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  1. They're 25-29, so if you were trying to find them with 50s, that doesn't surprise me. They'll be in the Ouro crystals, though.
  2. That's definitely my understanding. We've done a couple in the zone tonight on Indom.
  3. This looks like a great update! For what it's worth, though, when I tried opening the 64-bit client after this update, AVG pitched a fit. Its CyberCapture feature decided cityofheroes.exe was probably a virus and tried very, very hard to stop me from running it. Once I did get it to launch, AVG didn't alert me again on other versions of the client. ETA: THANK YOU for the MSR timer! Damned useful QoL addition 😄
  4. Should these be reported via a ticket on the support site? If so, which In-Game Issue Type should we use? Most of my friend group has names we'd like to report, we're just not entirely sure how *shrug*
  5. I was sorry not to be able to attend the test this Sunday, but I know Leo confirmed last time that you would be able to add people to the league and they would zone in when they accepted the league invite even after you'd started the raid. The league membership won't be locked as for an Incarnate trial or a TF/SF.
  6. Oh, how I would love for that to be the case. But I have two words for you: rules lawyers. I've been a community moderator responsible for decisions like this before, and you get a lot less argument when people can't dicker about whether it's 9% or 10% different. When you have the final say, people will generally be ok with what you say as long as it's reasonable, consistent with previous rulings, and not arbitrary or capricious, even if they'd have preferred a different outcome. But give people a standard ostensibly independent of your judgment, and your inbox will quickly fill with appeals and complaints as soon and as often as you try to apply that standard..
  7. I take it as a hopeful sign, frankly. If talks weren't going well and drawing towards a positive conclusion, copuright issues on an illegal server would be a non-issue. It makes me wonder if a deal hasn't already been inked with a future effective date maybe a month in advance, actually. By putting this policy in place now, HC has some lead time to clear out the copyright violations before they're legit and have to deal with a potential bevy of lawsuits. That would be a sensible precaution to take.
  8. Agreed. Loved having the whole ship just relocated to us! New issue: No Headman spawned either. Suggestion: Remove the range requirements for V-Merits. Right now, if you're not in a relatively small radius of the kill (about the size of the bowl, really), you don't get a V-merit when things die. This means that pullers in particular get fewer merits (and I think other rewards) than those who stay in the bowl the whole time. Since anyone in the instance should be actively participating in the raid, though, it would make sense to me to give the V-Merits to anyone on the team in zone.
  9. I do have to strongly protest the min lvl 35 requirement. We do a lot of MSRs on Indom, and no one gives two hoots if you come with a lvl 1, as long as you're active. I've never seen a full raid league with above 5 or so below lvl 20, and I've never seen one end with more than one or two. Yeah, people will use this to PL - I'd really rather that than AE.
  10. I'm saying I think that moving people around clears it, though. As does having them invited by the team leads, or invited to a team first, then moving them. We'll have to do more testing to be sure, of course *shrug*
  11. Fair enough. We move people around to balance team comps as well - if you have a team of tanks, they won't get as many merits or inf because they're not hitting as many things for as much damage as a team of blasters will, particularly anyone actively pulling. Likewise, if you have a team of MMs, their pets will hit EVERYTHING and they'll get twice the V-merits of anyone else in the league. The only people we don't move as needed are the team leads themselves, and those are the only people I usually hear about missing teams in that way. But we should start having people check like that for sure...
  12. Hmm. Maybe. I've definitely seen that happen - it happened to someone on last night's Indom MSRs. But is it still a problem if they're invited to team and then moved to a different team? If not, that's a viable work-around (and how I usually do league invites anyway).
  13. They can when you're not doing something instanced, and each team can be doing something completely different - my SG runs a Chillin' with Villains night, too, and we routinely have the entire gamut of level ranges in one league, organized more or less by level, with each team running different kinds of content (papers, SFs, contact arcs, etc). But none of that is instanced aside from the mission maps. The only instanced league content in the game as far as I'm aware is the Incarnate trials, and you can't just add new people to those once it's started. Anyone who DCs can get back in, but you have to have been in the league when the instance opened to get in later.
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