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  1. Agreed. Loved having the whole ship just relocated to us! New issue: No Headman spawned either. Suggestion: Remove the range requirements for V-Merits. Right now, if you're not in a relatively small radius of the kill (about the size of the bowl, really), you don't get a V-merit when things die. This means that pullers in particular get fewer merits (and I think other rewards) than those who stay in the bowl the whole time. Since anyone in the instance should be actively participating in the raid, though, it would make sense to me to give the V-Merits to anyone on the team in zone.
  2. I do have to strongly protest the min lvl 35 requirement. We do a lot of MSRs on Indom, and no one gives two hoots if you come with a lvl 1, as long as you're active. I've never seen a full raid league with above 5 or so below lvl 20, and I've never seen one end with more than one or two. Yeah, people will use this to PL - I'd really rather that than AE.
  3. I'm saying I think that moving people around clears it, though. As does having them invited by the team leads, or invited to a team first, then moving them. We'll have to do more testing to be sure, of course *shrug*
  4. Fair enough. We move people around to balance team comps as well - if you have a team of tanks, they won't get as many merits or inf because they're not hitting as many things for as much damage as a team of blasters will, particularly anyone actively pulling. Likewise, if you have a team of MMs, their pets will hit EVERYTHING and they'll get twice the V-merits of anyone else in the league. The only people we don't move as needed are the team leads themselves, and those are the only people I usually hear about missing teams in that way. But we should start having people check like that for sure...
  5. Hmm. Maybe. I've definitely seen that happen - it happened to someone on last night's Indom MSRs. But is it still a problem if they're invited to team and then moved to a different team? If not, that's a viable work-around (and how I usually do league invites anyway).
  6. They can when you're not doing something instanced, and each team can be doing something completely different - my SG runs a Chillin' with Villains night, too, and we routinely have the entire gamut of level ranges in one league, organized more or less by level, with each team running different kinds of content (papers, SFs, contact arcs, etc). But none of that is instanced aside from the mission maps. The only instanced league content in the game as far as I'm aware is the Incarnate trials, and you can't just add new people to those once it's started. Anyone who DCs can get back in, but you have to have been in the league when the instance opened to get in later.
  7. This could be viable, but I urge caution in such a course. The biggest PITA about Hami and MSR both is the time sync we call the gathering phase. A lot of folks won't join the league until things are already underway (more of an issue, I think, for MSR than for Hami), and having to gather a full league before we enter the raid is going to be a bit painful. No other instanced league content (e.g. all the I-trials) accommodate a full league; we have no experience doing so. And I am admittedly a bit concerned about griefers and leechers jumping in and taking spots from people interested in actively participating with no real recourse available to the raid leader beyond kicking them. If we're going to go that route, I'd strongly advocate being able to add new people to the league after the raid has begun. Anyone on the league needs to be able to get into the instance, regardless of when the raid started. That'll let the MSRs kick off with less than a full league and be able to add people once things get moving and interest rises, and it'll let the league leaders kick griefers and leechers out of the zone with the possibility of adding active participants.
  8. Provided it's possible to still get new people in once you start it, as opposed to what happens with an Incarnate trial. MSR in particular has people who come mid-raid 'cause they don't like waiting for everyone to gather. And that's fine as long as they participate *shrug*
  9. True. You can even change your global at will. But you can't change the star rating I've attached to it, and you can't change any notes I've made about you.
  10. Yes, that would be a solution. But since that ship has sailed, could we try for another one, something actually viable? I gotta say, boosting the RWZ cap to 75 to compensate for the spare people running around the zone for other content would be a great one and seems quite workable. The MSR has been a great social gathering, at least on Indom. My SG runs the nightly MSRs there, and we've got a real community around them, people I look forward to seeing of an evening. We routinely kick AFKers and leechers, and everyone who comes regularly is aware of and alright with this. We run two raids nightly. The first routinely gets an attendance of about 60, the second, an attendance of around 40 since folks start doing Hamikaze runs an hour after we start the MSRs. It's quite possible to do an MSR very successfully with 40 people (five full teams). We've done it with less, on occasion, and the rewards aren't substantially different - maybe 100 V-merits less than running with 60. But it's not possible to do a raid with 20, imo. If we had 80 coming, we could just split between two instances of the zone and have two separate raids. But that's not what's happening. The impact of capping the zone at 50 will be to lock about a third of those who participate in MSR on Indom out of raiding at all. With the new caps on Hive/Abyss, Hamikaze is effectively dead, and I expect to see 60 or so people at both raids going forward. Upping the zone cap to 75 seems reasonable under the circumstances and would let them all participate.
  11. Excellent news! We hope all the best from this!
  12. For our Villains' Night this week, at least one team will be running a tandem arc in Sharkhead, probably Vincent Ross, though we'll be a little flexible. This will require you to be lvl 20. Not lvl 20 yet? You've still got a couple days to get there. Come to Eda's Mothership Raid (Tues-Sun, 8 PM EST) to get it done quickly and in good company! And if you're not lvl 20 Monday night, no worries, we'll most likely have another team running in Cap au as well!
  13. Having the ETA for the servers coming back up after a patch in the Discord is good, and that's a good venue to communicate changes in estimated downtimes in real time. But it does seem like they should have an idea of what the downtime will be and should be able to include at least the initial estimate both for when the servers are coming down and when they'll be back up in the forum post with the patch notes. And I'd find that quite useful, personally, and I doubt very much that I'm alone :)
  14. I'm not entirely sure if this should go here or the May 30 patch notes thread but... My wife and I rolled new toons and ran DFB twice last night; she'd turned on the double XP buff from the P2W vendor and I had not. We ended at the same level two DFB runs later. We then went to do missions in KR and she leveled twice as fast as I did. This morning, I did a DFB run with a new tank and determined that I was getting about half the xp I should have been (and still not getting inf). I'm not sure about the other XP adjustments from the P2W vendor, but the double XP/no inf buff definitely seems not to be working for DFB (not sure about other trials/TFs/SFs). Is it possible something went awry when the DFB XP nerf was implemented?
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