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  1. Two minds are better than one. Good information, appreciate you sharing it.
  2. It's an NPC sound effect. Same sound effect as the Skyraiders Drone.
  3. That indeed is a tricky one and will take a thorough manual search through the pigg files. I'll get back to you on this one.
  4. Yeah, I believe that at some point it had changed after I made the video. Glad you figured it out.
  5. This fits for both male and female. I see it as you are using the screams of your victims to produce an earth shattering shout. It also is custom made and does not reissue sounds from the game.
  6. It almost sounds like to me that you are using surround sound as an option in your volume control but are only using two speakers. It's got to be some sort of volume setting, even if it's not that one specifically.
  7. If your manually downloaded mods were still in your folder then the mods from the Modder Tool did not actually download. So what I would do is delete all mods and even get rid of your Sound folder. Then redownload all mods from the modder tool. So you may think you have the updated version, but in actual reality you are still sporting the original manually downloaded mods. That is normal. The game turns modded sounds way down and in order to bring them to a level that matches in game sounds, the volume has to be increased significantly. Also, one way you can compare sounds (have to go about this in a round about way since posting in game footage is not allowed) is go to my Youtube page under Ecliptic Comics Official, go to my playlist and look under CoH Related Tutorials and Mods. There you will find a video on Rad Blast that you can compare with what you are hearing on your PC. That should tell you if what you are hearing matches what everyone else hears. Granted, that is the first version of Rad Blast, so it won't match exactly, but it will be close enough. Yeah, I use almost all of the mods I create and I have not had any issues hearing them. I suspect something is up. Thank you, you would be the first person who likes it then. When I posted it to the General Forums, I got 90% bad reviews. But I love it so I use it as well. 🙂
  8. I have not noticed anything odd there. The volume rings pretty good for me. I have not been in game now for a bit. However, which version do you have? you might have an older version that was not as loud as the new version. That's the only thing I can think of.
  9. That is one power set I have never been able to get in to. So I honestly wouldn't know. I'm sure I could figure it out though.
  10. I think the timing is as good as it will get for it. The issue is, is that they use the same sound effects for different powers, they just time them differently...so the timing is pretty much an issue because if you time it perfectly for one power, it doesn't time right for another. So the best you can do is find the middle ground and roll with that. One thing that annoys me is that they do not have a sound effect for when you come out of teleport for combat teleport. It would have been much better had they given us a sound effect for that, but sadly we only have a sound effect for when you activate it, not for when you reappear.
  11. LOL...don't tell anyone I did that, lol
  12. It won't even let me update it. Every time I click to update to 1.68 it just continuously loops to opening the zip file over and over.
  13. Just updated it to version 8. I may adjust the timing a bit with a version 9 later today though, so if you like, just hold off till I do that.
  14. I'll look in to it, but I think it's because it actually plays that file twice. If you listen to the original, it plays it twice there as well. Same thing with Teleport Foe/Friend.
  15. I'll update you once it has been corrected. It might take some time because PK will need to be available for this, and as I understand it, his time is limited. So it may take a while.
  16. Odd, it should say version 6. It must not have took. I'll upload it again. It should say version 7 soon. However, it might be a bit because I believe I have discovered a bug that needs to be worked out with the Mod before I upload another version. If my suspicions are correct, if I attempt to upload this mod to version 7 it will bug out the modder tool. So I have to get with @The Philotic Knight before I proceed so that if it does bug out as I suspect that it will, he can be on hand to witness it and fix it before anyone experiences it.
  17. I have updated the teleport mod...check it out. If you like it better I will leave it. If you like the one you have now, I will switch it back.
  18. Teleport SFX Mod is on the Modder Tool and ready for use. It's not exactly what you wanted (primarily because with the animations it just wasn't fitting, I tried it and trust me, it was plain stupid sounding when heard while viewing the animations with it, the visual effects simply put just would not match up with a regular *POOF* sound effect) but it is the closest I could get while keeping it in line with the animations. I think you will be pleased with the results.
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