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  1. Yes, they're wrong. It's a common mistake if you're just going by those numbers, but if you play both AT's, you'll definitely notice the difference. A Blaster heavy team should steamroll any content the fastest.
  2. Sentinels are very underwhelming, I'd go with a Blaster every single time. The role of both AT's is ranged damage and Sentinels are just bad at it. You can make a Blaster survivable enough, while you can't do much about a Sentinel's lackluster damage.
  3. You're completely wrong about Hasten. It literally makes every single build better with very little investment.
  4. I'm sorry, you're being stuck with what exactly? A badge? It seems some RP'ers have a lack of imagination.
  5. Super Speed and Combat Jumping are in every single one of my high level builds, those who don't have those powers are at a disadvantage. Lets nerf those while we're at it if that's your justification.
  6. Funny, considering I have the same exact opinion of you.
  7. Khan is doable with a TW/Bio. You just need enough DPS to take Reichsman down while his unstoppable recharges. That and hope he doesn't use his heal.
  8. I played my Sonic/SR Sentinel seriously for a single night running TF's and trials. I stripped and deleted it the next day because the damage is simply bad. It felt like playing a Defender with no primary.
  9. Yeah, the first insult you had was a gender loaded term, but maybe you call everyone that. Toxic people like yourself should be removed from the community. It's pathetic you're still coming back after being told you're not wanted. Also, you need to learn what irony is.
  10. Panacea is the best out of the 3, so I'd slot that in every character. Everything else depends on the build and how slot hungry it is.
  11. Brute or Scrapper since Bio is one of the few sets where Scrappers get a taunt aura. Bio is completely fine for Incarnate Trials. I've "tanked" everything in this game with my TW/Bio Scrapper, including duo and small team incarnate trials.
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