how he feels 🙂 @Professor Sad his helmet is as follows: Head - half helmet Face - any - devious Helmet - freedom corps Detail 1 - retro goggles Detail 2 - Ventilator Helmet Detail 1 - Celestial Wings Helmet Detail 2 - Finned AlbionH
  2. I think you're right about the belt, I might lose it altogether. I wish there was an option for briefs that were more like shorts too, like you get with bare legs, and sleeves that met up with short gloves, that would help the look 🙂.
  3. I use the windows 10 game bar (win key + g) to record screen, then either giphy.com to make GIFs, or VLC videolan to compress mp4's into small files.
  4. It's one of the steampunk belts I believe, female only.
  5. I like this, we're just trugging through the whole series of The Expanse and I'm getting a real protomolecule feel from this character 😉.
  6. This brings me onto another patriot character of mine that I'm having trouble loving, Albion Hawk DP/MC Blaster. I like the name, I like the AT, but i'm just struggling with the costume. For me, the costume makes the character, it gives it a personality. Without it, or with a wrong costume the character just will not work for me and i'll lose interest. So Albion Hawk is a remake of one of my main Live characters, British Hero, a Rad/DP Speedster Defender, but the costume has just never worked for me: I've had a couple of attempts to redesign him and find the
  7. Hi all. Very chuffed to reach 50 with this guy the other day 🙂. Only my 4th 50, and the first of the new HC gang. (my other 3 50's were also my 50's from back on Live, so they don't count). Justice Jim WM/SD Brute, and a load of fun to play. His costume has been pretty consistant throughout because I just felt it fitted the character so well. It's very patriotic (British), Knightly, Strong, No frills, it just gets the job of dispensing Justice with a Giant Mallet, DONE... whilst wiping the blood and teeth off his shield, lol. That being said, I thought that
  8. Two new alts from me. I dabbled in Kheldians years ago on live but never really got enthused about them and they floundered in the mid teens, so lets try again ;). No real backstory as they're, um, Kheldians... The Eclipsed - Warshade, and Superio - Peacebringer. I wanted to go proper golden age with the PB, which will be his concept throughout, and he'll mostly be played human form (don't like the squid). However i'll probably change this costume asap as it's a little too marvel. Just wanted to get a feel for the look and era. The Warshade is going in a totally di
  9. I will make a Beam Rifle character work. I WILL. I WILL! 'The Steampunker' Beam/Traps Corruptor
  10. Bit of a triple tribute character from me next. A tribute to the rock legend himself! A tribute to a favourite comedy duo from NZ. and a tribute to a character posted here by @Trike , although our characters are completly unrelated, that missing shoe just gave me the seed of an idea... I'd always wondered when you see a single shoe laying in the road, how did it get there? Surely if your shoe fell off in the street, you'd notice! And what if you happen to be an interplanetary traveller from the stars? That shoe could be anywhere man! Where would you even
  11. I hadn't even noticed that. That's good detail and gives me a great idea for a character 😉
  12. You're in an sg with an emblem? You can disable it in sg controls.
  13. Hi all, I have a Ill/Time controller at level 35 that i'm building up at the moment. I'm confused that phantom army recharge time is not improving as I slot recharge sets. A few levels ago Phantom Army recharge was 2m 23s. Since then i've sloted 2 LotG recharges at 7.5% each, a set that gives me 7.5% recharge, and a set that gives 6.25%. Phantom army is now at 2m 23s... What gives?
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