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  1. I think this is the primary root of what makes the game nowhere near as fun and challenging to play as it used to be....for me.
  2. When I play a Troller, I use the hell out of my Immobs...they key difference though, is that I wait until the baddies stack up on the Tank. Then I lock them down so that the Blaster can be free to annihilate with their AoE, Scrappers can focus on mobs without running all over creation and Tanks get their bonus defenses/regeneration/recovery for having large groups of NPCs within their range. No power is bad if used in synergy with the team. But all it takes is one player to disrupt that synergy. Your Trollers could have held off just a few short seconds when attacking mobs to let the Tank g
  3. I would be more than happy to run a Troller with you sometime. I love to let good Tanks do what they do. I don't think there is really any "right way" to play these days, may have never been a "right way" but you and I clearly have similar play styles and would get along just fine. 😉
  4. I know exactly what you mean. I was there once too. 🙂
  5. Yeah, and that is why I no longer play. Have not played in about a year now. I only maintain this account so that I can have a way to keep track on my mods that I have created so that if anyone has any issues with them or if they need to be updated, I can get a notification and fix the problem. Other than that, I don't play anymore. The game is just far too easy and I just can't play that way.
  6. Actually it does. Whenever you upgrade them to the second tier.
  7. Yes, it actually works. is that the only mod you have tried using? I just want to make sure you have directed it to the correct folder.
  8. Was really hoping to see, "Fixed Combat Stance bug that prevented your characters from going in combat stance after using certain click buffs." Maybe next time! All in all, am always happy to see bug fixes hit the table, no matter what they are.
  9. Did that resolve the issue? If not let me know and I'll double check the mod and make sure that the latest version uploaded correctly.
  10. I could have sworn I responded to this, clearly not, lol. So the issue is not the sound, I have the sounds tucked away that goes to those powers. The problem is the file that plays those sounds upon hitting the targets is simply either not active or has been deleted. The only way to bring them back is if a Dev were to take pity on me and put them back in game and direct them to a blank sound bite that can be manipulated by the players to bring back those sounds. I don't feel like this will happen though, I have made the effort as you can see in my sig, heh.
  11. I have the sounds, that's not the problem, the problem is the code that used to exist to play them is missing. If you take a look at THIS THREAD it explains it in detail.
  12. All but one was removed before Leandro was even a name I heard of, my man. This was done during live. The only one Leandro had removed was the Lighting Field...which I personally found unnecessary considering I had a mod JUST FOR that. But...it is what it is and bitching won't change a thing.
  13. That's because one of those sounds were deleted because that particular sound duplicated per target hit. It's the whole reason I made the thread in my sig. No Dev response was made though, so I gave up hope. All of those beautiful sounds listed in that thread are gone and there is little hope of me ever being able to bring them back...especially since a Dev has not even commented on it. This game has lost a lot of what made it great, sadly...and those sound files are one of them.
  14. They changed it, you will have to update to the newest version. I have updated the mod to compensate.
  15. Not really the issue I was trying to tackle though. I just wanted them to have a bit more staying power.
  16. It would be nice if there was an option to scale the NPC's hit points per member of your team, that would at very least give them some staying power if done correctly. My biggest issue is that mobs die far too quickly so they aren't much of a competition for teams these days. They simply don't have the hit points to compete. If there were an option that grants them a 100% health increase per member of your team, it would take more than a single rotation to defeat them. Adjust XP accordingly and it would be a decent system in the right direction that would also be optional. But that is an idea
  17. @ScarySai Why the thumbs down...take a joke, man. Life is not that serious.
  18. Yeah. That sounds about right. But I'm old, that is my excuse and I am sticking to it, lol.
  19. Look, I'm old, you won't be changing me as I am a tough nut to crack...just let me be and say things incorrectly and we will get along just fine,.
  20. I refer to it by its meaning that it had when I first heard the term...Elitists were players who min maxed and did hard number crunching, then took specifically designed teams to completely wipe out content in record time. I understand the term has changed over the years, but I don't age well with time...I still live in the 90's and early 2000's.
  21. Works for me...you have me convinced. That sure didn't stop players from playing as though it was a Trinity style game though, lol.
  22. Master Minds did not have BG in those days. BG was introduced much later.
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