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  1. Hello Everlasting this Is Sargus of Chaos United and I have an annoncement on June 20th starts around 10:30 PM eastern time Chaos United will be hosting a Hero Vs Villain Battle Royal in Reclues's Victory 20 heroes vs 20 villans the last hero or villain stands will recieve 2 Billion Influence and a whole purple IO set so bring your best PvPer and choose which side to fight for Red side of Blue side do not miss it everlasting
  2. You earn the rest Vecacor I to got burnt out also stopped playing for a while cause of my dad's passing but I hope you will come back online soon you take care of yourself.
  3. Looking foward for our Monthy Costume Contest.
  4. I would love to see an AE Incarnate Trial which would be cool
  5. Chaos United now has a Roleplay Super Group called Chaos United Roleplay for those who roleplays are welcome to join.
  6. Jimmy just wondering hows progress on KW zone I have not heard anything about it yet but I hope you and the other Homecoming Team members are working hard on it and I am looking foward for it and same for my Super Group Chaos United.
  7. Chaos United is working on attracting more people onto Everlasting.
  8. Statesmen should be back on this SF it's should be a flashback
  9. Hello everyone of Everlasting it's me Sargus of Chaos United and on the 20th of Feburary is our Costume Contest around 7:30 PM which will be Valentine's Day themed we got huge prizes for the winners for Chaos United's Costume Contest in KW. If anyone has questions about our Costume Contest leave a comment about it here.
  10. I mostly lead raids on everlasting for everyone even give new players 1mil influence, run though Council radio missions and more.
  11. I will do my best as a GM for Everlasting
  12. I do like the new Tanker updates to make things balanced.
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